A response to Bishop of the Diocese of Galle, Rev. Dr. Raymond Wickremasinghe
Posted on September 20th, 2021

Rudra de Zoysa.

“Bishop of the Diocese of Galle, Rev. Dr. Raymond Wickremasinghe told a virtual congregation that the conscience of those responsible for the Easter Sunday carnage would never be at peace and it would haunt them eternally.”

Dear Dr. Wickremasinghe,

You have confounded and mystified many clear-thinking persons. Those responsible are already enjoying the favours Allah has promised. They are also enjoying” the 74 virgins given to each of them (the maths has to be done!). Allah will look after these characters and your God can’t do anything about this. However, those who knew but did not prevent the Easter Sunday carnage should be relentlessly hounded and brought to justice.

Another thing that I am baffled by is whether these lunatic suicide bombers were able (after the bombing) to take their sex organs with them to their heaven”. I pity the virgins! Don’t try to be too smart, Bishop. Just look after your flock. You are just a puppet on a string.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Who is the Mahamola Karu? – Allah, Koran, or Jehovah!

    There is Allah and then God to be precise – Jehovah! According to the Grandmother’s tale – The Old Testament -believed by Jews Muslims and Christians they are both supposed to be the same. There are adherents belonging to both camps and over the years, and centuries they have killed each other with glee.

    What happened in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday 2019 was another version of this enmity continuing to date. Another tit for tak attack following on what is now and then had happened in the Middle East. For us bystanders there is much confusion because literally it is the same God in the end who is blowing up bombs with one hand and now asking to find the Mahamola Karuwa by the other!

    What really happened is really laughable. Those doctored,brought up and tutored (brain washed) on the holy book the Koran and have unwavering belief in Allah came and blew themselves up inside the churches of Jehovah where his followers were praying and remembering crucifixtion and rising from the dead of Jesus Christ, his son ( an event that he too was witnessed two millennia ago, but did not intervene – Jesus is reportedly lamented on the cross – My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me in his death throes!) Although Jehovah is supposed to be omnipresent, omniscient and omni omni ad infinitum, this time too he only witnessed but did not intervene.

    The churches were destroyed but Jehovah did not come to lift a single grain of sand to re-build the churches. They were all rebuilt and restored to better than their ‘previous glory’ by the much maligned members of the Armed Forces.

    The worshippers are now back at their newly built churches and praying to the same God who did not lift a finger while being all powerful and all seeing to save them. Hundreds died and more hundreds are injured and maimed for life!

    The Priests such as this Bishop are blaming the government and even trying to implicate the Pohottuwa Government, that the Easter Sunday Attacks favoured their coming to powern in Nov 2019. This is forgetting and believing that ordinary right thinking people will forget that their ‘love child’ the Jadapalana Government was so unpopular even as far back as March 2018, they practically lost all local government seats at the then election!!

    The Easter Sunday attacks the Catholics barely helped the Pohottuwa to come to power. Even after the Easter Sunday attacks, the Catholics Harin Fernando ( who famously knew about the attack) Kavin Jayawardana, Hector Appuhamy, and Festus Perera’s son et al got elected from the Catholic Belt withou much effort! So much so for the Catholic votes favouring Pohottuwa!

    As for bringing those responsible for the Easter Sunday Attacks to justice – it takes time for the judicial process to get ready and put in place water tight litigation charges and procedures. Let us look at a few similar or more horrific incidents that happened elsewhere in the world:

    a) 9/11 attacks in the US: 20 Years after the attacks five are accused of war crimes in the September 11 aircraft hijackings that resulted in the deaths of 2,976 people.A new military judge has been assigned to the trial, previously expected to start in 2022 but now likely to be further delayed as lawyers for the defence prepare to attack the legal foundation of the military commission.13 Nov 2015

    b) Paris Attack: Trial only beginning now – nearly 7 years later

    c) 17 July 2014 – Malaysian Air Lines attack – Trial began in June this year – after 7 years

    Cardinal having prevented bloodshed at the hands of his (peaceful) followers in the immediate aftermath of the attacks is now asking for his ‘pound of flesh’! His underlings such as this Bishop is following suit to blacken the current administration, who for all her doings and undoings is not resposible to this dastardly crime. Honi soit qui mal y pense!

    The current administrations is only complicit in not taking action to stop the Muslim radicalisation further, which of course is another story!

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