Humans, Science, Power, Wealth, and Social Disintegration
Posted on February 28th, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers

  1. Solar System

It is assumed and recorded that the solar system formed into its current outline about 4.5 billion years ago. It is presumed that the earth and the other planets are whirling and rotating in a vacuum with no resistance.

An inertial frame of reference is where Newton’s law holds. If no external force is acting on a body; either it will stay at rest or remain in uniform motion. Planet earth’s motion is in a vacuum with no resistance. Hence it remains in uniform motion with interplanetary gravitational forces until disturbances occur. Earth is in motion; however, it is under a dynamic equilibrium exerted by the interplanetary planets in the Solar system’s multi-directional gravitational pull.

Quote Ref: At the equator, the circumference of the Earth is 40,070 kilometres the speed is 1670 kilometres/hour.  

  • How did Pangea become 7 continents?


In 1912, German scientist Alfred Wegener proposed a theory he called continental drift. According to Wegener’s theory, Earth’s continents once formed a single, giant landmass, which he called Pangaea. Over millions of years, Pangaea slowly broke apart, eventually forming the continents they are today.

Recent news comes with surprise and with limited substantial proof that the earth’s inner core may have stopped moving or may be moving in the opposite direction. From a scientific view people who mastered science can presume the dynamics of the earth’s structure. If the inner core stops or changes direction the frictional forces may cause the earth’s outer core-mantle to move to create, maybe earthquakes and pole shifts. Quote: The stopping of the Earth’s Inner Core is a phenomenon that occurs in 100 years. As it is discovered that the Earth’s core is separated by molten lava forming the outer core. This enables it to move in the opposite direction of the surface.

Earth travels at 107,000 km per hour around the sun.

This phenomenon makes us believe that the Pangaea theory/proof is true and that the continents did drift or may be currently drifting away.

Majority of the humans do not understand Astrophysics and the theory about Earth and the Universe. They still believe in Astrology which was a statistical estimate believed in the early days and believed now. It may be near correct estimates as far as Thirukkanitham” is concerned. However, no Astrologer can predict the state of the planets and their characteristics. Only science and research and practical tests can confirm the status.

With the pitiless acute risks that humans live on this planet earth, can we estimate the severe number of miscalculations, misconstrues, misapprehends, and errors humans are making?

Quote: World War I, also known as the Great War, began in 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. His murder catapulted into a war across Europe that lasted until 1918.

This is a personal vendetta that caused millions of people to die.

Quote: World War II; On September 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland from the west; two days later, France and Britain declared war on Germany, beginning World War II. On September 17, Soviet troops invaded Poland from the east.

The cause for this war is the inherent megalomaniac madness of an individual and his group for power and glory which is Adolf Hitler murdering and torturing millions of Jews.

Both wars did not consider the humans/people, however, took the glory and satisfaction of the individuals.

  • Science

In the third world, humans have little understanding of science, Physics & Astrophysics etc. In the Western world, humans have a substantial understanding of Science and Physics. In the third world, humans place full faith in the unseen God and build temples wasting their resources, instead of agrarian and scientific development and education. For example, how many people believe that the earth has a wobble inflicting weather change? How many humans believe in the dynamics of the planet Earth? How many people understand the concept of the earth’s magnetic field? If I state that the earth is a DC dynamo which is the cause for the generation of the earth’s magnetic field, would they believe it? Where does the earth get its priming magnetic field? Yes, the western world will agree.

Humans breed and feed animals for their food chain. Herbivores have their plant food that grows naturally. Carnivores in the animal kingdom, find their food and humans protect the prey for the carnivores. There is no difference between humans and animals in some sense in the third world. In some countries, humans behave and live like animals with low perception.

With all knowledge in hand, most humans behave like animals in the jungle. Countries like (i) Russia, (ii) China, (iii) Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the third world do not know science, sociology, Cohesive living etc.

Three types of social and political science prevail Capitalism, Socialism, and Humanism.

Do humans believe in humanism and practice humanism? Most people in countries do not practice Humanism”. They practice differential behavioural living. Humanism is practised mostly in the USA, Europe, and Canada to a value of 70%. In the UK and Australia Humanism may be practised about 90%.

Quote Ref: What is the golden rule of humanism? The Golden Rule can be expressed positively: ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. ‘

Can we believe that any kind of ISM” prevail in Russia and North Korea? NOOPS. Only dictatorial communism prevails in the two states.

  • Power

If we address individuals like (i) Hitler and (ii) Putin: Both are the same character and have the same perceptual level qualities. In the case of Putin, it’s aggression and ambition to conquer Ukraine. Ukraine is a small country and Russia has no reason to declare war on Ukraine.

What is the reason for Russia to invade and declare war against the small country: Ukraine? Does Russia want to trigger a third world war to show its muscle? The root cause for triggering a world war is someone’s megalomaniac attitude and narrow mentality with smaller cavity resources in a small brain.

