Open letter to Dr. Jehan Perera, National Peace Council of Sri Lanka
Posted on December 29th, 2021

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent  . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1  . Canada

29 December 2021

Dr.Jehan Perera 
Executive Director
National Peace Council of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Dear Jehan Perera:

I read the statement by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s to the UN General Assembly which was short and dignified.  Expressing his thoughts by saying that there is a need for a Joint Effort for reconciliation to become a reality.    This expression obviously was the reconciliation between the  minority Tamil-separatists and the majority Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

To me that statement on re-con-silly-a-shun was packed with ‘international bully landmines’ that would blow-off with every Tamil-biased triggered international pressure-nudge on Sri Lanka. There will be too many International actors who will want to get into the act like – the UNHRC, US, UK, Canada, India, Norway, France, Denmark and the like.  

Jehan, all I can say is –”Sweet Mother of Jesus, please spare my MotherLanka from  this ‘Bias Tamil Blarney re-con-silly-a-shun Gong Show’.

The two operative and active words in President Gotabaya’s statement were Joint Effort”  Joint Effort  should be clearly understood, by the Tamils as that it is stupid trying to clap with one hand even to the percussion sounds of Thunai-lakadi-thantha-lakadi’ on a Mridangam.  And that there is a clear need to have a partner who is in sync with your heart-beat and your footwork when dancing the Tango to La Cumparsita  or even Santa Maria.   Ethically, if there are no two sincere partners wanting to solve this exercise, in reality President Gotabaya’s dream of a ‘re-con-silly-a-shun’  will fail…and fail miserably.  This is not rocket science, and you, Jehan,  being a Harvard-man should comprehend its dynamics easily.

I have taken off my diplomat-cap for the next one hour or so, and I wish you would yours, the one with the Norwegian  insignia at its front-center of it, the country that gives away the Nobel Peace Prize annually. Or telling, showing an open empty palm to these Norwegians Show me the money and I will support  you” because there is nothing Summa in this world.     You scratch my back and I  will scratch yours. And the Sri Lankans, you included, Jehan.  know that pretty well.  And this Eelam issue is a million dollar money spinner.  And you know it pretty well being the Executive Director of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, and once upon a time the Sri Lankan darling of the Norwegians.

You jumped with both feet first into the ‘dreamer’s re-con-silly-a-shun’s wishes hot cauldron of Hope, by saying: We are ready to engage with all domestic stakeholders, and to obtain the support of our international partners and the United Nations, in the process.”

Jehan, come again!  Did you really mean …and obtain the support of our international partners and the United Nations, in the process.” Hey! Jehan, be cautious.  I don’t think you have mastered the art of walking on thin ice, or wouldn’t have told the world ..obtain the support of our international partners and the United Nations, in the process.”  Not smart, by any means!

Who the hell are our international partners” Jehan?  Surely not the guys and gals who carry into the UN chambers a large wooden cross, nails and mallets, before they start discussing the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, when it is none of their business, and wanting to crucify my Motherlanka onto it for alleged human rights violations of the Tamils.  There was Genocide they say. Ha!…what crap…what baloney….what poppycock!

Jehan, if my dear Mother was alive, she would have frog-marched every ”our  International  Partners” by his or her ear and washed their mouths with carbolic soap at the kitchen sink..  She always hated liars and bullies, ,and brought me up to be straight and an Honest son of Motherlanka, which I believe I am.

Surely,  Jehan’ you are not going to obtain our international partners and the United Nations,”  to get involved in the discussions for a re-con-silly-a-shun between the two Tamil and Sinhalese ethnic communities who used guns and bullets to speak to each other for 30 years until it ended on  May 19, 2009.

