LankaPropertyWeb Redefines Real Estate Marketing Landscape with AI-Powered Innovations
Posted on May 8th, 2024

LankaPropertyWeb (LPW),

LankaPropertyWeb (LPW), the leading real estate portal in Sri Lanka, proudly announces groundbreaking enhancements set to revolutionise the real estate marketing industry. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to innovation, LankaPropertyWeb introduces two cutting-edge features – the AI-powered social Media Promo Add-On Package and the ML Image Recognition Tool – designed to transform property listings and streamline marketing efforts.

A.M.Pl.I.F.I.E.R – AI-Powered Instant Social Media Promo Tool: Elevating Property Visibility

LankaPropertyWeb introduces the AI-powered social Media Promo Tool – A.M.Pl.I.F.I.E.R (Automated Multi-Platform Integration For Instant Extra Reach) which will allow advertisers on its site to promote their ads instantly on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. What’s more, using AI the tool will generate videos based on images uploaded, add a trending soundtrack to the videos, and generate personalised captions and hashtags for each platform using ChatGPT, within seconds.

This pioneering tool for a real estate portal aims to revolutionise advertising efficiency, offering advertisers a trifecta of key benefits. Firstly, streamline your marketing endeavours through state-of-the-art automated features, unlocking significant time and resource savings. This empowers your team to redirect efforts toward the strategic pillars driving your business forward. Secondly, elevate audience interaction and connection with OpenAI-generated content, infusing your posts with an irresistible appeal that captivates and resonates. Lastly, bid farewell to the laborious tasks of manual posting and editing, embracing a new era of effortless marketing that allows you to concentrate on the core strategic facets of your business. With these transformative advantages, our platform is poised to redefine your advertising approach, delivering unparalleled efficiency, engagement, and strategic focus for unrivalled business success.

Machine Learning (ML) Image Recognition Tool: Precision in Visual Content Management

In its relentless pursuit of innovation, LankaPropertyWeb introduces Machine Learning Image Recognition.

The tool introduces a range of benefits aimed at transforming the landscape of online listings. Firstly, its advanced image recognition capability empowers users by efficiently detecting and eliminating spam images, thereby elevating the overall quality of listings. Additionally, the tool ensures a personalised browsing experience through accurate image labelling, allowing users with specific interests to be presented with tailored ads of similar types, such as ‘bedroom’ or ‘garden.’ Furthermore, LPW enhances the visual appeal of listings by providing image optimisation features and addressing issues like dark or poorly lit images. Lastly, the tool incorporates state-of-the-art duplicate image recognition, eliminating redundancy and guaranteeing that listings remain unique and diverse.

These advancements represent a remarkable leap forward in real estate marketing, underscoring LankaPropertyWeb’s steadfast commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the ever-evolving needs of real estate professionals. Seizing the opportunity to embrace the power of precision in visual content, they can elevate their real estate marketing strategy with these innovative tools. Embarking on a journey to explore the future of property presentation through LankaPropertyWeb’s latest updates, they position themselves ahead of the curve in the competitive landscape. Staying at the forefront of industry progress, they redefine their approach to real estate marketing with progressive solutions that set new standards in the field.

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