If Easter Sunday Massacre Was a Political Plot, How About the Woman Suicide Bomber Who Died with Her Three Children at Home? 
Posted on September 11th, 2023

Dilrook Kannangara

Easter Sunday terrorist attack must be investigated and all involved must be punished.

Due to the absence of a credible investigation and justice, various conspiracy theories have emerged. That is natural and the only way to silence them is through justice.

The allegation that the Easter Sunday terrorist attack was carried out with the full concurrence of an intelligence officer who was in turn connected to a political clan simply falls into pieces when considering the fate of Fatima Ibrahim – the wife of one of the suicide bombers.

She too had a suicide vest and did not plan to blast bombs anywhere. Instead, she used it to kill herself, the fetus she was carrying and her other two children. It was done to avoid capture. Several policemen also died in the suicide bomb attack.

Therefore, the plot doesn’t seem to be a political one. Instead, it is very clear the plot was a religious one. Adherents to that extreme version of a religion are in tens of thousands in the island and their numbers are growing very fast.

Justice to victims is the only way the island nation can be saved from a repeat massacre. Not political and tribal bickering.

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