Jehan, the majority of the International partners” who aided an abetted that unwarranted ethnic Eelam war were an anti-Sri Lankan disingenuous, crummy, humbuggish, and a sick .International Gang of terrorism promoters who insists that they be judge and jury of the accountability of alleged human rights violations by the Sri Lankan Government Forces’ during the last five months of the Eelam War

Jehan, if I have my way, I would show them the door and tell them: you are not wanted at these deliberations as you have proved yourselves without any doubt to be Tamil Tiger terrorism supporters, their Godfathers  of their Tamil Tiger  terrorism.     Ah..ahhh,  You are not wanted here. Please leave!”

This reminds me of a modern Child’s Rope Spinning Song:

                          don’t be silly,
                     the Sri Lankan Army
                     was the best in town,
                       they gave me back
                      the rights to my Life
                    the day they got rid of
                         the cancerous ills
                   the Tiger terrorist-Tamils. 

                            I don’t care
                           for UN’s HRC
                         as they are blind
                          and cannot see 
                              who gave
                    my rights back and say
                       Go sister and live
                             another day”
                    my Sinhalese heroes
                               in Khaki.
                            don’t be silly,
                        those Khaki men
                        are my God’s sent

Here’s the LITMUS TEST NO. 1, to expose International skullduggery and  humbuggery in Sri Lanka.  Let this be absolutely clear to you Jehan, that since May 2009, not a single International government, our international partners”, who think they are International Human Rights Cops, had identified and acknowledged the textbook example of an amazing act of respecting human rights of a person during the Eelam war that happened in Sri Lanka.

The saving of the lives of 295,873 Tamil refugees from the clutches of theTamil Tiger terrorists, by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, who were marched for six months like a hoard of unwashed cattle from the west coast to the east coast of Sri Lanka, under the scorching Jaffna-Killinochchi sun, as a human shield.  You know it , they know it and I know it …as what is reassuring about the past in this 30-year Eelam War is that all of this ruthless, ugliness did happen.  But what is amazing is that this Humane Act missed the radar screens of all these nosey-Parker countries who may want to help Sri Lanka’s re-con-silly-a-shun process  That is a bit of Bull” isn’t it Jehan, a crock-full of codswallop”. Surely, not with a bunch of mischievous rats that smell a puking anti-Sri Lanka odour.

Further, Jehan, our international partners” radar missed the amazing  text book Humanitarian Act of not letting these 295,873 Tamil refugees die of starvation.  The army soldiers who kicked-arse of the Tamil Tiger terrorists turned themselves into temporary cooks to help prepare three hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners a day,  amounting to a million meals each day.   Jehan, this is a ‘Humanitarian  Wow Act ..Sadhu…sadhu….sadhu….Hallelujah…..

Haro-Hara Act” 

You tell me, Jehan, what is the reason that our international partners’ missed these  major Humanitarian Acts by the Sri Lankan soldiers.   There must be a damn-good reason for it.  I smell a nasty den of smelly International rats of Norwegians, Indians, Americans, Canadians, Britishers, Danes, French and so forth.  Not with cheese on their snouts but with clotted Sinhala blood  I don’t like it, and I resent it to the depth of the marrow of my Weera-Sinha bones. 

Do you have an honest explanation, for what I have pointed out,  to absolve the geo-political sins of  ‘Our International Partners” to have them get involved in Gotabaya’s exercise of re-con-silly-a-shun?

Here’s LITMUS TEST NO. 2 to expose International Skullduggery and Humbuggery in Sri Lanka.

The UNHRC has charged Sri Lanka of 40,000 ‘Tamil’  civilian deaths during the last five months of the Eelam war in early 2009.  This is when the Sri Lankan Government Forces kicked-arse of the Tamil Tiger terrorists in the North  and East of Sri Lanka and annihilated them on May 19, 2009 when their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was shot through his forehead, and found dead on the sands of the Nandikadal lagoon.  The UNHRC says that they have credible evidence” to quote the numbers:,   I say to UNHRC, whoopee do, good for you! What a bunch of Do-do’s.”

