CEB chairman admits Yugadanavi deal bypassed tender procedure
Posted on November 3rd, 2021

Tharaka Samman Courtesy Ceylon Today

Trade unions of the Ceylon Electricity Board say they will decide after tomorrow (04) a date to launch a strike in protest against the handover of shares of Yugadanavi power plant and the liquified natural gas supplies to New Fortress energy firm of the US.

Convener of the CEB Joint TUs Alliance Ranjan Jayalal said so during a demonstration in front of the CEB head office in Colombo today.

Meanwhile, CEB chairman M.C. Ferdinando says the agreement relating to the Yugadanavi power plant was inked after obtaining the attorney general’s approval for its basic content.

Speaking to journalists, he said, By now, the CEB has been unsuccessful with two coal tenders. There is no money to pay up front. There are no dollars to open the letters of credit. That crisis is there. Because of the CEB’s fuel purchases, the Petroleum Corporation is on the verge of collapse. What exists now is an abnormal situation. Since the government is faced with a burning issue, the procurement procedure was bypassed. If the CEB collapses, no one needs to cut power, it will happen automatically.”

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