People Demand the Immediate Arrest and Trial of the American Fifth Columnists for Treason and Abuse of Power
Posted on February 17th, 2022

A Statement by The ‘Socialist Vanguard Party for the Restoration of a United and Sovereign Sri Lanka’ 

On the 06th of January 2022, an illegal and unsanctioned compact was made by some representatives of the people of Sri Lanka, leasing out 99 oil tanks and thousands of acres of land in the vicinity of the Trincomalee port to the Indians; not one of the 6.9 million people, who elected this bunch of representatives, gave any one of them the authority to lease-out this strategic piece of land or the oil tanks, for even a day, let alone fifty years.

The people decry this as an act of downright treachery and demand that the perpetrators of this treachery – Basil Rajapakse, Attygala, Olga, Athula Kumara, Wijesinghe, Mahiyahewa, Paragahagoda and others – be arrested immediately and put on trial; the people also demand that all assets of these persons and their families be put on freeze till the completion of the trial.

The Trinco oil-tank deal was done secretly behind the backs of the people. Many allege that money, under the table, was a strong motivating factor.

Political analysts, drawing an allegory, say that this treacherous act is not dissimilar to an estate watcher, employed on a contract for 4 years, selling the estate to avaricious buyers, behind the back of the owners.

The previous watchers, Sirisena and Wickramasinghe, engaging in similar perfidy, were summarily sacked by the people who expected the betrayal undone and justice served.

To fill Sirisena’s vacancy, the incumbent watcher, Nandasena, was selected, after a close scrutiny of his credentials -boosted in large measure by the charisma of MR, the Sri Lankan Rajapakse -.

It did not take long for the people to realise that Nandasena was an imposter and had duped them; watcher Nandasena began where watcher Sirisena ended.

The misfit in the army has now become an embarrassing misfit to the country and is more than a burden for her. 

If the treacherous representatives of the people were to mitigate, in their defence, that the Trinco deal was for the purpose of bringing in money to the cash-strapped country, they have failed the country miserably, in that respect too; no international investors were invited to bid, thus depriving the country of a very much better deal.

If international bids were called for, the Chinese, for example, would surely have outbid the Indians. 

The million-dollar question is ‘Why did the seedy American-Rajapakses act outside the mandate given by the 6.9 million people?’

The Americans, for long, had been coveting the Trinco port, the oil tanks and the land; indeed, Sri Lanka battled 30 years, with the American sponsored terrorists who had made known their intention to make Trincomalee their Capital.

The Americans attempted to brainwash Sri Lanka to believe that the terrorist ‘war’ was unwinnable; employing a carrot and stick strategy through their ‘Donor Co-chair-Group’ mechanism, the Americans did almost succeed in establishing an Interim Self-Governing Authority (ISGA) in the North and the East; Ashley Wills’ treacherous twins – Peiris and Moragoda – were the agents promoting the American idea. 

So confident were the Americans, of Sri Lanka’s defeat in the conflict, they hinged their foreign policy in the region on that assumption.

When Sri Lanka did the unthinkable and defeated the terrorists, American foreign policy in the region, collapsed like a pack of cards.

To fill the void, fix the vulnerability and hide their embarrassment caused by the stunning and unexpected turn of events, the Americans were compelled to go back to the drawing board to come up with a new strategy; this strategy is chalked out in the Kerry Report of 07 December 2009, captioned ‘SRI LANKA: RECHARTING U.S. STRATEGY AFTER THE WAR’. (

SRI LANKA: RECHARTING U.S. STRATEGY AFTER THE WAR – United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL UNITED STATES SENATE, COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, Washington, DC, December 7, 2009. DEAR COLLEAGUES: The administration is currently evaluating U.S. policy toward Sri Lanka in the wake of the military defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), one of the world’s


 Pray, how does America benefit by Sri Lanka handing over the Trincomalee Port to the Indians?

Based on their new strategy, the Americans took practical measures to fill the void, by directly extending their overt military presence in the Pacific Ocean to now include the Indian Ocean; their ‘Pacific Ocean’ military command, responsible for the security of all US interests in the Pacific region, was renamed the ‘Indo-Pacific Command’; this independent Military Command was tasked with the added responsibility of ensuring the security of all US interests in the ‘Indian Ocean’ region.  

The Commander of the 400,000 strong Indo-Pacific Army Group is directly responsible to the President of the US; he reports directly to the US President and gets his orders and instructions, directly from the latter (and not through the commanders of the Army, Navy or Air Force).

Proceeding in tandem with the extension of responsibility of the US Pacific Army Group, were the reassignment of military assets; a majority of the US Naval assets were moved into the Indo-Pacific theatre.  

To beef-up American military capability in the region, the US established a ‘Southern NATO’, a powerful military alliance named Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue), marshalling the combined military power of India, Japan and Australia.  

Trincomalee is strategic to the US; Nandikadal is an elegy to the valour, heroism and sacrifice of the Sri Lankan people in defeating the Americans and denying them Trincomalee.

The secret deal by Basil Rajapakse and Co in surrendering Trincomalee is a reversal of the epical victory at Nandikadal and a gross betrayal of the Sri Lankan people. Giving Trincomalee to the Indians is tantamount to the Americans being given the strategic Port on a platter.

It is indeed, heart-breaking. Did the Sri Lankan people shed their blood in vain to be betrayed in this fashion by an American within their ranks?

/ to be contd

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