 But you guys and  girls at UNHRC are smart and cunning, not wanting to get caught as liars and be slammed and beaten with bamboo-sticks, so you all tell us that the credible evidence cannot be accessed for the next 30 years, a kind of a Covid-19 lockdown.   Smart, aren’t they Jehan?  They know that they are on a silky Sri Lanka-banana-peel slippery slope on that one.

And here is a UNHRC  liar’s  doosey., that Nikki Haley of  US brilliantly picked up and exposed the UNHRC as a cesspool of political bias”, and that Such a Council, in fact, damages the cause of Human Rights.”

And  then there was this British Labour MP for Micham and Morden, Siobhain McDonagh,  who said in parliament that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces had killed 100,000 innocent Tamil civilians during the last five months of the Tamil separatist terrorist war.

She said, I hope that this debate will mark a small step in the attempts of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka to gain justice.”  I asked her in my letter, Surely you are not talking of the same Tamils that I know that populate 40% of the population of the capital Colombo, where the Tamil women drive around in BMWs  wearing designer jeans and sunglasses, are you?  What justice do they need, Siobhain?” 

 And I was curious, Jehan. 

I asked in a letter to her… what was it that you smoked before your morning cup of coffee, or is it something you put into the coffee that made you hallucinate throughout that day when you spewed all that rubbish about Sri Lanka in the British parliament.”  There was not a whimper from her.

And this is when the UNHRC’s charge of Human Rights violations by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces which they said were responsible for 40,000 Tamil deaths during the last five months of the war, oops! became a God damn Hoax.  Especially, when the UNHRC-incumbent liars revolved around the lofty ideals of Human Rights, such as ‘accountability.’

 According to  war statistics in every international war, the casualties were twice the number of deaths.  So here comes the ‘Thousand dollar question” which UNHRC’s High Commissioner Madam Michelle Bachelet and British Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh have to answer respectfully, honestly  and truthfully as this is  a case of ‘accountability’, and you two cannot dodge and hide in your home-country mountain ranges or in meandering river’s coastal green forests.

Well…well…well Madam Bachelet, if 40,000 Tamils were killed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, that war according to war statistics should have produced  80,000 casualties.   One would have expected a moving river of wounded bloodied flesh,  broken human bodies with red blood patched bandaids, broken arms in slings, hobbling with the help of walking sticks, and carried in stretchers. Where the hell were/are they?   Did any one of your We are holier than thou”: gang witness this human ugly disaster?

I want to know and the world wants to know. You don’t happen to talk about  them nor do your colleagues who are ready to call the Sri Lankan Armed Forces personnel as War Criminals.   Right, Madam!   Where the hell did the 80,000 Tamil war casualties disappear to..  Come on Madam Bachelet, I want to know so does the whole world want to know.   Is this why Nikki Haley of the US said that the UNHRC  is a cesspool of  politicbias.”  

Not giving us the answer is proof positive that your charge against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces is a badly scripted storyline, which has turned into a  sour HOAX and is coming to bite at your credibility.

And You,  Siobhain McDonagh, where the hell did the 200,000 Tamil Eealm war casualties  go, disappear to, an ABRACADABRA-Vamoose Act”.  You haven’t spoken about them nor did your Labour Parliamentary colleagues.  . Give me a  break Siobhain…give the world a break!  Let’s not  turn the world into a Human Rights Circus where, perhaps, you may have a place  to wear a Clown’s pointy dunce hat,

You are caught in a liar’s-vice, and you have nowhere to go for an escape.  Admit that you picked that number during that hallucination phase in your coffee-spiked morning when you spewed out that number of 100,000 dead at the hands of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.  Right!   Shish, Lady…how wrong you were.  It was a HOAX wasn’t it  Pity!

The  lack of  a response of ‘accountability’ will be proof-positive that your charges of 40,000 and 100,000 deaths directed towards the Sri Lankan Armed Forces was a HOAX , and you two have no place to hide your 10-shades of red of  embarrassed faces in the Chile’s Cordilleras de Nahuelbuta and the Banks of the meandering River Wandle for Siobhain McDonagh. 