Maybe the reason the recent earthquakes may have been caused by the disturbances in the inner core and the mantle.

What will Russia do if a bigger earthquake hits Russia? Does Russia understand what Humanism mean? Well – Live and Let live”. Can Russia control the dynamics of the earth’s core, mantle, and earthquakes? If they cannot then Russians are FOOLS, not understanding Astrophysics and General Physics and Einstein’s theory of (general & special Relativity). Everything lies within the boundary of Humanism.

Politicians, if they take power into their hands, and do not follow the three arms of governance in a country, then the country will go down to bankruptcy on a linear scale within a period.

  • Wealth

In the early days Kings declare Emperorship and invade other smaller countries to rob wealth. In the current ERA, rowdy and rough people enter politics and engage in bribery and Corruption to accrue wealth so that they can use it for the next election. Politicians are not interested in governing, except show and exercise power. An example is the current Sri Lankan (SL) republic that had gone bankrupt. People in SL have shown little interest in patriotism and exercise austerity measures and change their life and living patterns to suit the economical measure. No political party has grasped the gravity of the situation, except moved to the road in the name of the protest march. Some socialistic and communist approached political parties are quite adamant to dissolve the government. Some foolish parties are adamant to conduct local government elections. These parties have no understanding of the cost and the availability of funds to have elections. Can the world trust these people and whether they can run good governance? The Rajapaksas caused the economic downfall.

How will the world assess the politicians in SL?

The current president Ranil Wickramasinghe (RW) is trying his utmost effort to recuperate the economy, however, his opponents are trying to destabilise and emasculate RW and the GOSL

The Governor and the staff of the Central Bank are making maximum effort to stabilise the transient mode of cash flow and balances caused by the previous government under Gotabaya Rajapaksa. People and politicians have little understanding of inflation, and interest rates except for stealing money for their coffers.

This is a typical example of third-world politics, macro, and microeconomics.

No one has shown interest in mounting agricultural development. People want EGGS for their meals. Don’t they know that they can have chicken farms and supply them to hotels and homes? They want to take boats for illegal entry to other nations.

It is the fault of the developed nations for allowing illegal entry as they are also short of unskilled workers.

Sri Lankans would like to work as unskilled workers doing cleaning and washing in European nations than engage in agrarian services in their own country because of the parity of status of the monetary value. They do not show patriotism for their nation.

  • Social Disintegration

In their own country, people have classified citizens into caste systems, regionalism, class and religious systems, Sri Lankan Tamils have a mindset of only Attorneys can be politicians. People have no understanding that governance shall have multi-disciplinary portfolios with expertise in different fields. In the third world, politicians think that they are gods and that every person should listen and act to what they order. Fools can mismanage the governance, which is what occurred in SL for the last 75 years except for the period earlier than RW’s period. The caste system was introduced by the invading Indo-Aryans to claim superiority over the indigenous people in India. Within the Sinhala race, they have a system of Low Country” Sinhalese and Upcountry Sinhalese” which classifies their differences. Before Vijaya invaded SL from India in 5 BC, the inhabitants were (i) Nagas (ii) Veddas, and (iii) The Yakkas in the South. Today these people are assimilated with the Portuguese, Dutch and British and have formed a melting pot. Still the low-country, upcountry and caste system have not disappeared.

A Tamil politician tried to donate and break 2,000 coconuts, to Lord Murugan at Nallur temple wishing Hilary Clinton should win the USA election. The distance between Washington and Jaffna is 8,766 miles, i.e., approximately 14610 km. What type of foolish politicians are in SL? 

One foolish army personnel placed a Buddha statue in the North and said that Buddha came in his dreams and asked him to place the statue at that place. Such fools live in SL. No wonder why SL is bankrupt.

Ethnic animosity has risen to a maximum between the Sinhalese and Tamils for which both parties are to be blamed.

Tamils also have a foolish idiotic claim that Tamils lived in a mythical continent called Lemuria in the Indian Ocean about 50,000 BCE to which no scientific proof is available.

Quote: Another form of social disintegration is that approximately 130 politicians have been nominated for only nine seats in the Valvettiturai Urban Council. Does this indicate unity and social integration? Only about ninety MPs have studied up to year ten at school. This indicates the talent and reliability of the Sri Lankan parliament.

The focus of the politicians is to promote their party and not address the needs of the people.

That’s third-world politics.

What is required is to govern with perception and knowledge and a planned economy with the optimum required assets and development and superior knowledge with educated superior people. Educated people are the assets of the governing body. Research into every aspect of capital progress is a must.

**IMF is an organisation created to help countries that need financial help. IMF is not for countries that were governed by Crooks, bribes, and corrupt politicians. IMF should warn countries that were subjected to Corrupt Political Leaders.

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