Sumanthiran and his Surrogate Mother at the UNHRC
Posted on September 16th, 2021

Asoka (Weerasinghe) Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G . Canada

16 September 2021

M.A. Sumanthiran MP
Parliament of Sri Lanka
(Sumanthiran_m@Parliament .lk)

Dear Mr. Sumanthiran:

This is my third OPEN letter to you.  I wanted to know more about you other than just a Tamil MP who has adopted a surrogate Mother in  Madam Michelle Bachelet , the UN Human Rights Commissioner, to whom he goes running saying..”.Mommy..Mommy… Sri Lanka is not being nice to me..She is discriminating  and persecuting me and my Tamil people, especially in the North and East of Sri Lanka.”

And what I gathered was that your surrogate Mommy is a contracted employee at the UNHRC, which America’s Nikki Haley called it a “cesspool of political bias.”

So I read about you.  You are a Royalist, and I am a Nalandian.  You are trained as a Lawyer, and I am trained as a Geologist (can identify a hard rock), a Paleontologist (can identify a pea-brained Dinosaur); and a Museologist (interpreting Human and Natural sciences to the public through exhibits).  That you are a clever debater in Parliament, and I am not.  And I still had difficulty figuring out whether you are an Honest politician or someone who pulls wool over a constituent’s eyes and the Sri Lanka Watcher’s like the liar Amirthalingam.

And that both of us passionately love our Motherland – Sri Lanka….or was it  India for you?

“Sri Lanka
This is my country
the land of ancient people
who happen to be my ancestors.
And of elephants and court jesters,
lotuses, moonstones, hills and waterfalls.
This is a magical country and nice
often called  “The Island of Paradise’
but grown on red kabook earth
and lately nourished with blood
by people who were at war.
This is where village mothers I saw
in thatched roofed adobe huts
poor and in patchwork rags
did not seek permission to weep
when their soldier sons
who had gone to war with a will
to save their country from dissection
by marauding separatist Tamil Tigers
returned home dead in plywood boxes
and sometimes in a puzzle of a head, limbs
bones, and bloodied raw flesh.”

                               (from The Land of Serendipity)

So I read your interview – Truth with Chamuditha, and I was bothered.

“Is this guy another lying Amirthalingam?” I asked under my breath.

1.  You were asked – Do you like to see the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim people living together?”

Your response was:.”THAT IS MY FERVENT HOPE.”

“Whow…Whow..Suman, just a minute.!  You must be out of your bloody mind. That is flippant  and down right dishonest.  You had that choice for hundreds of years, but since 1971, you kicked out 27,000 Sinhalese people by 1981;   You stoned and chased 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers from the Jaffna University campus  in August 1977; and you  terrorized, chased and kicked out 90,000 Muslims in October 1990., giving them 24 hours to get out. 

And that is 117,400 Sinhalese and Muslims and you want me  to believe you.?

Ha! Na!!  Not me, Suman.  Let’s cut out that  –boru..boru – crap of yours; 

2.  Suman, you were asked “What was the actual need to establish the Tamil National Alliance?”


Let us get this right Suman.  If I was marking that answer paper, M.A. Sumanthiran would have failed for being dishonest and I would have given you a 0 out of a 100 percent.   Here’s why Suman..  I told you once before not to challenge the intelligence of the Sinhalese.  My advice to you is that if you cannot be truthful and honest, then SHUT UP,, as you get caught in the nasty web of deceit.  And your credibility as an “honest” Tamil politiciankeeps dropping like a hot potato that keeps skipping towards the gutter.

History tells us that in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) at the time of Independence on 4 February 1948,  the Tamils enjoyed the luxury of being the “privileged minority” – 10% of the population, for 131 years of British colonial rule.  That is not a Fairy Tale, as it is true and the Sinhalese were the “wronged majority” of 75% of the total population of Ceylon.  

And that is a historical Fact, Suman.

Suman, what baffles me is to accept as Fact  that the breakaway three musketeers (Chelva,  Wanasing and Naga)  formed the Federal Party as their crystal balls read that between February 1948 and December 1949, they were given the  perception  that Tamils have been unjustly treated in this country.  So  they formed the Federal Party to cushion and guard “privileged minority” status that the Tamils enjoyed for 131 years.  That’s a piffle…that’s a load of bollocks…that a crock full of codswallop.

Suman, give this Sinhalese a break and many others.  And don’t you ever…ever. challenge the intelligence of us Sinhalese  I hope you got that bit clear in your mind.

Suman, I hope you are keeping your surrogate Mother, UNHRC’s Michelle  Bachelet  apprised of these FACTs or else she will keep inviting the UN’s Sri Lanka bashers. to play 

“Ring-a-ring-o-roses/ A  pocket full of posies/
a-tishoo!/ A-tishoo/ and  we fall down,” 

and hopefully not injure their buttocks and legs.