Hallelujah!  You two took a chance, and that’s what nasty politics is all about,  and this is how the cookie crumbled.  Too Bad!

Now, coming to you Jehan Perera.  I have taken my diplomat’s cap, for the very reason that I want to have a straight talk with you. No diplomatic  I am a nice guy nuances…just want to help Sri Lanka,” jargon.

Let’s explore your statement, We are ready to engage with all domestic stakeholders, and to obtain the support of our international partners and the United Nations, in the process” is intriguing.

Who are your  International Partners and the United Nation.”  Let me gaze at my Crystal Ball and give you my readings of the possible some. 


Jehan, here it is.  You cannot cut a country into two anymore than you can cut a human into two,.  If you do, you do not have two human beings; you have a corpse.”   I have borrowed these words from Pierre Elliot Trudeau as It certainly made sense.

UNHRC:  This is the group that America’s Nikki Haley quite rightly said, is a cesspool of political bias”.  It is nothing new to us Sinhalese-Sri Lankans!

           UNHRC:  This is the UN group, where Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the UN clearly violated Article 2 (7) of the UN Charter which prohibits intervention in matters which are essentially within the domestic   Jurisdiction of any State, thus the panel created by him which produced the Darusman Report and released for International consumption was a  good reason for this Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to have been Impeached;  This guy was Mooning Sri Lanka quite a bit, and no   Sri Lanka Government’s official protested and made him eat dust.  So he got on his high horse and galloped all over Sri Lanka trampling the dignity of her armed forces who were trained to guard the island’s sovereignty and its peoples. Shoot if they had to. The Tamil Tigers were not fighting with catapults, stones and bamboo sticks.   They were fighting with a sophisticated war armoury, all funded by your ‘International partners”. 

           The Sri Lankan armed forces got the Tamil Tiger terrorists by their jugulars and tails since  they had no Guidance by UNs Ban Ki-Moon or Navi Pillay produced War Manual for Dummies – How to Win a War without    Killing no one.  But the Sri Lankan armed forces came up smelling roses having annihilated the most ruthless Terrorists in the world, the   Tamil Tiger terrorists of Sri Lanka.

            UN’s Ban Ki-Moon was UN’s Secretary General who appointed the three ethically questionable musketeers – Marzuki Darusman who left  Sri Lanka’s Presidential Commission of the Independent Group of    Eminent Persons (IIGEP) in March 2008, left in a huff disagreeing with the Sri Lanka Government and yet signed the IIGEP Report.  That signature entitled him to accept a handsome consultant fee.  And that is how UNs questionable cookies crumble.

            The second Ban Ki-Moon’s panelist  that produced the Darusman   Report was Steven Ratner.   He was an advisor to Human Rights   Watch that has been very critical of Sri Lanka from the very inception of the Eelam War.  Steven co-authored a book with Jason Adams titled   ‘Accountability of Human Rights: Atrocities in International Law   beyond the Nuremberg legacy’,  where on page 123 he has stated that    the convention of banning apartheid should be invoked in relations   to countries such as Sri Lanka.” That statement itself should have disqualified him to be a panelist.  Damn!  Ban Ki-Moon is guilty of that infraction.

            So what did the Sri Lankan Government do about it at the UN?  Sweet   Nothing and hoping that the expatriate activists around the world take on   Ban Ki-Moon on  and ride on their volunteering backs.  Ha!   Jehan, I can quote dozens and dozens of such incidents.

            The third Ban Ki-Moon’s panlist that produced the Darusman Report was South African lawyer Yasmin Sooka heavily dependent on EU   funds to be impartial.  She was also a close associate of the South   African-Tamil Navi Pillay who was then a patron of the Sooka   Foundation, and responsible for the failed resolution against Sri Lanka before  May 2009.

