Aluminium Anniversary
Posted on November 1st, 2021

By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

When a man looks into a mirror, the image reflects who he is today. But it also reveals whom he used to be. Although appearances change, many of the underlying characteristics remain the same. It is the same with ‘Ceylon Today’, as the paper celebrates its 10th anniversary and reflects on the team behind the newspaper! ‘Ceylon Today’ is an innovative newspaper and was launched in 2011. It is a unique and personal gift to its readers and guarantees to make its Aluminium anniversary even more special. It gives me great pleasure to write to ‘Ceylon Today’ on its tenth anniversary.

 The history of my freelance journalism goes back to first with the Island ( Upali Group of Newspapers). Subsequently, with The Sunday Times, when Vijitha Yapa was the Editor, and the ‘ Daily News and ‘Sunday Observer, the late Harold Peiris was the Editor in Chief at Lake House Group of newspapers. My memories go back to my London years, and since returning to my mother country in 2006,  I continued with my columns in the Daily News, with my weekly column.

‘The Ceylon Today’ newspaper appealed to me in many respects. Firstly,  its content, interesting and educational daily feature articles, editorials, and the cultural page  ‘Look‘. What more can I say about the beautiful, coloured pictures the newspaper uses with feature articles and given prominence to captions in thick bold letters? These characteristics in a published newspaper certainly attract the reader.

Initially, I contacted the present Editor Jayantha Sri Nissanka on 21 December 2015 by letter. In return, he enthusiastically requested me to be a contributor to ‘Ceylon Today.”  From there on, I became a weekly columnist in Ceylon Today.  The newspaper since its emergence ten years ago sought to encourage what is sound in man and to discourage, often by criticising, what is improper. In other words, as an independent newspaper.

As a columnist, I always try to balance my writing, but when there is a climate of fear, I have a duty towards my vocation, conscience, truth, and country to highlight injustices.  I believe it is the only way to help any administration or a government! How does any administration/government find hope if journalists do not become active?

It would be an error if a journalist allows in identifying failings of an administration all the time and makes his topmost interest, no matter how provocative or painful the situation around him. Simultaneously it would be spiritual suicide if he stealthily keeps quiet. and it does undermine the foundation of the unification journalists seek.

My very best wishes for Ceylon Today newspaper on its Aluminium anniversary, and it is my humble wish that the newspaper goes from strength to strength in the future.       

Dr Tilak S. Fernando

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  1. aloy Says:

    “When a man looks into a mirror, the image reflects who he is today”

    Not exactly Dr. Tilak. The Left & Right are inverted (horizontally) but the top and bottom are spared; a strange phenomena.

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