Posted on October 11th, 2021


Indian Foreign Secretary who was visiting Sri Lanka played the role of Devil’s Advocate perfectly, when he told the delegation of Tamil political leaders that they must ALL demand from the Sri Lankan government to restore the Provincial councils. He knows that the PCs were forced on Sri Lanka under the infamous Indo -Sri Lanka agreement which left a black mark in inter-state activities of independent Sri Lanka’s history. If one were to study the continuation of ‘Indian interference’ in domestic arena in Sri Lanka one should be able to remember the ”  havoc  caused to Sri Lanka in general and to the Tamils in Sri Lanka and to India itself “. One should recollect how India armed. trained and equipped to commit mass murder including Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Sri Lanka’s President Premadasa and a number of ministers , Tamil leaders and thousands of Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese civilians. Basically, the political instability in Sri Lanka was caused primarily by Indian interference through the misuse of Tamils and their ‘demands’ under the pretext of encouraging ‘reconciliation’ and democracy.

With such a gloomy story of covert and overt action plan of India to go off one’s head, nut, onion ,rocker about the PCs AGAIN when Sri Lanka is struggling to emerge out of covid epidemic is highly unethical and preposterous. Besides, India should know that the around 75% pf the people in Sri Lanka DO  not want PCs India as a big power in the region should consider better and more positive policies to plant the seed pf confidence and genuine friendship of Sri Lanka rather than recreating the dog in the manger scenario.

INDIA please do not INTERVENE


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