The Blessings & Impact of Ahmadiyya Convention United Kingdom.
Posted on August 19th, 2022

By A. Abdul Aziz – Chairman, Press & Media Desk – AMJSL.

((Given below is an excerpt of the Friday Sermon delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Supreme Head of the world-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam, on 12 August 2022, at ‘Masjid Mubarak’, Islamabad, Tilford, U.K. gave a discourse on The Blessings & Impact of Ahmadiyya Convention recently (August 5 – 7) concluded in United Kingdom.

After reciting the first part of the Sermon,  His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah strengthen his hands) said that all praise belongs to Allah, as He enabled the Annual Ahmadiyya  Convention UK with many blessings witnessed over the three days.

His Holiness (may Allah strengthen his hands) thanked all of the volunteers who worked selflessly from beginning to end. Young or old, man or woman, everyone worked with great effort and diligently for the Convention to be success.

Ahmadiyya Khalifa (may Allah strengthen his hands) said that MTA did an excellent job with their coverage. This year, they built the entire studio themselves which helped save thousands of pounds. They were able to connect different countries around the world who could see each other, as everyone watched the Convention. His Holiness (may Allah strengthen his hands) thanked MTA for showing the world the unity of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Ahmadiyya Supreme Head (may Allah strengthen his hands) presented various incidents from around the world of those who were impacted by watching the Convention. Some of them were:

His Holiness (may Allah strengthen his hands) said that a non-Ahmadi Muslim from Burkina Faso watched the proceedings of the Convention and was moved to say that this is certainly the true Islam.

Another non-Ahmadi Muslim from Syria said that have watched the proceedings of  the Convention and the efforts made to spread the true message of Islam throughout the world, he would further study about Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

A person originally from Guinea-Conakry expressed his appreciation for the speech delivered by Ahmadiyya Head on human rights.

Ahmadiyya Khalifa presented sentiments of a pastor from Zambia, who said that he initially thought that Islam usurped the rights of women. However, after listening to His Holiness’ address on the Convention on human rights, he realised that rather than Christianity, it is Islam which establishes and upholds women’s rights in the truest sense.

His Holinesssaid that a lady originally from Afghanistan said that she found great peace after hearing His Holiness and learning the manner in which Islam protects human rights.

Ahmadiyya Khalifa said that there were two friends from French Guyana who said that two days before the Convention they had been conversing about whether Islam has any teachings about human rights. They then joined the gathering to watch His Holiness’ address to the ladies, and were astonished to learn how  Islam upholds women’s rights.

Ahmadiyya Khalifa presented the sentiments of a new convert lady from Africa who said that after listening to His Holiness’ addresses, it is clear that we must not become Ahmadi only to convert others to Ahmadiyya Community, rather we must reform ourselves so that people in society may see the true image of Islam through our conduct, and we must focusing on aligning our words and actions. His Holinesscontinued that generally people perceive the African people to be uneducated, yet this lady from Africa has realised something which the learned of Europe have not been able to realise. Hence, this is a cause for reflection.

His Holinesssaid that a new convert from Kazakhstan said that words of Ahmadiyya Khalifa had a profound effect on him and his wife who sat together and watched all the Convention  proceedings.

His Holinesssaid that an Arab lady wrote that she was extremely grateful to learn that she follows a religion which protects and safeguards the rights of women to such a degree. She said that she feels pride in conveying these teachings of Islam to her friends………

His Holinesssaid that a new convert from Malaysia did not have enough money to pay for the internet to watch the proceedings of the U.K. Convention. Hence, he took some mangoes from a tree outside his house, sold them, and then with that money, he purchased enough internet data to be able to watch the proceedings.

His Holinesssaid that a man from Albania listened to the addresses by His Holinessat Convention and said that they were full of references from the Holy Qur’an and incidents from the life of the Holy ProphetMuhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)  Later, after going home, he called and said that he had ready the ten. conditions of bai’at (initiation) and decided to join the fold of Ahmadiyya Community.

Then Ahmadiyya Khalifa detailed how the Coverage of U.K. Convention reached Millions around the World

53 countries joined the Convention via video from around the world. BBC, ITV, Metro and other news outlets covered the event, while eight websites with a total reach of 20 million also published articles about the Convention. In the print media, 14 articles about the event were published, with readerships totalling 1.2 million. This historical event was covered in 32 TV programmes with viewerships of more than 12 million. UK Convention was mentioned in 33 different radio programmes with more than 1 million listeners. Various people posted on social media about the Jalsa with a reach of more than 12 million people.

His Holinesssaid that MTA (Muslim TV Ahmadiyya) posts videos and images reached more than 4 million people. MTA Africa reports that the U.K. Convention was shown on 20 TV channels in Africa, reaching 35 million people.

Ahmadiyya Supreme Head said that these were only a few examples which he presented. His Holiness prayed that the effects of Convention may remain everlasting.


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