Posted on July 6th, 2022


When two people get together there is a question that each other ask. The question is what actions by the government would take against the Rajapaksa regime? Many information published on social media may not be true and it would be a willful fabrication. But, Sri Lankans believe that no smoke could come out without a fire. Many Sri Lankan people overseas are confused about social media information and express views against the Rajapksa regime. If the Rajapaksa regime has done corrupt practices against the government they must be investigated by a Royal Commission and the government should take action findings of the commission.

As a leader, Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa did a good contribution to the country. However, when his colleagues were doing the wrong things he was silent and it was not a way of behaviour of a leader should has been acted when party members and family members were doing corrupt practices. Finally, all wrongdoing came against the Rajapaksa regime and the current political situation in the country indicates that the three sons of Mr Rajapaksa could not come to power in the future and they were responsible for such backward and digging gravies for their bodies and the family branches of Mr Mahinda destroyed the future of the Rajapksa family.

The government should appoint a commission and request to submit cases against t the Rajapaksa regime and if there is probable evidence the government should take action. It seems that unnecessary problems are created in the country with sufficient evidence or without evidence and the instability could be removed if the government appoints a commission.  

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