Political instability premeditated by the Leftists may lead to the Collapse of Sri Lanka as a Nation/Republic
Posted on March 6th, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers

  1. Political System

The political system in Sri Lanka (SL) is in chaos. The prime factors, for this, are the fundamental, innate mindset of Buddhism, racism, jealousy, avidity, the shortfall in perception, non-flexibility, incapability to accomplish what they entail, and zero knowledge of political science.

The general theory is the fact that both the Sinhala and Tamil races are immature and have limited scientific knowledge of political, social, and economic topics. The rowdy-characterised politicians were able to fool and terrorise the citizens with religion, race, culture, and language to achieve their objectives. The process gave birth due to some politicians’ greed and voracity, target for power and wealth. Maybe that’s third-world human culture.

  • Terrorist Act 1

In 1972 Sri Lanka announced a republic and was free from the British throne. In 1971 a group headed by Rohana Wijeweera initiated an act of terrorism on insurrection on the 5th of June 1971. Rohana Wijeweera was a student at Lumumba University. The police and the army were called in and Srimavo declared a state of emergency and suppressed the resurrected terrorism. They were addressed as the JVP, also known as Che Guevara”, a communist revolt organisation. Somehow later during the JR Jayawardene’s period the JVP was pardoned and gave birth as a political party. However, the JVP was never ever able to get more than adequate seats to represent in parliament. This unit of JVP was from the South. Maybe the Yakka people and the assimilated crowd were members of this unit.

Terrorism: Quote Ref: FBI: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

Who were the international drivers of this JVP? It could be assumed that they were either Russia or North Korea. With SL having not enough foreign resources and people becoming lazy as is the culture of the Sri Lankan people, the JVP wanted power so that they can accumulate wealth. JVP’s policy is to capture positions in government organisations and thereby claim superiority and claim power in the government. However, they failed in all elections.

The main issue and differences here are the regional differences between the Low Country Sinhalese” and the Upcountry Sinhalese”.

Terrorism has a negative impact on the economy of a country, thus debarring development and making people poorer. The focus of the JVP terrorists in SL is to capture power and convert into a communist republic and be an ally of a communist nation. The JVP fools did not do any research and analysis on the economy and growth.

  • Terrorist Act 2

In 1971 along with the JVP insurrection, another group gave birth among the Tamils. Later in 1972, they merged as the LTTE from the Tamil sector. The destruction caused by the LTTE was immense and they killed politicians, ministers, civilians etc. India gave motherhood as a mother giving compassionate, endearing, kind protective, extraordinary intuitive caring and mindful to the LTTE and other terrorist organisations that gave birth among the Tamils in SL. There are reasons for Late Indra Gandhi and MGR giving support and caring to the terrorist groups. This is the main cause for the LTTE to become quite strong and destroy assets in the North and SL in general.

Tamils in SL are quite a small minority, and they can’t prolong the terrorist act for a long time as other international liberation groups. This condensed the enthusiasm of the other groups, and they became political groups supporting the government in the political path. LTTE, however, somehow was able to collect funds and become a strong terrorist group claiming that they were a liberation group.

  • Economic Downfall
  1. Overall, the economy of SL declined and perished, and people started to move out of SL, both legally and illegally by boat.
  2. Since 2005 the politicians who governed SL were corrupt and commenced to practice bribery and corruption, especially during the Mahinda Rajapaksa period.
  3. The country faced a new dictatorial autocrat, Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the President and he had no clue of who he is and what his obligation to the society was. The economy drastically moved down to zero FOREX resources.

The political differences between the politicians, JVP and Sajith Premadasa gave birth to the people coming to the road and chasing the Rajapaksas out of the government. The main people here are the JVP and the Sajith party.

With zero-dollar FOREX Ranil Wickremasinghe took the office of the President and appointed the cabinet. The shortfall here in SL is that the people behaved like animals, and everyone wants a portfolio. While preaching austerity measures the people have no knowledge and how to handle the austerity measures.

JVP uses this opportunity to campaign against the government and the JVP wants the government to collapse. It is the writer’s view that the members of the JVP are not patriots and are intelligent to practice austerity and support the government to recuperate the economy. The result is people suffer and JVP wants the country to face a calamity and breakdown.

Quote: Ref: English meaning of modus operandi?  A distinct pattern or method of operation especially one that indicates or suggests the work of a single criminal in more than one crime.

JVP’s tactics were:

  1. JVP took up arms at one time and failed to fight against the government forces.
  2. They planned next to cripple the economy of the country so that the people will rise against the government and make a suitable time for the JVP to capture power. They used the people and some politicians with their cunning acts and drove the country to poverty.

JVP also infiltrated into government organisations, and it is believed that the Institution of Engineers-Sri Lanka also has members of JVP infiltrated into the org. It is an insult to the engineering arena to have such an Institution with members of the JVP and involve in politics.

Today the JVP and Sajith’s members are on the road protesting against the government for the increase in taxes, non-availability of fuel, power etc. Whose fault is that? It is the fault of the people and the JVP for not making the country self-sufficient in food etc. Well, they know that SL has no petroleum, Coal, and technological products. People did not pay taxes for donkey’s years and did not pay the dues for what they received in terms of electricity and water. The government provides free health, education, subsidised travel etc. Do not people have the perception to understand the facts and truths?

Well, communism is a blunder from the ideological perspective and will lead a country to failure.

  • Vasantha Mudalige:

Who is this guy? What does he want? Does he want to be the President/PM or a Minister? Did not he know that the President took up the office as president with zero dollars FOREX? What is his level of education? Can he explain the obligation of a politician to society?

What is the reason for bringing Prabakaran to be alive now and that he is coming back? It is a tactic to bring Mahinda Rajapaksa back into power because people think that MR defeated the LTTE. It’s a wrong concept initiated by crooks to bring MR back to power so that they can enjoy the fruits of power. India may be playing into this wrong concept. India wants SL to be bankrupt so SL will always look to India for funds, help and loans.

Vasantha Mudalige: If you have something called Brain and perception”, please use the brain and think of the people if you are patriotic. This concept is also applicable to the leader of the JVP and Co.  Get out of the road and go home and think of how you can help the government to achieve its objectives to recoup the economy and help the people.

All those who want portfolios: The secretaries and the administrative staff are the permanent staff who can add value to the country. Ministers come and go. They do not do work but add expenditure and be a burden and a liability. All the vultures who want portfolios: do they have brains and perception and understand the areas in which they want the power? Mervin Silva, a cleaner/labourer was also a minister under the Mahinda Rajapaksa government.

Just contribute your thoughts in parliament, but not as a minister.

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