             Jehan, with such credentials none of the three panellists would  qualify to be an honest-non-partisan member to help President’s sincere dream of a Re-con-silly-a-shun Tamil Blarney Gong Show.

             Added to this backdrop are the shameful ignoring of Text book 

             examples of  Human Rights of saving 295,873 Tamil refugees

             from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers, at the end of the war and, 

             the front-line soldiers turned cooks to help prepare a million meals  

             a day to sustain  them.  This is a FACT which cannot be swept 

             under a carpet at the UNHRC, especially that of Madam Bachelet.

              Jehan,  I took off my diplomatic cap so that I can be blunt. 

               If  you had these UNHRC cunning  ‘cesspool’characters to

              introduce them into President Gotabaya’s dream team  to

              proceed with his dream of a Re-con-silly-a-shun Tamil Blarney

              Gong Show  then strike them off your list, for the sake of hanging on to 

               your credibility, as I for one will tag you as a Sri Lankan  Sinhalese- 

               Traitor, period. 

         2    Norway .   …obtain the support of our international partners..”

               you said.

              Now let us look at the salmon eating, helmet horned Viking’s 

              son-of-a Bozoman, the Norwegian Eric Solheim who was in a constant 

              itch to put his thumb into Sri Lanka’s kiribath and pull out a black plum

              and sing to the Sri Lankan Government, 

             Namo..Namo..Matha, Here  I come

              Gathering your nuts in Wesak’s May, 

              to help you dissect your  island into two

              and give the Northern part for the Tamils too,


              This salmon eating, Eric Solheim had the audacity to tell President

              Mahinda Rajapaksa to his face that Prabhakaran was a brilliant military

              strategist and that his armed forces were no match for the Tamil 

              Tigers.” Remember?

              This is the Norwegian that thought that he might get the jeepers out of 

               President  Mahinda Rajapaksa, when he had the gall to tell him that

               his army would face the same fate as the Germans in Stalingrad 

               during World War II, and expected the Army fall and with them pull the 

               Government down.

               Jehan, if you had in mind to have Norway as an ‘International 

                Partner”,. just don’t be stupid, chalk them out of your list.  Eric

                Solheim trying to project as a honest unbiased Norwegian, does not 

                cut mustard with me.

                This is the Norwegian who gifted Velupillai Prabhakaran a TV addict, a 

                6-foot TV screen despite the former Deputy Minister Vida Hedlgessen 

                objected to it.

                So cut Norway out of your International Partners’ and don’t be

                stupid.  Remember I took of my diplomat cap off, to say what I had to

                tell you.  You keep them in your list of International partners, you bet, 

                and your credibility will be at stake for your cunning. This is what my 

                crystal ball reading says.

                Then there was another Rakfisk eating, no-good Viking,  their 

                 Ambassador Jon Westborg and Dulep of the Tamil Tiger terrorist

                 who were caught in a wiretap. Westborg  was giving information that 

                 the Norwegian government will pay added costs in the transfer of the

                 State-of-the-art communication satellite equipment to the Tamil 

                 Tigers. These Norwegians are morally unfit to be  one of your hopeful 

                 International Partners to help President Gotabaya’s dream of a

                 Re-con-silly-a-shun of the Sinhalese and the Tamils.

            3.  ….to obtain ‘our Intentional Partners’…”  you said.

                My crystal Ball identifies that you are gung-ho to introduce 

                 Canada as an International Partner to assist President Gotabaya 

                 to achieve  a re-con-silly-a-shun’ between the two ethnic 

                 Communities, the Tamils and the Sinhalese who were at war for 30 

                 long  bloody  years which ended on 19 May 2009.

                 That is  when Tamil Tigers were militarily annihilated by the Sri Lankan 

                  armed force when they shot dead their leader Prabhakaran through

                  his forehead on the sands of the Nandikadal lagoon on the east


                 Here is the bottom line of Canada’s interest in Sri Lanka.  They

                 are not guided by a moral compass, but by the Sinhalese blood 

                 soaked votes as nine Greater Toronto Area ridings depend on the

                 Tamil votes.

