June export earnings up 20% to US$ 1,208.2 Mn
Posted on July 29th, 2022

Courtesy Hiru News

Earnings from the merchandise exports increased by 20 % y-o-y to US$ 1,208.2 Mn in June 2022 as per the data released by the Sri Lanka Customs. This was mainly due to the increase in earnings from export of Apparel & Textiles, Rubber based products, Coconut based products, Food & Beverages and Seafood.

Major product sectors except Tea and Spices & Concentrates; Apparel & Textiles, Rubber-based products, Coconut based products, Electrical & Electronic components and Food & Beverages, Seafood and Ornamental fish.

Seafood and Ornamental fish recorded increased exports in June 2022.<br /><br />Exports of Apparel &amp; Textiles increased by 36.85% y-o-y to US$ 566.78 Mn in June 2022. <br /><br />The increase was driven by both Apparel and Textiles.

Export earnings from Rubber and Rubber Finished products have increased by 7.18% y-o-y to $&nbsp;102.36 million in June 2022, with good performance in exports of Pneumatic &amp; Retreated Rubber&nbsp;Tyres &amp; Tubes (15.2%).

On monthly analysis, export earnings of kernel products, fiber products and shell products categorized&nbsp;under the Coconut based products increased by 30.15%, 1.63% and 21.3% respectively in June 2022&nbsp;compared to June 2021.

Export earnings from Seafood increased by 130.75% to US$ 36.39 Mn in June 2022 compared to&nbsp;June 2021. The expansion was contributed mainly by higher exports of Frozen fish (89.3%), Fresh&nbsp;fish (219.18%) and Shrimps (219.25%).

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