Registration of marriages between foreigners and Sri Lankans to require ‘security clearance report’
Posted on December 26th, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

The Registrar General has issued a circular to all District Registrars and Additional District Registrars informing of the additional documents required for the registration of marriages between foreigners and Sri Lankan nationals. 

The circular states the current procedure of registration of marriages between a foreigner and a Sri Lankan under (112 chapter of) marriage (Genera) Registration Ordinance was based on the following documents obtained from the foreign party of such marriage. 

1. Valid Passport 

2. Certification of Confirmation of Civil Status (Divorced papers/ Documents for Confirmation of Widowed where necessary) 

3. Certificate of Birth (Only if needed to confirm the birth date)

However, according to the agreement based on the negotiation between the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Immigration and Emigration regarding the impact for the national security and the issues that can arise from marriages between foreigners and Sri Lankans, a decision has been made to register such marriages only through the Additional District Registrars after obtaining a Security Clearance Report” relates to the foreign party.

Therefore, in such a marriage, the original copy of the certificate obtained from the security authorities of the relevant countries, should be sent to the Civil Registration Unit of the Department through the local party or through an agent of the local party, indicating there is no any conviction for any offense during the period of six months. 

Obtaining the Security Clearance Report” of that person will proceed through the department. A license will be issued to register such marriage by the Registrar General according to that report and it will be adverted to the local party or to the agent of the local party to hand over to the Additional District Registrar whom will proceed to register the marraige. A copy of the license will also be adverted to the relevant Divisional Secretariat/ Land Registration Office for reference.

Other than that, a self- declaration (Health Declaration) should also be obtained for the confirmation of the health conditions from the relevant foreigner, the circular said. 

One Response to “Registration of marriages between foreigners and Sri Lankans to require ‘security clearance report’”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    There are marriages and marriages and then marriages of convenience. People can enter into marriages and then get out of marriages quite easily. However, the State will be left with unwanted baggage if things turn out to be one of deception and then of situations injurious to Sri Lanka and her people. It is in this type of scenario that the backgrounds of prospective foreign marriage partners should be checked out.

    Sri Lanka should go ahead with the security clearance exercise when marriages between foreigners and Sri Lankans are due to be formalized through the relevant authorities. The world is a much different place today than it was 50 years ago!

    It is common practice that purveyors of terrorism enter countries with malafide intents and later become embarrasements to nations. Sri Lanka should be vary of such individuals entering the country for our nation at present is extremely vulnerable to outside machinations that come in various guises.

    Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!

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