Prime Minister initiates steps to enlist the song “Danno Budunge Sri Dharmaskandha” a national heritage.
Posted on May 16th, 2023

Prime Minister’s Media Division

The Cabinet of Ministers approved enlisting the song “Danno Budunge Sri Dharmaskandha” as a national heritage based on its uniqueness as recommended by the Special Committee appointed on the instructions of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.
As a song that has continued to influence the nation’s thoughts and aesthetic values for more than a century, “Danno Budunge Sri Dharmaskandha” has become popular since time immemorial. This song, which has been used continuously to express national pride and historical consciousness, can be considered as a key factor in the study of local genre of music and it will be an inspiration to the musicians of this country.
This will have a unique impact in building national identity. There is evidence that this song was used as a national anthem in festivals and other occasions until the current national anthem was officially selected.
Danno Budunge’ is a song from Sirisangabo stage drama (1903) by John de Silva which expresses the historical consciousness coloured by the environment of the contemporary Anuradhapura era. The melody has been composed by Mr. Vishwanath Lauji.
The committee decided that there is no legal or other hindrance to make this song a national heritage and the committee has emphasized that it is not affected by the intellectual law enforcement in this country.
Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry Secretary K.D.N.Ranjith Ashoka is the chairman of the above committee while the Secretary of the Ministry of Buddhasasana and Cultural Affairs Somarathne Vidanapathirana, Director General of the Department of Archeology Prof. Anura Manatunga, Director of Cultural Affairs Department Bhagya Katudeniya, President of Hela Haula Srinath Ganewatta, President of All Ceylon Buddhist Congress Chandra Nimal Vakistha, Literary scholar Sunil Sarath Perera, Musician Lionel Gunathilake, Retired Ministry Secretary Kanthi Wijethunga function as members.

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