How arrivals can now complete the health declaration at BIA in 20 seconds
Posted on October 27th, 2021


The government yesterday said that the new health declaration system inaugurated at the BIA was one of its kind which would enable passenger to complete fulfilling their health declaration in 20 seconds to proceed to clear immigration. 

This health declaration system was inaugurated by the Aviation and Export Zones Development State Minister D.V. Chanaka at the BIA premises on Tuesday.

The Minister told the Daily Mirror that the prime objective of introducing this system was to reduce the use of physical form filling and encourage passengers to opt for an online platform, thereby reducing physical contact and passenger processing time.

He said passengers could log on to official website or on and enter their details.

Passengers can access the above links before boarding the flight, while traveling if the flight has an internet facility, or after arriving at the airport.

Chanaka said with the new system, health authorities will be able to receive passenger information in advance, which will help in reviewing the passenger’s health records while reducing the queuing time.

“Passengers should fill out the web based Health Declaration form, attach the vaccination card, and COVID-19 PCR test report done within 72 hours prior to departure to the health declaration. Next, the passengers should submit the form online. Upon submission, passengers will have the facility to capture a QR code and will also receive an email with that QR code,” Chanaka explained.

“The health officials at the airport will receive the passenger information before the passenger arrives at the airport, and they will review the information. Finally, passengers who have submitted their health declaration forms online should have the QR code ready (either in the email or on their mobile device) upon arrival, for scanning at the health declaration counter,” he said.

“After passengers arrive at the airport, they should report to the airport’s health declaration counter to check their COVID reports. Earlier, passengers had to fill out a special form at the counter, and it took at least two minutes. After introducing the new system, other than filling out the papers, people can scan the QR code they received. The scanning and retrieving of the passenger information by the Health Declaration counter official will take a few seconds,” airport officials said.

“After scanning the QR code, the passenger will receive a receipt. The passengers can keep that receipt for any further inquiry by the area Public Health Officer (PHI) or any other health inquiry,” officials added.

If the provided documents are verified, the passengers will be directed to the immigration counter. The immigration counter procedures have also been digitalized, which will allow passengers to exit in the shortest time. 

The exit time however will depend on the passenger. That will change if the passengers prefer to shop at the duty-free.

Chanaka said it will take 20 seconds, to scan the QR code and to certify the details. Later, the passengers will be directed to the immigration counters.
Passengers who do not have access to the new system, should visit the Health Declaration counter at the BIA and fill out the forms manually.

The State Minister said that this project was launched at BIA with the expectation of providing a convenient travel experience to passengers. ()

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