How to get dollars for petrol – The Soviet Style-
Posted on July 6th, 2022

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

During the reign of Brezhnev in Soviet Union a currency called valid roubles” was introduced by Russian government 

All foreign embassy staff and foreign Employees in Soviet Union were given a quota of a printed note called Valid Roubles ( vlutnaya rublaya) and the government established special shops in the city

These shops sold foreign tobacco like Marlborough Philip Morris 555 etc 

The embassy staff sometimes sold the valid roubles at a higher rate to locals or students who visit these shops and buy  foreign products like tobacco top quality Vodka called Staleeshnaya , Scotch Whiskey and sold in black market and made money 

System was very well in place and It can be worked out in Sri Lanka 

People  working in embassies ,expat workers and workers who remit dollars to the country should be allowed to visit. ( or family members can visit)  such specific shops to buy using foreign currency

One of the best options will be to open few petrol stations in the country where people can purchase petrol in Dollars 

Certain items like electric bicycles and other essential equipment which can  help to solve transport problems may also be sold in these outlets 

 Government should allow operators to import these stuff using their own dollars like the way they do in duty free shops 

By doing this exercise the dollars coming in via Undial May be grabbed by the people who have excess rupees to purchase fuel

Other method to follow is to establish an array of casinos and entertainment streets like in Thailand to attract foreigners to the country 

Part of port city which is restricted to locals with access straight from the airport is ideal for such operation 

Another few hectares of land can be allocated in Mattala  dedicated for gambling crazy” chinese 

( Tongue in cheek – Lowering age to 21 years of our young lasses going to middle east to sell their labour and what ever else can be retained  this industry !) 

Hon Dammika Perera can take the  lead and introduce such plans pronto 

Dr Sarath Obeysekeea

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