Digitised TV Broadcasting to be launched tomorrow
Posted on December 27th, 2021

Chaturanga Samarawickrama Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The Sri Lanka Television Broadcasting Digitization Project is to be officially launched tomorrow afternoon, the Mass Media Ministry said.

The Ministry said with the Television Broadcasting Digitization Project, people would be able to watch programs more clearly while removing TV signal vulnerabilities.

This project is planned and operated by the Mass Media Ministry with JICA financial and technical assistance.

The official launching ceremony of the program will be held tomorrow at 7.00 pm.

The Ministry said after initialising the program, the whole analog signal broadcasting system will be converted into digital format. Meanwhile, the ministry said the removal of multiple television antennae and the ability to capture all TV channels with one antenna is another feature of digitization.

3 Responses to “Digitised TV Broadcasting to be launched tomorrow”

  1. Sirih Says:

    JICA is pushing for Japanese ISDB which is only 2 or 3 countries use and we need to get DVB -T2 since all the digital tv’s in SL already have these DVB tuners build in.. Otherwise this is will be a mess and one VIP son is waiting to import STB (another box) to sell it to locals.

  2. aloy Says:

    Japanese are good in copying and developing it further. They have excelled in camera technology in terms of imagery. I think Kodak was the start.
    Searching for ISDB you get landed on ISDB-T the Japanese variant adopted by many such as ISDB-Tb, the Brazilian variant used in many countries. Japs gave us the first Color TV. So, lets move on. Perhaps one brainy SL guy will make that ‘another box’ Sirih is referring to above and make a fast buck in much the same way as Steve Jobs (and Steve Wozniak) did in hacking the US telecom system which sold like hot cake. And that was the start of Apple Inc.

    Here’s a mouthful in terms of imagery:


  3. aloy Says:

    The video given above is only about a week old, but as received over 200k views. But the technology given in it had been around since early 80, developed by the researched station of Xerox Inc. at Polo Alto. Though that company had spent lot of money for its upkeep, their board of directors thought that their shareholders would not want to spend money on it by making machines to use the technology. So, who grabbed it for free: it was none other than the duo Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who made fortunes out of it. This situation is somewhat similar to ours.

    Our guttersnipe class politicos who have got used to screwing the citizens at will (thanks to our tie coat judicial and law enforcers) and become somebodies wouldn’t care about the resources we have in make use of them to transform our country to be a wonder of Asia.

    Our primary and secondary education system is one of the best in world; our teachers have been dedicated lot, no much idea about the present.

    Will write an an article as to how I got here. In the meantime, world of technology is moving forward at a fantastic rate (perhaps faster than linear law predicted by Gordon Moore in 1965 when he was the CEO at Intel) as can be seen from the following video:


    Perhaps there will be a day when ‘mind power’ will be sufficient to trigger the operations of a machine, let alone influence the thinking of other people.

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