What Sri Lanka’s Gays & Lesbians must understand about LGBTQIA+++
Posted on June 3rd, 2023

Shenali D Waduge

Till not so long ago the world knew of only gays & lesbians & they were commonly referred to as homosexual & then those that continued to have normal sexual relations while also being homosexual were called bi-sexual. It was only after 1970s that the term transgender emerged while the term queer arrived after 1900s. Today, we see a small elite group of people promoting LGBTQIA+ (with acronyms increasing) Even the gay community must be unaware of who controls their community & new influx of terms. Having said that, it is also possible that the gays & lesbians in Sri Lanka are equally unaware of a larger plan within the LGBTQ+ agenda while they are kept busy thinking the world hates them & in turn being pumped up to promote a nicely packaged media kit” blueprint designed & controlled elsewhere & given to be customized to suit local taste.

How many in Sri Lanka’s gay community have come across a website called Gays Against Groomers? https://www.gaysagainstgroomers.com/about

Exactly who are this group & what are they trying to convey?

This group of gays are specifically against the sexualization, indoctrination & medicalization of children under the guise of LGBTQIA+”

Some very important points that Sri Lanka’s gay community must ponder.

Was this not why there was concern against repealing penal code 365/365A for the threat of eventually children becoming targets was evident from the situations unfolding in other parts of the world.

How come the Sri Lankan LGBTQ community, their lawyers & even the child activists” that took the side of the LGBTQ chose to ignore what the GAYS AGAINST GROOMERS are highlighting?

The attention of Sri Lanka’s LGBTQIA++ community should be to some points presented by this group

  • There is NO PRIDE in indoctrinating children in schools (it is happening in US, UK & Europe – with this damage known will Sri Lanka’s gay community STILL DEMAND LGBTQ syllabus in schools for FUNDS?
  • There is NO PRIDE in stripping parents of their right to protect their children – this is also happening in the West – will Sri Lanka’s gay community ADVOCATE for this too in Sri Lanka for FUNDS?
  • There is NO PRIDE in sexualizing children at drag shows – will this also be promoted in Sri Lanka for FUNDS? Already tv shows are sexualizing children & parents need to stop sending children to these shows & the education ministry must take sterner action.
  • There is NO PRIDE in mutilating & sterilizing children – the suffering these children undergo physically & later mentally is never exposed because the media is owned by the entities that promote this & funding buys silence easily.

https://twitter.com/againstgrmrs/status/1664809219395125249?s=20 – Protest against child sexualization in US

Gender ideology does not belong in schools, and there is no such thing as a transgender child.


Warning GRAPHIC! 

3 months ago, President Biden announced to medically transition children faster, younger including surgeries like this. 

Children, people, children! 

I give EVERYTHING I have, every day, and have for 5 years to STOP this mess because I know the truth!

Take a good look then SCREAM LOUDER http://scottnewgent.com

Children’s Minnesota Gender Clinic Director says treating kids with gender dysphoria is no different than treating those with diabetes. Umm.. the DIFFERENCE is, is that if you don’t treat a child’s diabetes, they will die.

Kids love rainbows and bright colors. These nefarious corporations are intentionally using it everywhere to suck them in. It’s sick. These people are sick.

https://twitter.com/againstgrmrs/status/1664444782331015177?s=20 (watch the movie)

What a teacher has to say – teachers must have a say too. They are parents too.

would you want to have a daughter not look like a girl but is neither a boy internally even after an operation?

Just listen to this Senator

The tide is shifting & even companies are now taking saner decisions as profits matter more.

Olympia has decided that in celebration of ‘PRIDE’ it will be painting two of its crosswalks with the 🏳️‍⚧️ flag. Pride is all about the TQ+ activists demanding that everyone either agrees with them or shuts up. To this we say, NO.

This is something for the Sri Lankan community to listen to …. 


https://twitter.com/Psy_Brian/status/1662531360626704385?s=20 – isn’t it time to be asking who is promoting this lewd stuff to kids


Don’t’ these scenes look familier??? Isnt this what some try to copy in lk?

The Rainbow Rebellion has begun – 

Let kids be kids not turned to trans.

The sentiment is growing. The sleeping LGBs are waking up and speaking out against the monstrosity that has become of Pride and our community. https://twitter.com/againstgrmrs/status/1664726438325501952?s=20

This is the way 🔥 This is exactly how it should be. Anyone that makes their sexuality or gender identity their entire personally must be an incredibly boring person. We are much more than that. JUST BE NORMAL

This is what the Gays against Groomers team say about PRIDE MONTH & is something the gay community in Sri Lanka should listen to – https://twitter.com/againstgrmrs/status/1664718862720327681?s=20

Instead of viewing everyone as the enemy – the real gay community must look at the larger picture & the larger dangers taking place & none of them would want their nieces/nephews, sisters/brothers or any neighbors or families kids to be turned into an experiment & end up forever taking medicines & making decisions without parents consent & even before their minds have grown naturally to decide for themselves.

This website should wake up a lot amongst the gay community in Sri Lanka

Shenali D Waduge

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