                 The case of – you give me your vote and we will support your 

                  terrorist cause of Tamil separatism for your creation of your 

                  separate, mono-ethnic, Tamil racist State, Eelam.

                 Jehan, if that was indeed your intention – just STOP it.  Stop being

                 so God damn Foolish. Why you may ask!  This is why…  Sri Lanka 

                 doesn’t need excessive interference by outside  bullying 

                 immoral bleeding-heart international do-gooders into meddling

                 with their internal affairs.

                 Jehan, if you’re one of those bleeding-hearts, let me be blunt. 

                 You are on the path to destroy your credibility as an honest Sri 

                 Lankan  Sinhalese-patriot.  You take my word as enough is

                 enough.  I will be following your story on President Gotabaya’s 

                 dream of a re-con-silly-a-shun.

                 This Canada has no moral right to get involved in Sri Lanka’s

                   Internal strife.  They got their own shameful problems to take care 

                   of and Canada knows it;

                  This Canada aided and abetted the Eelam war for 30-long years;

                  This Canada funded Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka;

                  This Canada under the Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and

                  Paul Martin let th separatist Tamils collect two million dollars a month 

                  for 13 years to stuff the Tamil Tiger War Chest to purchase a

                  sophisticated war armoury to kill yours and my innocent Sinhalese.

                  They were not fighting this war with catapults and stones, or bow

                  and arrows and bamboo sticks, but with Kalashnikovs and live 

                  bullets, Hand grenades and Claymores mines, bought with the 

                   collected Canadian dollars. They used SA-7s to down two aging

                   Avro transports.  On 10 November 1987, the Sri Lanka Air Force 

                   lost its first attack chopper to a missile when a Mi-24 Hind was 

                   downed while flying escort to two Mi-8 Hip transports. So it was

                   a very sophisticated war.

                  This Canada’s  Liberal Minister of Finance Paul Martin, and Maria 

                   Minna the minister responsible for CIDA and nine other Liberal MPs

                   patronized a $60-a-plate of rice and curry to raise funds in Toronto 

                   for the Tamil Tigers on 6 May 2000.  Do you really want to plant 

                   these Liberal Party members as International Partners of Sri 


                    For Pete’s sake,  give me a break Jehan!

                    That is poor judgement on your part. If you are, you must be out of

                    your blooming mind, Jehan.  Strike Canada off your International 

                    Partners list  to promote  President Gotabaya’s dream of a 

                    Re-con-silly-a-shun, Tamil Blarney Gong Show,  

                   These Canadians are an incredulous bunch of  humbugs. Jehan.

                    It was this Canada that let Kumaran pull off what may be the largest-ever purchase of explosives by a terrorist outfit, the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), the most ruthless in the world.

                    It was on September 22, 1993,the sum of Cdn$990,987 was wired from an HSBC Bank account in Vancouver to an LTTE procurement account overseas.  The Vancouver account was in the name of B.Thambirajah, but it was controlled by the LTTE’s senior leadership in Canada.  Eight months later, Kumaran used the    Canadian money to pull off a deadly arms deal.  Carlton  Trading, a LTTE front Company in Dhaka, and forged Bangladeshi military certificates to arrange the purchase of 50-tonnes of TNT and 10    tonnes of RDX from the Rubizone Chemical factory in Ukraine. 

                    The LTTE freighter MV Swanee took delivery of the cargo at the port of Nikolayev and guarded by Sea Tiger speed boats cruised to    Sri  Lanka’s Northwest coast, where the explosives were parceled out for use in land mines and truck bombs,  booby traps and suicide bombs.

                     It were the Canadian dollars that bought Ukrainian RDX explosives that  was  put to horrific use in the truck bomb  by the Tamil Tiger terrorists that brought down the  Central Bank Building in Colombo’s   Financial District on  31 January 1996, that killed 91 and maimned for life another 1338.

