Maharaja’s Jockstrap Protest at Galle-Face – A Re-run of Ukraine’s ‘Maiden Square’ False-Flag Operation in February 2014 (Part 1)
Posted on July 9th, 2022

By Jonathan Manz

The history of the CIA (aka NED) is replete with False-Flag operations hatched to topple governments, initiate wars, stage Coups and starve countries into submission.

 A False-Flag operation has been defined as a political or military act orchestrated in such a way that it appears to have been carried out by a party that is not in fact responsible.

 The False-Flag operation in Colombo, that began five meters from the American Embassy on 09 May 2022, was no exception; it was the signal to precipitate the US inspired coup d’état that would illegally seize political power from the legitimate government of Sri Lanka, democratically chosen by the people.

 Mahinda Rajapakse, America’s bete noir, was ousted as Prime minister.

 It all began when a group of agent provocateurs, wearing protective helmets and armed with batons, infiltrated a group of marchers showing solidarity with the former Prime Minister who had refused to heed President Rajapakse’s call to step-down as Prime Minister. 

 Of a sudden, without provocation, the agent provocateurs began attacking protestors camping on the pavement. There was mayhem and very soon a major brawl erupted.

 That was the cue for trained urban cadres to join the fracas. It was anarchy all the way; the ‘peaceful’ protestors armed with batons went on the rampage, torching houses, destroying property, over-turning vehicles and dumping large buses into lakes.

During a night of terror, the houses of nearly 70 Legislators were razed to the ground by well-organised armed protestors, operating across the country.

The Prime Minister was lucky to escape with his life, with assassins searching to do a Gaddafi-number on him.

 Reports suggest that the poles, backpacks and helmets used by the ‘peaceful-protestors’ were conveniently placed in restaurants and eating houses in the vicinity, for the protestors to ‘grab-and-go’, like sandwiches.

According to unconfirmed reports, investigative agencies are looking for a tall, gangling, Caucasian female, in black track suit seen moving in the vicinity of a nearby embassy, who may be in a position to help investigators on the ’grab-and go’ items used by the protestors. 

Prime Minister Rajapakse, with his life in peril, was compelled to resign, under duress. The impression created by the False Flag operation was that he was responsible for the happenings on 09 May 2022.

The operation in Colombo, mirrored the False-Flag operation in Ukraine.

 In October 2013, a cash-strapped Ukrainian Government decided against signing a lop-sided Trade-Agreement with the EU; the agreement would have opened Ukraine’s economy to European imports without reciprocal concessions to Ukrainian exports.

 The Americans adjured Ukraine to ink the agreement. 

 The Ukrainian Government found it more attractive to accept instead, a $15 billion bailout package from Russia. 

 The US was unhappy with this decision.

 They prompted two paramilitary groups, – Svoboda Party and Right Sektor – recipients of CIA funds and trained by the 33rd Infantry Brigade in Illinois, to demonstrate their opposition by establishing a protest site in the city of Kyiv, demanding that Ukraine accept the EU offer.

 These ultra-right Ukrainian gangs, had previously fought, under US military command, as mercenaries, in America’s invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

 In response, the gangs occupied Maidan-Square (like the Galle Face) and established a barricaded anarchial Zone; the activities of the gangs were embellished, with sections of the TV media (like Maharaja TV channels) giving extensive coverage to the insurrectionists. 

 The television cameras captured the scenes inside the Square, magnifying the visuals and projecting to the world a delusory portrayal of events at Maidan Square; the cameras alluded that the visuals transmitted from the city Square, mirrored the views of Ukraine.

 Inside the anarchical zone, (like at the Galle Face) the fascist youth establishing libraries, workshops, beauty parlours, tents, bedding, bathrooms, toilets, food outlets et all. 

 Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the time and putative mastermind of the protests, reminded the EU that the CIA had invested 5 million USD for this project of overthrowing the legitimate government of President Yanukovych, un-constitutionally changing the existing Constitution and ensconcing in power a US apologist who would lead the country into NATO and the IMF. 

 About two weeks prior to the Coup, Nuland, was caught on tape disagreeing with the EU representative as to who should lead Ukraine after the Coup; Nuland insisted on Arseniy Yatsenyuk, abrasively dismissing the EU nomination of pugilist, Vitali Klitschko.

 Events after the Coup validated the view that the Americans were behind the putsch.

 On 20 Feb 2014, the stakes were raised. Some buildings in close proximity to the protest site, controlled by ‘Right Sektor’ gangs were surreptitiously occupied by snipers.

 Coinciding with this sinister move, some agent-provocateurs armed with ‘grab-and go’ paraphernalia like batons, shirts (with distinct shoulder sleeve insignia (Inline image

) and helmets and, trained by the US in ‘urban-warfare’, unobtrusively merged with protestors to infiltrated the Square.

 At dawn on Thursday, 20th Feb 2014, in a false-flag operation, snipers began shooting at random and the ‘grab-and-go’ baton wielders wearing helmets went into action.

It was a blood bath; the snipers fired indiscriminately at both the protestors and the government forces alike.

 The events of the day, accompanied by a barrage of propaganda that the President was behind the shooting, radicalised the protests.

 Mobs rampaged, Parliament was overrun, terrified Legislators – under coercion – changed the Constitution as demanded by the anarchists and by 22nd February the President was on the run dodging fascist assassins, contracted to kill him.

 On 24 February 2014, the President was unconstitutionally removed from office and on 27th Feb, Nuland’s choice, Yatsenyuk, was unconstitutionally inducted as Prime Minister of Ukraine by the plotters of the  Coup.

/To be contd

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