Posted on May 16th, 2023


Humans have different natures, and crass nature shows insulting others for personal advantages or any other reasons. People don’t understand this nature with animals or not, because people don’t clearly understand the communication of animals.  Insulting or making derogatory remarks against a religion or a religious leader is a crass nature of a person. The behaviour and the way animals are living alike with human but humans are varied from animals based on independent thinking power with humans.

It was reported in media that a so-called Christian pastor made derogatory remarks against buddha who discovered a religious way of life achievement. As people clearly understand the God didn’t create any religion, but human created religions as ways of liberation after death. The role of God was creating the universe and allowing anyone to discover the truth and misty nature of a various thing of the universe.

The derogatory remark made by a so-called Christian pastor could be regarded as his crass nature or the right to express independent views, and the person who express independent views must be responsible and should not provoke the community.  Another point related to the derogatory remarks of this so-called pastor, he couldn’t regard as a religious and disciplined person as his way of expression doesn’t show he is a religiously and disciplined person.

There is no many Goddesses related to various religions, when we think it is understood only one God possibly exists in the universe and making derogatory remarks against any other religions may not be the wish of God.

According to historical information, religions originated in this world as a fear of humans. In this sense, people shouldn’t get provocation against the derogatory remarks of certain people. It may be a crass nature of such persons

The important aspect of intelligent people is not giving publicity to a person with a crass nature.              

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