The Quickest Way Out Of The Gas and Oil Queues In Sri Lankan
Posted on July 6th, 2022

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Wellington NZ

Sadly, much of the loss of confidence in Sri Lanka today , at the heart of it’ current misery ,  is the consequence of well organised, well funded and well orchestrated propaganda specifically designed to achieve Loss of Confidence In Sri Lanka , among expatriate workers and international community .

The propaganda uses clear examples of mismanagement by the current administration , exaggerates the consequences of these, and often also uses blatantly false claims and misinterpretations, to destroy confidence in the Administration .

From the moment this administration came into power, they used misrepresentation to obstruct and ridicule every attempt they tried to direct Sri Lankan economy towards in the direction they promised in their manifesto,. They use catch phrases like Selling The Country to Foreigners” , at every attempt at bringing in Foreign Investors. These forces also completely ignore significant achievements in Sri Lanka’s economy like the  net increases in Export earnings despite falls in areas such as Tea.

Unfortunately for the govt Covid 19 hit them . Despite every obstacle and ridicule  the govt was able to overcome Covid which provided the these forces  a fertile covid free ground for these forces aiming to destroy confidence in SL, Without Covid Control Gota Gama, Maina Gama, Guru Uthgoshana’s, Farmenrs Uthgoshanas , etc, at the heart of this loss of confidence, would not have been possible.

However, what this govt has demonstrated is complete incapability of being able to counter these and complete disarray in their ranks.

The opposition both the JVP and SJB can promise to restore international confidence in SL, because they were behind most of the campaign to destroy it in the first place!. They also execute their campaign to cover up their letting down Sri Lanka ,when the President  offered them  an opportunity to direct Sri Lanka , in the direction of their vision,

There is no prospect of this administration in opposition being organised enough to mount such a undermining campaign .This is self seeking party politics at it’ worst , the basis of all of Sri Lanka’s woes.

Now there is a stalemate, with these forces carrying out a strangle hold on Sri Lanka’s economy with no regard to the misery it is causing to Sri Lanka’s people   on the one hand, and the embattled President hiding away in his Bunker sticking to his constitutional right , on the other. There is  no sign of resolution of this stalemate either way, despite this misery continuing for over 3 months.

The blatant contradiction Is seeing people   in the petrol queue and phoning their mates in Dubai asking them not to send remittances via the banks  ,instead send it via  the money exchangers making them phenomenally rich but not fronting up to clear the gas or oil ships. They are also  frightening the Tourists away with their images. The contradiction is  that these are the two quickest remedies for the queues and misery they are in.

This is why I appeal that the quickest  solution to Sri Lanka’s misery is by Permitting the Tourists and remittances  to return by removing all the obstacles preventing them”.

When will the people of Sri Lanka Realise this?

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM
Wellington NZ

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