So we see that there is an organization ready to print and distribute new headbands overnight.
Posted on July 16th, 2022

Chandre Dharmawardana

But they are not there, no orgaization exists, to MAKE biodiesel, biogas, or plant manioc.

Doing those is SIMPLER, easier, and more helpful to the country and the down-trodden people than doing all this agitation and sowing vindictiveness.

Sri Lanka is supposed to be a Buddhist country. Whether you are a Buddhist or a Marixts or an agnostic, the logic behind the Buddha’s message contained in the parable of the man writhing in agony with an arrow in his body is unbeatable.

The Buddha asked, if you see a man writhing in agony with an arrow in him, do you spend time asking who shot the arrow (Gotabhaya Basil or Ranil ete etc?), from which direction did the arrow (USA or China?), what wood it is made of?, was the man shot a corrupt rascal worth of being shot etc etc?


He pointed out that all those questions are IRRELEVANT.

The ONLY acceptable course of action is to save the person from suffering, by taking remedial action.

Instead, we see that even in these email they are trying to apportion blame, distribute head bands for more violence and hate. 

The consequences of these actions are clear. The wheels of the cart will follow the idiot donkeys who are pulling it,  inexorably, to further anarchy.

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