Open Letter to Sivagnanam Sritharan MP
Posted on June 8th, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers Leading Engineer of the World 2006, UK Authority Award

Mr Sivagnanam Sritharan: I would like to advise you on some of the key points that may correct you in your political arena. First, do you know the fundamental concept of having a Rear Admiral in the Navy? Rear Admiral Hon Mr Sarath Weerasekara and Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe protected the border of the republic, and General Sarath Fonseka protected the people and the island from invasion and terrorists. Admiral sacrificed his life to protect the border of the island and as citizens, we have to offer him the respect that people can give.

You were a secondary school teacher, and the parliament is not a school, and the MPs therein are not students under you. Sometimes I see that you feel that you are the boss of the parliament and that MPs there are under you. You cannot speak English or Sinhalese, and you speak out of turn and rude attacking the politicians. You have no fundamental understanding of politics, legal and law. You were singing Deva ram one day in parliament disturbing the entire house. Who will want to listen to your deva ram?

Recently I watched on YouTube the way you and Cape Buffalo Gajendran walked to the Thyitti to protest the Vihare. Where were you all these years during the vihara was constructed? The Vihare was not constructed overnight. There is speculation that FP (TNA) received some bribe of about one crore for constructing viharas. So, is this protest to demand more bribes for your party fund?

My dear, I have lived in various countries, and I know the style of politicians and how they earn money. Your leader Mavai Senathirajah demanded that GOSL give the project to his friend, however, GOSL replied that the project will be given through the normal tender process. Mavai rose against the GOSL. You guys in the FP are like tape recorders, intoning the word Genocide” always. To know and study genocide in SL, you must go back to 1947 and the start of 1970. The general illiterate Tamil populace does not know about these incidents, however, blindly support FP based on Tamil Eelam”.

Terrorism started in 1970 when Kuttimani” robbed banks and conducted smuggling and when Prabakaran commenced killing opponents and the public and politicians with the intent of capturing power. These murders were committed with the help of the Indian government which allowed LTTE to operate from Tamil Nadu. My dear, I am from Vaddukoddai but married former MP Thurairatnam’ s niece in Valvettiturai in 1970. I have been monitoring and studying the terrorist group’s activities since 1969. I was working at KCW and was responsible for constructing a Buddhist Panzale and installing security Lights (Flood Lights) in all the police stations, army, and Navy installations. First, you must understand what Genocide” means. Go back to 1947/1970 and study what happened and how many civilians, politicians, and Ministers the LTTE massacred.

What we find is that you always talk in Tamil and are rude and out of politics. What is wrong with constructing Vihara on Sri Lankan Soil? Tamils all over the world are constructing Hindu temples with the aid of government donations under the name of multiculturalism. Do you know the meaning of Multiculturalism” and Cohesive living?

If you do not like the Sinhalese people, then the only option for you is to leave Sri Lankan parliament and get out of SL.

I remember your friend Cape Buff Gajendran, once sitting in the GOSL parliament made a statement; Our Tamil Eelam air force bombed the Sri Lankan airport”. Fortunately, the GOSL was quite kind not to arrest this guy and put him in jail for making a statement that Our Airforce…”

My view is that anyone who protests and opposes any religious affairs should be arrested, convicted in a court of law and jailed. So far, no Sinhala personnel has protested and opposed any Hindu religious affairs. If so, you guys cannot live in Wellawatta and cannot go to Kataragama.

Mr Sritharan:  Just a question as you claim you are a teacher: What is a return on investment (ROI)? Do Tamils understand this process? What return did people in Kilinochi or wherever it is, get when they elected you as their MP? I think only trouble, protests, shouting, economic recession, sawing ethnic hatred, Tamil Eelam, propagation of genocide etc.

What return on investment did SJVC get for their FP members when he formed the FP party? Definitive party representation as FP as the Tamils are illiterates and fools.

What is Cost Benefits Analysis? From the way Tamils operate, they are Communists. They do not practice Humanism.

Do you know that it is the Sinhalese who put food on your plates? If not for the Sinhala people you guys, Tamils will be starving. Today Tamils are getting toilet cleaning money from abroad. 40% of the South Sinhalese have no roof over their head, no proper food to eat, no education, no transport facilities etc. You guys have everything. How and why?

What is the ROI of forming associations, congresses, and building temples on foreign soil? Tamils are like Dog in the Manger”: தானும் கிடவான் தள்ளியும் கிடவான்”. You are the politician who refused water to Jaffna.

Anyway, just some advice please; Please give respect to Admirals and Generals as they protected the country’s border and the people.

Today the economic crisis was instigated and triggered by the Rajapaksas and Tamils with some help of the Indians.

The Governor of the Central Bank is the supreme authority as he guides, controls, and provides the finances to the country and he understands the disasters, catastrophes, emergencies, costs and benefits. Presidents and PMs are just figureheads to steer the country. The Central Bank and the Treasury are the supreme body to protect the economy of the country.

If you still want Tamil Eelam, just get out of the country matey and go to Toronto where you can join your insane friends.

Kanthar Balanathan

25th May 2023

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