Law & Order, Crimes, Rowdism, among the Tamils
Posted on January 31st, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers

Since its Independence in 1948, Sri Lanka had been a peaceful crime-free country until 1971, when the country became a republic. Since LTTE gave birth, Law & Order, Crimes have been on the accent. In some sectors LTTE maintained discipline, however, they were involved in killing civilians In Jaffna and the South, specially Anuradhapura etc. The Tamil terrorist groups attempted to kill themselves and between groups tensions were on the rise. LTTE attempted to kill Hon Douglas Devananda several times and failed. What was the reason for this attempt, which no one can give a good reason for? LTTE carried out massacres among themselves, like Mathaya and others. Therefore the killing culture was developed by the LTTE group in the name of liberation. Not only in SL, however, but in Thamizhaham also they massacred each other. Specially TELO massacred more than 40 of their cadre in Chennai.

What the writer is trying to state is that the killing culture started with the formation of the so-called liberation (terrorist) groups.

Sambanthar and the other political parties should be embarrassed, horrified, and chagrined of themselves along with the Tamil populace because they formed the Tamil National Alliance on the order of the LTTE Command. TNA although they formed as a unit, had no vision and mission. Each party member was interested in their party manifesto and party growth. Each party states that they have its vision. For example, can any of the group members other than Sambanthar come forward and state that they did not kill anyone or they were not responsible for killing another Sinhalese or Tamil? Tamils although they formed several groups did not have the vision and mission for what they were fighting for. Further, they did not do intensive research on the viability and sustainability of a separate country called Tamil Eelam. Tamil Eelam is not at all viable and sustainable both economically and technologically as a separate country. Most of the Tamils will migrate to the South of Sri Lanka if that happens. Sambanthar also should be ashamed of himself for holding the chair of Leader of the Opposition (LOP), which was an appointment rather than an election unconstitutionally.

Rowdism among Tamils

Today, the North has become an area of worst culture with rowdyism, prostitution, where the father rapes the daughter, the teacher rapes the student, boys have sex with girls in the bush in Kilinochai and other areas, drug trafficking, drug transportation and distribution by college students in the North, and AVA group embarked on Sword culture in robbing and killing civilians. Tamil Diaspora flies in for the Nallur and Sannathi festivals with no knowledge of the events and the change of cruel and dirty culture. What is the pureness of Tamils in going to temples? Recently several events have occurred, one in Cunnakam. The key question is; what are the police doing in the North?

The Chunnnakam incident is horrific. Several incidents have occurred in the North. What is the objective of this terrorism, and what is the goal? Political MPs should have educated them by going through villages and speaking to them. Tamil Politicians are busy promoting their party politics. The politicians themselves were terrorists and killers one time anyway. Carrying the name TELO”, PLOTE etc.

The intimidation and terrorism are extended to foreign countries like the UK, Canada etc wherever Tamils are living.

The army units shall not be withdrawn from the North, particularly, Palaly, Karainagar, VVT, and other vital nodal cities. The Sri Lankan government has the right to protect its borders. The lands can be given back but the army shall not be moved out of the North.

Principals’ seat has become vacant in some areas like Kilinochi, Vavuniya etc. Why have these positions not been filled? Some teachers in Jaffna have been transferred, however, they have not moved out of Jaffna, holding onto some MPs and /or applying nepotism/favouritism etc.

Tourists in the South have been robbed.

Is SL moving towards, some countries like in  Africa?

A Tamil guy in Australia called Varatharajah Yogarajah is threatening and intimidating Tamils who do not support Tamil Eelam and the LTTE. He was supposed to have been with the LTTE armed unit. Now he has moved out to Wellington, New Zealand. He threatened MA Sumanthiran when MAS came to Sydney in 2019. He has been posting threatening comments on my articles. He is only an example. There are several Tamil rowdy people overseas. The shortfall is that these clowns do not think about what they are and why they moved out of SL. A very low IQ.


It is to be considered that a decent lot of Tamils are living overseas under threat. I may inform the intelligence units overseas. The SL high commissions should give them a hand in identifying these culprits.

It is considered that the Police hierarchy takes these incidents seriously and maintains action to restore Law & Order in SL. People are not living in the jungle. Jaffna has become a jungle. Tamils who moved out overseas are trying to convert their domiciled places into jungles.

I like to make a comment: It is considered that Hon Douglas Devananda is the only politician who Is very much interested in the growth of Sri Lanka and is working hard to develop and unite the country and the people.

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