Understanding Holy Grail in Western Medicines, MRI Machines etc.
Posted on February 10th, 2023

Aloysius Hettiarachchi

Given below is a link to an experiment conducted recently on the above subject based on modern science and engineering which might be interesting.

This explains how energy used in preparing the western medicines out of elements and minerals gives away that energy in the form of electro-magnetic waves of high frequency to cure ailments by preventing the growth of harmful organisms.

But is this not what our ancestors (and those Rishies meditating under trees in Himalayan Forests) found out instinctively and concocted the solutions for same ailments?. It would be more interesting to know which of the trees combine energy from the sun, minerals and elements from the ground and help the mankind. This also explains, to my mind, why drugs have a period of effectiveness as they release the energy stored in hem via EM radiation with time. In the case of ‘deshiya vedakama ‘ we see they use freshly picked leaves, roots etc. in making the medicines.

Perhaps the strongest of them all is the ‘Bo’ tree that lives thousands of years and gives away energy in some form (not for making medicines) to those sitting nearby for their wellbeing. Perhaps the shape of the leaf is a pointer!.


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