Posted on November 5th, 2021

Jayantha Liyanage,

There is no such thing as Sri Lankan nationalism, because there is no Sri Lankan nation and there was no Ceylonese nation before 1972 either. It was DR N.M Perera tried to create a Ceylonese nation but failed.

Only a Sinhala nation exists in substance without an official recognition. There is no mention about the name of a nation in any of the Constitutions (Solbury, 1972 or 1978 Republican constitution). In 1972 Constitution, the Preamble says as a Nation” but without a name. The question arises as to why Dr. Colvin forgot to say as a Sri Lankan Nation” and it could not have been a mistake. There is no other legal documents exists which says that the name of this country’s nation is Sri Lanka. I have read all the Constitutions including the Solbury Constitution (the Order in Council). But I could no find the name of the nation. The reason is because Sri Lanka cannot fulfill the necessary criterions to become a nation according to the internationally accepted definition for a nation. Sri Lanka does not have the two most important requirements, common decent and the language requirement. The is no such thing as the Sri Lankan language. But the Sinhala nation has all the requirements.

It was King Pandukahabaya who created the Sinhala nation in the year 437 BCE by uniting the four tribes and it was during that time, the nations started to arise. The Sinhala nation lasted until 1815. The British under their Divide & Rule policy denied the Sinhala people their historical national rights and have even accorded illegal immigrants equal status to that of the Sinhala people.  Gota, MR, Sajith, Ranil are the protectors (Kalusuddhas) of the British Divide and Rule policy under the false Sri Lankan nation concept in political stages.

Sri Lanka is only a state because it has been recognized by the UN and other countries. As long as Sri Lankan nation myth exists, the Sinhala nation cannot raise its head.  The two party domination will continue as long as this myth exits and the Sinhala people are unaware their historical rights.

The end result of this Sri Lankan nation myth is that various ethnic groups are trying to grab a piece for themselves. Tamils in the North, Muslims in the East. The Sinhala people are divided and fighting each other under the myth of Sri Lankan nation. The main parties have created a kind of mental terrorism – do not think as a Sinhala nation because it is Jathivadaya (Sinhala nationalism) – that would hurt the Tamils & Muslims. An utter nonsense? 

The Tamils under their Thimpu Principles (see the attached doc) asking the Sri Lankan government to recognize Tamils as a nation.  The Muslims have just one agenda – turn the whole world Muslim.

SJP is the only Sinhala nationalist organization that is trying to end this Sri Lankan nation myth and restore the historical rights of the Sinhala people.

The Sinhala constitution project is aimed at restoration of the historical rights of the Sinhala people. First as bargaining strategy when the government is going to enact another Republican constitution with full powers to the Provincial councils under the Indian pressure.  Mere protesting will not do, as before the government would certainly ask WHAT IS YOUR ALTERNATIVE?

Jayantha Liyanage,

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