3.  Suman, speaking of your surrogate Mother,UN Human Rights Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, she announced on the 13th of September, that her Office was going ahead with a fresh investigation of Sri Lanka’s accountability of...intimidation .…...and excessive use of force on Tamils in Sri Lanka during the Eelam War.

Ibelieve both these items are asinine and hilarious, as Tamils are the  maestros of both these complaints. 


Intimidation Story 1: Suman: I have been on this Eelam file since August 4, 1983.  I and Asoka Yapa were the first Sinhalese who went on 6 o’clock evening TV News in Ottawa, Canada,  to tell our side of the story.  For 10 days your Tamils used every print and audio visual-media outlet  to be nasty to Sri Lanka, dropped our  Mother Lanka on the ground, kicked her and spat at her.  I was the 8th Sinhalese who was approached by the TV reporters to find out whether I would speak together with a moderate Sinhalese on camera.  The choice was easy.  Asoka Yapa, another Federal Government employee,  young and bright as a button,  an honest patriot  with a healthy mind was the second Sinhalese who was interviewed. Bring in the cameras I said,  and with Asoka Yapa, we told our side of the story.  The two sleeping lions were woken up and since then we have gone toe-to-toe with your Tamil separatists.  And we were intimidated with a barrage of nasty telephone calls by Tamils. after the TV appearance.  And we have been awake ever since and ready to pounce at the Tamil Tigers with our Lankan-lion claws.  We had enough of the

Canadian Snow-Tiger’s crap.

Intimidation Story 2: On Monday 9th June 1987, at 8:30 in the morning I was called to the office of my Director General of Communications, Dixi Lambert, of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  I went.

“Asoka, will you please attend a meeting  in Room (?) on the 11th floor at 9.”  She did not tell me what the meeting was all about.  I went, and was surprised to see an Ottawa Police constable in uniform, an officer from Intelligence, Chief of Security of the Department, Chief of Security of Campeau, the owners of the 15 story building at 200 Kent Street, and another colleague from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

It was a meeting on my personal Security, the 15 Storey building and my colleagues at DFO.  The previous Friday’ a Tamil had called the DG, to say that they were going to blow up the 15 storey building since I was employed in the Minister’s Communications Section.  It was a serious  High Security Meeting and I was  walked through the  procedures and drills to handle the threat.

If Your Tamils thought that Asoka WEERA-SINHA was going to shake like an autumn leaf in the wind under his pants and Shut Up they got it wrong Suman. If your Tamils thought that I would run down Kent Street in search of a manhole to hide,  or hide under my office table, what they found out was that  this WEERA-SINHA  was not going to take any of  this “shit” from your Tamils, and was ready to pounce at their jugular with my Sinha-lion claws.

Intimidation Story 3:   It was 1992, I was working for the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa..  Two Tamils had made an appointment to see me.  They came.  They were escorted to my office on the second floor at 26 Range Range in Ottawa.

The two guys may have been in their early 20s.  Maybe around 24.  I met them at the door.  shook hands as any diplomat would do,  Invited them in and showed them to the couch to sit down.  In front of the couch was a coffee table, and my chair was facing them and the coffee table.  No sooner they sat, both raised their feet and placed them on the coffee table.

Oops!… I suppose you are not used to sitting on a couch, and the coffee table is not a footstool. In case you are used to sitting on the floor on a mat, I  am sorry I can’t offer you one because I don’t have one.  Will you kindly take your feet off the coffee table.They didn’t.

“Let me give you one more chance for you to display your guest-etiquette.  Please take your feet off the table,”I said.

By that time I had taken off my diplomatic cap and changed gears to deal with these two Tamil punks.

“Perhaps you are used to sitting on your parents’ gold thread woven  luxury mat produced by the Uduvil Punday Mat Weavers, I am sorry, I don’t have one.”

 I called the Security guard on the phone.  He was a burley, pleasant Ethiopian in a Security Khaki Uniform.

Will you please  remove these two visitors by their ears from my office, and when at the front door, kick their behinds and throw them out,”   I requested.

I told the two Tamil intimidating punks when they were on their way out,  that... “this High Commission Office is a mini-satellite Office of the Sovereign Sri Lankan Government.  And I demand of you to respect this Office.  Nothing more…nothing less.”

“When you come next time, I will be dealing with you and not another diplomat.  I will offer you the same couch to sit down on and there will be a coffee table in front of you.  Please  drill your selves how to sit on a couch and place the feet on the floor.  Anything else, I won’t tolerate.  And by the way, my name is Asoka WEERA-SINHA.”

