Open Letter to the President and the Buddhist Clergy -“Historical Bluff by Tamils in Sri Lanka”
Posted on February 12th, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers

There are controversial arguments being speculated about the Tamils in Sri Lanka by uneducated misleads that Tamils lived on the island for more than 2000 to 3000 years. The truth has been erased, and to get their Thamil Eelam people have been lying all these years. All those who went on Kallathoni” Boats; have forgotten their ideology. Why did they leave? Now they are shouting and hypnotising foreign politicians with various lies. The truth is as follows with references:

  • King Vijaya came and ruled the country from 543 BC to 505 BC
  • King Ellalan (Elara) captured Anuradhapura and ruled from 205 BC to 161 BC which year Dutugamunu captured Anuradhapura.

Ellalan is from the Chola dynasty in India currently in Thamizhaham (Tamil Nadu). He was not a native of Sri Lanka but an invader. However, people can argue, Ellalan had no occupational conglomerate to invade Anuradhapura and kill Asela and capture it as the area was already owned by the Sinhalese. It’s human justice. Ellalan killed so many Sinhalese in the war which the current time construed as war crimes. Ellalan was an ALIEN and a murderer in Thambapanni (Ceylon). Ellalan was afterwards punished by King Dutugamunu. That’s God’s Will. Some of the Tamils were left out in Anuradhapura who spoke the Tamil language (archaic)of the Indian offshoot. The other truth is during the BC period Tamils language was spoken as Archaic Tamil. The language scripts were different. Most of the scripts were borrowed from Latin as it would have been easy to write in leaves with ancient writing pens.

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  • To verify the truth please visit these pages, rather than bluffing that modern Tamil was spoken 5000 years ago.

Difference between Old Tamil and new Tamil?

Old Tamil dates from circa 450 BC to 700 CE, Middle Tamil dates from circa 700 to 1600 CE and modern Tamil from 1600 onwards. These periods are separated by distinct grammatical and lexical differences. Spoken Tamil has evolved significantly over time. Same with Sinhalese.

We in the 21st century do not know as we did not live in that period, and we can only guess. The alphabet was borrowed from Latin and used. As I wrote in my earlier article, the red Indians are the oldest people in the entire American continent. Today they speak English, live in English, and die in English.

Native Americans in the United States. (2023, February 11). In Wikipedia.

Therefore, let us not bluff and try to capture superiority and power.


Reference: The National Question and the Tamil Liberation Struggle by Satchi Ponnambalam. Quote: Page 50. The centrifugal forces among the Sinhalese were so great that, in order to appraise the Kandyan Sinhalese, SWRD Bandaranaike, in 1926, wrote in favour of a federal state structure for Sri Lanka”.

pp56, in 1923, the Kandyan National Assembly requested a federal system of government. However, the Tamils opposed this. The leaders of the Tamil Community were headed by Ponnambalam Ramanathan etc. Ramanathan died on 26/11/1930. This is the Truth.

The question of 50-50 representation was brought in by GG Ponnambalam (GGP) in 1945 in the Select committee. This happened many years after the Federal system was proposed by SWRDB and the Kandyan Council. GGP had nothing to do with the Federal system proposal. Hence the conflicting statements, if anyone wants to say that GGP opposed the Federal system is utter boloney. GGP was a great patriotic honourable Tamil leader.

Quote, reference from The Ancient Ceylon by H. Parker.

Page 16, Nagas who occupied Northern Ceylon long before the arrival of the Gangetic settlers may have been an offshoot of the Nayyar of South India. Who are the Nayyar?  Quote: Nayar or Nayyar is a surname that is found among the Khatri community which is majorly Hindus with a minority of Sikhs and Muslims. They belong to the “Sareen” division among the Khatris. The question now arises: Who are the Northern Tamils then? Sikh, Muslim, or Malabar?

Ref: Kalinga Magha. (2023, January 19). In Wikipedia.

Quote: Kalinga Magha landed in Karainagar (originally Karaitivu in the North) in 1215 AD with a large army of 24,000 Kerala and Tamil soldiers. He camped his soldiers in Karainagar and brought the Jaffna principality under his control. Kalinga Magha is a king from Orissa (a Sinhalese related to Vijaya).

Feasibility of Federalism or Provincial Councils

The current situation is that the economy has been drained by unpatriotic and unfaithful Sinhala politicians. People are suffering, and unlawful events have occurred. What we must think about is whether keeping the elite Sinhalese and Tamils in power pays them a high salary and perks. The shortfall in the Tamil elites is that when they get the Land and Police power they will oppress and discriminate against the lower caste Tamils because of their deep hatred caste conscious minds. The politicians discriminate and bundle allocation separating each caste separately with caste-identified lands and manhandling with their police power. The lower caste Tamil people will love to have Sinhalese as their political heads with one government.

Maybe GOSL can empower the currently existing Municipal Councils. This will not incur additional expenditure and push the Country down the drain. Let the Kandyan and the Tamils think and use their brain carefully. SL has Zero Dollars now.

Are the Jaffna Tamils prepared to accept the fact that they are the descendants of the Nagas with no caste differential system? Let them come out and sign a memorandum in public that they will never ever practice the devastating caste system.

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