Born Global AUDICI Music Platform ready to take on the world
Posted on March 3rd, 2022


  • Great opportunity for investors looking for digitally native brands with the potential to outperform
  • AUDICI wins 1st place in the Digital Entertainment category at the prestigious e-Swabhimani Award
  • Android App is released. iOS App will be available soon.

Friday, 4th March, 2022 Colombo Sri Lanka:  AUDICI is an award-winning global music platform. It provides the solutions of; splitting any song into 5 backing tracks for musicians to assess vocals compared with the original song, improve pitching, timing and enables the conversion of a recording into a karaoke instantly.

This ground-breaking innovation enables the use of any music track for singing, intense practice, recording cover versions, pitch assessment, timing comparisons against the original and publishing on popular digital channels in-order to drive public attention and reviews.

Being a Digitally Native Brand, the team at AUDICI believes in technological advancements of the music platform in-order to perform in the global arena. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence (Al), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR) and blockchain technologies (BT).

AUDICI is also adding ‘AudiciProtect,’ an in-built tool based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies on the Ethereum platform to protect copyrights of singers, writers and composers. This protects the originality of the song, copyright revenue and allows rights-holders to authorize and manage copyrights on a public ledger. It limits the need for intermediaries in the promotion process; ensuring rights-holders receive greater shares of royalties from the music industry automatically and instantly. The tool also uses encryption and watermarking methods to deal with piracy and a versioning mechanism that updates data in the smart contract to correct mistakes made by the publisher.

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