Posted on March 23rd, 2023

Priyantha Hettige.

You are living in particularly significant times. The rise of Russia and its Federation of States is confronting the world’s most powerful and brutal-minded country in the world – the United States. The USA can be said to be poorly led by Joe Biden. It is a failing world power, old corrupt and decrepit like its leader. It is being challenged by a rising power with a highly competent leader, who is energetic, determined, well informed and well educated – Mr. Putin no less! He is a fully qualified Russian lawyer as well as having trained in the KGB training college – where he learned about politics and war strategy and espionage techniques, guns, etc., useful during his period in East Germany before the fall and collapse of the Soviet Union, which he thought was an unmitigated calamity. 

The old Biden and his demented Democrat party have poked the Russian Bear. Now, it is fully awake and is on the march, with its guns blazing. What a foolish mistake – a disaster for the west (The European Union and the USA) Russian armour is very modern, effective and unmatched by the weapons of the west – NATO. Russia is on the march and has serious grievances to settle with the west in case you have not noticed. (e.g., The seizure of Russia’s assets at the World Bank, the cruel, unjustified bombing of Serbia and the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline – which is considered an act of war by some.)

Outcomes of war are quite unpredictable and who can foretell where this one will lead. Mr. Putin started his Special Operation expecting to be able to negotiate with sound, reliable, trustworthy counterparts on the other side. But after the Minsk Accords debacle, (the Minsk Hoax on Russia – admitted to by Angela Merkel), this and the aborted negotiations for a peace in Turkey in March 2022,

(where Boris Johnson of the UK instructed Ukraine to cancel them), Mr. Putin has concluded that there is no-one reliable and trustworthy to negotiate with.

That means Russia has to win the entire Ukraine in order to be sure to put an end to their hostilities. That is, the Russian Bear is on the move and furthermore, it has no obligation to recognize historical borders, as it moves west. It certainly wants to strengthen its enclave, Kaliningrad. Putin’s army may stray into Europe as NATO armaments have been seriously depleted by handing them to Ukraine to use against Russia!

Also, Russia has put its nuclear arsenal on maximum level, high alert last month. That should tell you things are heating up and are becoming quite dangerous for everyone including little Sri Lanka. A nuclear exchange is being openly talked about by irresponsible people in the west. This increases the possibility of nuclear exchange. This also raises the likelihood that the ancient stones of the British parliament may be re-arranged by Russia!

Russia is mobilized and has a great army with impressive weaponry. They are standing eye to eye and toe to toe with the USA. Who will blink first and defer – or are we sliding into a nuclear exchange?

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the organizer and controller of the highly successful Wagner group, has pitched his cap into the ring and said that he wants to be the next president of Ukraine. Well! He will oversee a country in utter ruins. If he does take over the reconstruction of the country, his association with top Russian officials will form a powerful alliance! Not only has the Biden administration pushed Russia and China closer together in partnership, he has provoked a complete re-arrangement of alliances in Eastern Europe. Historians and strategists of all stripes and colours have warned for many years against this. This is another calamity for the United States. These are momentous times, indeed!

Priyantha Hettige. 16th. March, 2023

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