                     It was the same Canada that declared the WAR MEASURE’S ACT    with draconian powers during 1970 October Crisis when FLQ   Terrorized Canada, when FLQ had a separatist armoury of a grand total of 33 firearms and 21 other offensive weapons including   3 smoke grenades, 9 hand knives and 1 sabre.

                     And Canada didn’t like the way the Sri Lankan armed forces  dealt with the Tamil Tigers with an armoury of thousands of M-16s,   AK47s, rocket launchers, land mines, hand grenades, SAMs and   Millions of rifle shells. Jehan, did you find that there was something wrong here. Some kind of a bias?  A Tamil bias.

                     Canada saying to the Tamil Tiger separatists, Don’t worry…Be  Happy, we will cover your Tamil backs. Go use the sophisticated weapons as many as you want to.    But remind yourselves which  political party to vote for at the next    Federal elections.  Remember, the working motto of us Liberals   is  You scratch our backs  and we will scratch your backs”

  Jehan this  is the same Canada that told Sri Lanka We are Holier than thou’, so they slapped Sri Lanka at every  International forum, may it be the UN, UNHRC, AI or any other Provincial Government Council meetings, that the Sri Lankan,soldiers had committed Genocide against the Tamils during the last five months prior to the annihilation of the Tamil Tigers military on 19 May 2009.

This is where my Litmus Tests 1 and 2 comes to play.  If Canada do not have an  acceptable answer to both of them, then you can  disqualify Canada  as a prospective member of your International  partners” as an insolent liar and a humbug.

It was this arrogance, more or less thumbing their noses at us Sinhalese-Canadians in Ontario, the Provincial Government of Ontario passed Bill 104 on May 6, this year.  And the Tamils gloat at as theirs being the first jurisdiction in the world that has charged Sri Lanka of Genocide against the Tamils.  And what is interesting is the UN quite rightly said that the Sri Lankan soldiers did not commit


The Ontario Sinhalese-Canadian Coalition has challenged the Ontario Provincial Council in Ontario’s Highest Court to rescind it.

Jehan it is going to be fun and games.

I for one will be watching the court battle and keeping my fingers crossed.  If the Sinhalese Coalition wins the case I want to see the arrogant Ontario Provincial Government Councillors who voted for Bill104, go down on their knees and kiss the dust that the Sinhalese

Coalition members walked on.  That will knock his socks off even of the Federal MPs who are supporting the Tamils.  And, of course, Prime Minister Justine Trudeau too But what is damning for Canada’s Federal and Provincial Governments is to be told by the Indigenous peoples that these Canadian Government officials  were a bunch of Genocidal Maestros killing their children in residential schools,  not so long ago, 

They found a mass grave of remains of 215 children at a former Residential school in Kamloops, in British Columbia And today (December 28, 2021), the remains of Indigenous children found in former residential schools is now at 7,509 and growing. 

Canadian Indigenous groups are demanding action after the remains of 215 children were found at the residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Jehan, you better stop tolerating such  incentive nastiness and allowing the Canadian POT of Genocide calling the Sri Lankan  unsubstantiated human rights violtions kettle black.

Canada has lost its moral right to question Sri Lanka on  her allegations on Human Rights.   Ask Canada to back off and not  bully and harass Sri Lanka anymore.  Canada has sold its soul for a Sinhlese blood-soaked vote from the Tamil constituents, mainly inthe Greater Toronto Area ridings.  And that is a fact.So I, Asoka Werasinghe of Ottawa, Canada, call on Dr.JehanPerera, Executive Director of the National Council of Sri Lankato disqualify and strike off Canada, if you had Canada as one of the potential, to obtain the support of our International partners” to get involved in President Gotabaya’s  dream of a ‘re-con-silly-a-shun as mentioned at the United Nations General

Assembly.  Do it, Jehan


Asoka Weerasinghe

Ottawa, Canada

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