Suman, I don’t take this ‘shit’ from your  young Tamil punks. I resent such intimidation.

What is your surrogate  Mother worried about the intimidation of the Tamils by the Sri Lanka Government.  

Doesn’t she know that Tamils are maestros of intimidation.  Brief her, Suman.  Ha! what UNHRC rubbish…brief her,

so that she doesn’t get on her high-horse and embarrass herself by wiggling a finger and Tut-tutting at the Sri Lankan Government,  It is not kosher nor is it cricket.

Suman: UN goes ahead with fresh probe seeking funding for project said your surrogate Mother  UNHRC Michelle Bachelet on 13 September, 2021..  One thing she was probing was  THE EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.  Here is my experience and my story:

Excessive Use of Force Story 5:

Suman,  let me take you back to 1992 when I was working for the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa and my High Commissioner was HC Walter Rupesinghe, not a career diplomat, appointed by President Premadasa from the private sector.  And he was excellent…excellent…excellent.   And he was my first Sri Lankan Boss.  I had not worked in Sri Lanka before.

He had invited the Director of Amnesty International for lunch one day and invited me to join them at the High Commissioner’s Residence on Range Road.

After that sumptuous lunch , the conversation was about AI’s serious concerns about the alleged Human Rights violations by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces on the warring Tamil Tiger terrorists.

Good, I thought, let’s hear your concerns, I thought under my breath.

High Commissioner, we at Amnesty International are very concerned with the excessive force that your Armed Forces are using on the Tamil Tigers!”

Before Walter could respond, I picked on it and said …”Come on  MrX, you must be joking. Do you honestly know what this war is all about?  This is not a game of tiddlywinks between the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and the Tamil Tiger  armed terrorists.  These Tamils were given military training by Indira Gandhi’ s India in 32 army camps in South India and at the foothills of the Himalayas.  Did you honestly think that our Armed Forces are using guns and  bullets on the Tamil Tigers in a school back yard who were fighting  with bamboo sticks and catapults and stones.  

For Pete’s sake Mr.X , be real.   Did you not know that this is a conventional war, there is nothing called “excessive force”. in such a war.

 When your Tamil Tiger points the barrel of his Kalashnikov at my soldier’s heart, I don’t  expect my man to be foolish and point the barrel of his gun at the Tamil Tiger’s kneecap.  I want my soldier to point the barrel of his gun at your Tamil Tiger’s heart and shoot the bastard dead before the Tamil Tiger gets him.

That is how a conventional war is fought.

Stop being so Goddamn naive….don’t be so stupid Mr. X!”

By then High Commissioner Rupesinghe was kicking me under the table to shut me up.  And I had to take my gloves off before I could have landed a knockout punch on this foolish Director of Amnesty International.

Suman, so what the heck is your surrogate Mother Michelle Bachelet, upto,  on her high-horse wiggling her finger at Sri Lanka and bullying our puny island.  Shish… Suman, I don’t get it, nor will she get a Christmas card this December from me.  I refuse to spend $10 for such foolishness.

Suman, did you hear that echo.. ?  which said UNHRC is a cesspool of political bias.” That’s the voice of US’s Nikki Haley.

Sumanthiran. in North Sri Lanka…“separatists came looking for her brother.  Since he was away,  his 24 year old sister was dragged out of the house, tied to a coconut tree and shot through the ear.”


If I have taken a passion of a lion
into my heart by pithy anger,
it is because your grenade clutching fingers
are entangled in my beard hurting me
with the poison darts of half -truths and lies
published in foreign newspapers.
And when the ketchup blood gushes out
from the thumb-print on her forehead,
severing a life for exposing the debt
of joy being a tenth generation native.
This is when the angry lion roars a jungle war cry
propping a lifeless torso strung onto a Jaffna lamp post.    -from Tears For My Roots.

The question at stake is – “Asoka,do you trust MP Sumanthiran?”

“To be honest, I really don’t think I do ….No I don’t.”

Suman that is how the cookie crumbles.

Keep well and be SAFE

Asoka (Weerasinghe)
Ottawa, Canada

2 Responses to “Sumanthiran and his Surrogate Mother at the UNHRC”

  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    No body trust this racist vulture. I hope general Tamil population realize the truth about this WELLA Tamill buggers,

  2. aloy Says:

    Please be warned that most likely we will fall into the same trap we fell in 1983. Recent happenings clearly shows there is divisive politics by the world powers at their best. If not these irrational things (like the prison affair) should not happen. Just like JR acted foolishly, they are doing it again. And there was no help for Yanky Dicky from anywhere when the trouble came. China will most probably sort out their problems with US little by little.

    We should be happy that there is a semblance of unity among South Asians. A few dollars thrown here and there should not take us for a ride. Next time they will ask for a part of our country.

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