Suspended Chinese solar power projects will not be given to India : Dr.ramesh
Posted on December 13th, 2021

SANDUN A JAYASEKERA Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Government spokesman Dr. Ramesh Pathirana dismissed media reports that the solar power generation projects in the north about to be launched by China but abandoned under controversial circumstances would be given to India.

He told the media that neither the government discussed it nor the government intends to entrust the construction of a solar power generation project to Adani Group of India as suggested by interested parties.

The Chinese Embassy in Colombo has announced that China has decided to suspend the construction of a hybrid solar power (renewable energy) project in three islands in the north, namely, Nagadeepa, Analthivue and Delft off Jaffna but decided to suspend the project owing to security concerns raised by a third party. Following the awarding of the contract to China in early this year, India vehemently protested to the awarding of the contract to a Chinese company citing security concerns.

Responding to a journalist at the news briefing, Minister Dr. Pathirana flatly rejected that the government was in a move to give the renewable energy project to Adanis of India.

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