Nuwara Kalaviya is on Death Row
Posted on November 27th, 2022

by Garvin Karunaratne.

I give below the Summary of my book: Nuwara Kalaviya(2020):

I can understand disasters caused by Natural Calamities, but I cannot come to terms with the demise and destruction of the ancient irrigation tanks and its unique agricultural cultivation system in Nuwara Kalaviya.

The demise of the irrigation tanks began with the abolition of Rajakariya, by the Colebrook and Cameron Reforms of 1833. However, the Government Agents and the Cultivation Committees established under the Paddy Lands Act organized paddy cultivation and managed the distribution of irrigation water. When the Paddy lands Act was abolished the cultivation committees ceased to exist. The Yaya Representatives elected under the Agrarian Services Act were ineffective. This has led to the tanks being neglected, silted up, and encroached upon.

In the meantime CDKU- the Kidney Disease has already caused the death of 40,000 and around half a million are on death row.

The administrative incompetence that has caused this is unfolded in these Papers. It is indeed a very sad story, where I too played a major role.

However, all is not lost. The lost administration can be brought back; the agricultural system can be built up and agro-industry can develop the economy of Nuwara Kalaviya.

May this revelation reach the ears of our leaders.

Garvin Karunaratne, former GA Matara, 26/11/2022

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