It is easy to make allegations,
Posted on July 16th, 2022

Chandre Dharmawardana

It is easy to make allegations, especially now that every one has access to social media. But subsequently, no attempt is made to take them to courts by the enemies of politicians who make these accusations.

See the book “Chavura Rajina”[Bandit Queen] on Chandrika Bandaranaike written by Victor Ivan

indicting Chandrika. Only thing she was finally indicted upon was the Water’s Edge land case. Every one has to be presume innocent until proven guilty. Yahapalanaya came to power with the express statement that they will investigate the Rajapaksas. A special unit  was set up, with people like Champika R and Rajitha S driving it, sworn foes of the Rajapaksas.

They dug up the properties looking for loot etc., and also autopsied the bodies of the ruggerite several times. There is no doubt that there was financial corruption, esp with Basil Rajapaksa’s deals, or with Ravi Karunannayak, Bond scam etc., but why did the other side fail to prove in any of the claims? After all, there was no shortage of vindictiveness and wish to get revenge! Perhaps they (govt and opposition) and the courts are all corrupt and cover each other?

Then there is no point in talking. The last king of Kandy [Sri Wickremasinghe] was allegedly a tyrant. We have all heard of how he ordered the mother Ehalapola Kumari to pound the head of her baby etc. Sri Wickrema R was a victim of intrigue among the Adigras, some of whom worked secretly with the English. The king was caught and treated ignominiously by the enemy Adigars and handed over to the English. However, the British treated him with the decorum and dignity due to a king, both on land and even in exile. Even in the second world war, when heinous Nazi Generals were captured, they were treated with the dignity and decorum that was due to them. according to their rank.

I am no dedicated supporter of Rajapaksas; and GR must go as he has shown his incompetence as an executive president.

He is finally responsible for all failures of his regime even though he can say that he acted on the advise of his economic advisors (Prof. Lakshman, Cabral and others), and his agriculture and medical advisors (Prof. Priyantha Yapa, Dr. Padeniya, Prof. Channa Jayasumana, Ven. Ratana etc).

But when the Bolsheviks captured the Family of the Tzar, they ruthlessly killed even the young children. The extreme wing of the Aragala is nothing but the same sort. They allegedly threatened to burn the houses of Colombo judges if they allowed the road closure request made by the police on the 8th. Allegedly, they have threatend to  burn the house of the IGP and others if the police lays charges on any Aragalaya people (according to soical media, and a news item in the Island)!

This is Fascism.

The language used in political discourse in Sri Lanka now lacks any sense of fair play, dignity and decorum. Today, the political discourse is that used by street politicians with their cries that started in the old days as “Bhangaweva or now, “Kaerali karav, palayav, pannanamu, kudukramu, raamuva galavamu, kadamu, thalamu, puchchamu” etc.

There is no sense of decency or civility.

A man’s right to limb and life, and his right to be given a chance to state his side of the story etc., are all denied by the very people who talk of human rights when it fits them.

It is mob justice and lynching.

The trial can wait! Is it redundant?

Aragalaya may have started as a people’s protest and a farmer’s protest against lack of fertilizers, fuel etc., but today it has been hijacked by shadowy political elements and has passed into the hands of Fascists, as I think Ranil Wickremasighe (also a fascist?) has said.

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