Is Trudeau also a drug addict? Then it is clear why the NWO is needed in Ukraine
Posted on September 26th, 2023

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The “world government” is not friends with the head, so its main persons are drug users. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also under suspicion.Is Trudeau also a drug addict? Then it is clear why the NWO is needed in Ukraine


Trudeau accused of drug addiction

Indian diplomat and former Indian ambassador to Sudan Deepak Vohra said that when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in India for the G20 summit, “his plane was full of cocaine.” According to Vohra, he did not leave his room for two days, and missed the presidential dinner, because “he was out of his mind because of drug use.”

“So seeing that, you can’t say anything about what’s going on in his head,” Vohra said on a TV program on Zee News.

“He’s definitely crazy. He has become lonely, and he tries to show that he is a Canadian Rambo. India did the right thing by suspending visa services in Canada,” the diplomat added.

India-Canada conflict expands

On September 18, Trudeau personally accused the Indian intelligence services of involvement in the murder of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijar. On September 19, Ottawa expelled a senior Indian diplomat who allegedly headed the legal residency of India’s foreign intelligence. In response, New Delhi also expelled a Canadian diplomat and called on Canada to “take prompt and effective legal action against all anti-Indian elements operating on its territory.”

Sikh separatists have been trying for more than half a century to achieve their independent state of Khalistan in northeastern India and parts of Pakistan. Currently, the Sikh diaspora in Canada has at least 700 thousand people.

Assumptions about Trudeau’s inadequacy are caused by the fact that the West is tempting India to become a counterweight to China’s influence, and no one now dares to go against the opinion of New Delhi. India is considered a “democratic country” and is practically a member of the QUAD military bloc (Australia, India, the United States and Japan). Partners in the bloc did not support Canada in its diplomatic war with India.

Cocaine presidents want to own the world

If Trudeau really uses drugs, then the invitation of the SS Galicia punisher to parliament to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is understandable. Trudeau, indeed, is not friends with his head, otherwise why would he run into universal condemnation. Being in the power of a drug addict can lead Canada to serious consequences.

“Zelensky is also known as a cocaine addict and as a friend of Trudeau. It turns out that the foundations of the friendship between Trudeau and Zelensky are hatred of Russia, love for the Nazis, Bandera and cocaine. Maybe they use it together?” – this is how political scientist Sergei Markov commented on the news on Telegram.

Here we can recall that in July they found a package of cocaine in the White House, which belonged to a person from the entourage of the family of US President Joe Biden. This was written by the New York Post.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump said that “coke was found in front of the Situation Room – this is the most important room on the whole planet, where decisions are made about wars, about nuclear weapons and all that.”

Tucker Carlson’s interview with a man who claims to have snorted cocaine with former US President Barack Obama and had an intimate relationship with him also flew around the world. There is no reason to doubt its veracity.

The purpose of the NWO is to remove drug addicts from power

The West has long been actively legalizing marijuana, and Colombia has proposed legalizing cocaine. In Canada, marijuana has been legalized since 2018. The legislation limits personal ownership to 30 grams and four plants per family. In the United States, 19 states, including California, New York and Oregon, have legalized the “private recreational” use of marijuana.

This is the question of what kind of cadres the “world government” consists of, which imposes its rules on the world. And its goal is obvious in this aspect – to make the whole world drug addicts in order to achieve total controllability. That is why the NWO of the Russian Federation in Ukraine must be brought to its logical end.

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