An Appeal to the Tamil Politicians, Tamil Diaspora Organisations,And Tamils in Sri Lanka, in the name of Humanity.
Posted on January 23rd, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers

This is a document of appeal to the Tamil Politicians, Tamil Diaspora Organisations, and Terrorist groups articulating that they are liberation groups, and Tamils who are domiciled in Sri Lanka to give up their demand for separation as the country has been facing economic recession and collapse due to the uprising and terrorist activities of the several Tamil groups.

The country had a thirty-seven-year war to which SL had to spend millions of dollars to procure weapons to defend the country. It is the responsibility of SL to defend her country and the boarders. The terrorists in SL are those who started the civil war like satyagraha and organise the terrorist groups to fight the war. Well, here the main foundation is the hatred of the Tamil race against the Sinhala race. History will tell who the Tamils are and where they came from. Today the Tamils have dispersed radially and propagate that they left because of the atrocities of the Sinhalese, which is not exactly 100% true. It’s the wealth greediness of the Tamils made them to leave SL.


Statistics states that the total population in SL is 23,044,123 as per July 2022 census. Sinhalese is 84.9%, SL Tamils 11.2 %, Moors 9.2%, Indian Tamils 4.2%, Others 0.5%.

Educated Tamil people shall think and decide whether the 11.2 % of the people need another state country called Tamil Eelam. Or even a state or Provincial Council for the North. Since independence in 1948, the country was driven down to poverty due to insurrection and wars. In 1970 people in SL had to exercise austerity measures as the economy went to recession. Foreign exchange was stopped for travellers and education. People were asked to plant vegetables in their backyard. We Tamils have a peculiar culture where the dowry system kills the economy of the country. Tamils hoard treasure in gold which is not circulated. I have reported before that Tamils have occupied government jobs. SriLankans enjoyed everything free given through the government coupons. Everyone wanted government jobs with pensions. Particularly Tamils are in the practice of hoarding wealth in gold. Money was not circulated among the country. One of the causes is the dowry system among the Tamil races.

Considering South America, the country was occupied by the Red Indians of different tribes. Today, the entire continent is occupied by Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italians, Germans etc. The Incars etc are not enjoying the fruits of the Country and speak the language and they are quite happy. Another example is USA and Canada. The two continents were occupied by Red Indians. Today the Indians are happy calling themselves American and Canadians. These are two great continents. Sri Lanka is an island quite small, and the Tamils and Sinhalese have exploited the land of the Veddas, Nagas and the Yakkas, however, fighting among themselves like fool’s and idiots for power. The country has been driven to economic recession because of the bribery and corruption of the Rajapaksas and in general the entire politicians. None of the politicians are honest.

If Tamils call themselves clever and intelligent, then why should they prolong the demand without analysing and understanding the situation and economic position of the country. Tamil politicians are total idiots saturated in their mind with power hunger and avidity.

Tamils can educate their children in the South; however, the Sinhalese have no way of educating their children in the N&E. Why not have Sinhalese stream in the N&E colleges for students whose parents work in the N&E. If Tamils oppose to this, then they should be stamped as Racists and oppressive and discriminatory  race. Why cannot Sinhala people come and live in Karaitivu (Karainagar)? If Tamils can live in Fiji, Brazil, then it’s a question I would like to ask the Tamil politicians: Who are you all? Pure racists. In a democratic perspective view, it is considered that its pure racism and utter autocratic attitude.

The country has no economic independence, no natural resources, and people do not work for productivity but practice, bribery and corruption and want to have and enjoy everything. With no brains and have no aptitude to think about the economic condition of the country, what the coolies want is absolute power for wealth. How will power generate wealth unless they kill their own people.

Can the country afford to have nine/ten PCs? What do we need the PCs for? With the current political system and the economic environment, the country should abolish the Provincial Council system and operate with one government and local government only. Pure reason is the country has no money/wealth to enjoy luxurious governing system.

People are fighting for POWER. Do they understand how they will exercise power if the country has no wealth. Government is providing everything free to its people: Education, Hospital facilities, Law & Order, pensions etc. What more do they want? The Local government elections should not have been finalised if the Councils are functioning okay. The foolish politicians wanted to check their popularity through the LG elections at the expense of the citizens survival.


  1. Please give up the demand for separation, autonomy, PCs, and missing persons. The missing persons are terrorist who joined the LTTE. Prabakaran is a fool.
  2. Have the Tamils got any natural resources. Can they generate wealth locally?
  3. With autonomy they must beg the Centre for funds to operate their administration.
  4. Firstly, the Centre is struggling to pay salaries and wages, operate railways, buses etc.
  5. How will you maintain health services?
  6. Do you think that the current generation children will ever come to SL? Jaffna. They are now intermarrying other races.
  7. How long do you think Tamils will fly into Nallur, and Sannathi? The current children do not even go to the temples in their domiciled countries.
  8. Cohesive living in SL is highly recommended.
  9. People shall exercise austerity measures. They should have vegetable planted in their backyards. Why not every household have a chicken coop in their backyard? Only cowards and FOOLS shout that the country has no EGGS. How did we all mange cooking in the fifties in villages. Have a small birthday celebration, small puberty celebration, etc.
  10. Please do not garland politicians.
  11. It’s a disgrace for politicians to accept garlanding and presents when their citizens are suffering. Disgrace and a laughing matter.


Let the people in SL use their brain to run the country effectively and efficiently.

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