Posted on July 11th, 2022

By Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart, Patriotic Citizen – June 10th., 2022.

Was Gotabaya’s failure to bring all the corrupt officials and government servants and politicians before the law and punish them over the last 31 months lead to this “Aragalaya”?

This is not just an “aragalaya”. The manner in which it has been moving since it started shows all the signs that it is being worked out according to a set plan. It has resemblances to what happened in Libiya and in Iraq some years ago when the West implemented a change of government.

A lot of opportunistic and disgruntled politicians and business interests and religious dignitaries have contributed towards creating this disaster to “Mother Sri Lanka” our “Maathrubomiya”. All the corrupt government officials from the ranks of Grama Sevaka Niladari, Department Directors and Engineers, Divisional Secretaries, Asst. Secretaries and Secretaries of Ministries, School principals, Some elements in the Tri Forces, Statutory Board Members and Chairman’s and even Doctors (JVP) sympathizers  have played their part in this great disaster because they felt that a “RIGID HAND” governance will bring them all to book before the “Rule of Law”, but GOTABAYA failed to do that little bit (bring all the corrupt officials and government servant as he promised during the last 31 months) before the law and punish them.

The most corrupt officials through their networks of influence and lobbying, got around Gotabaya and got themselves posted to many high position in the Public Service. They not only robbed like their predecessors, they too began to rob through corruption behind Gotabaya’s back. Gota was taken down the garden path for a good ride till the economy collapsed to the point it is now.

These traitors, including some lawyers had only one objective – not to serve the Nation, but to make sure that their situation is not jeopardized and that they can continue to rob the country. It was only the dedicated Tri Forces personnel who wanted to defend the Nation did their job honestly and diligently and are continuing to do so. 

The most important thing is that, the people should know (1)  who are the main organizers behind this disaster to the Nation? (2) The foreign powers involved in financing and navigating it? (3) Who and which countries financed it? How deep was the JVP, DJV, FSP, SJB and the Catholic Church, The sleeping cells of the LTTE and the Drug Lords acted behind the scene?, and the identity and names of the “moles” of these groups who were planted in the Presidential Secretariat, PM’s Office and important Ministries who created/contributed to the economic collapse of the government. 

THIS WAS NOT JUST AN ARAGALYA OF THE YOUTH, IT HAS MORE DEEP INVOLVEMENTS. What ever new political powers may take charge of the country, it is the RIGHT of the people to have answers to the above questions raised.

The Nation cannot allow these culprits and corrupt government and officials, including the politicians and the Buddhist and Catholic clergy to evade from these allegations just because the country is going through, both a political and economical turmoil.

If this is not done by what ever new political powers that may take charge of the country, the next “ARAGALAYA” will be to achieve the above by the Citizens.

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