CID probing ‘auctioning’ of Sri Lankan female domestic workers in Oman
Posted on November 18th, 2022

Courtesy Adaderana

The Criminal Investigation Department has dug up more information about a large-scale human trafficking syndicate that ‘auctions’ Sri Lankan women who were taken to Oman on the promise of jobs in the Arabian country.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry in Sri Lanka had directed to the CID the complaints it had received about the unfortunate situation of Sri Lankan female domestic workers in Oman.

Initiating a probe in this regard, a three-member team of the CID, led by the director of Human Trafficking, Smuggling Investigation and Maritime Crime Investigation Division, flew out to Oman on October 03.

The investigation officers, who recorded statements from a total of 45 Sri Lankan women who are sheltered at a safe house belonging to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Muscat, uncovered that they had arrived in Oman on tourist visa. They also revealed that these women had fled houses they were employed at over various reasons including the harassment they were subjected to.

Further, it was revealed that the women in question are stranded in Oman as their employers have taken possession of their passports.

Eight of them had been brought to Oman unlawfully. Meanwhile, another woman had been auctioned off for prostitution by a female representative of an employment agency in Sri Lanka.

The investigators were told that Sri Lankan domestic workers, aged 22 – 50 years, had been auctioned  off to sultans for bids ranging from Rs. 10 million to Rs. 2.5 million.

To make matters worse, an officer of the Sri Lankan Embassy has sexually harassed the women who are sheltered at the safe house.

Further probes into the matter disclosed that this sex trafficking ring had been operated by a group of officers of the Immigration & Emigration Department through the representatives of employment agencies in stationed in Sri Lanka and Oman.

Their target had been underprivileged local women facing financial difficulties.

Multiple attempts to arrest a women known as Asha Dissanayake, who is directly involved in this set trafficking ring, had been to no avail and she remains in hiding.

Speaking to Ada Derana on the matter, senior official of the Foreign Employment Bureau explained that out of these 45 women, 43 are stranded in Oman without means to make the trip back home as they had arrived there on tourist visa, intending to convert it to work visa.

Meanwhile, the services of the embassy official who is accused of sexually harassing the stranded women, were suspended yesterday.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Muscat, in a statement, stated that present, at least 90 Sri Lankan female domestic workers are stranded in Oman seeking repatriation assistance. They are unable to afford the repatriation-related expenses such as visa, overstay penalty, air ticket, agent fees, and the cost of recruitment demanded by their respective sponsors.

The embassy said it has also sought the assistance of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to assist such victims.

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