How DP Education & Dhammika Perera May Help Sri Lankan Students
Posted on September 12th, 2023

Prof. Hudson McLean

Since the philanthropist  Dhammika Perera is supporting the education of the Sri Lankan youth, may I suggest that DP Education considers an avenue of targeting the programmes towards revenue-generating employment overseas.

Currently many Western countries need and invite qualified Nurses to support their elders and the hospitals.

USA, UK, EU have vacancies for Health workers, with good English language skills.

Finland with an aging population needs over 20,000 Nurses and Eldercare workers.

The starting salaries are Euro 2000-, per month.

Finnish language skills will be given free.

Part of the salary could be repatriated to Sri Lanka.

Other high wage earners are in the IT field, earning between Euro 3000-; up to Euro 10,000++ / month.

Part of this income could be repatriated to Sri Lanka.

Prior to arrival in the West, it is essential that a pre-induction programme is given to the potential recruits in basic cross-culture, etiquette, and behavior.

I am able to offer some Guidance and Advice, Pro Bono, Totally Free to those who are interested in considering options in the EU.

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