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Posted on November 17th, 2023

Daily News Editorial ( Feb. 11, 2010}

In 1997 a Sri Lankan lawyer Senaka Weeraratna proposed the use of a
Third Umpire in an appellate capacity with powers to entertain and
decide upon appeals from a player dissatisfied with the decision of an
on-field umpire.

Twelve years later after much debate and discussion in the cricket
world, the ICC accommodated Weeraratne’s proposal in the Umpire
Decision Review System (UDRS). The rule became applicable in Test
Cricket from October 1, 2009.

Even though the key mechanism of the UDRS is Weeraratne’s proposal the
ICC has still not recognized his authorship. Though Sri Lanka
Cricket (SLC) has accepted his authorship it has also shown a lukewarm
attitude and has not been canvassed vigorously to get it accepted by the ICC.

Even the international media remain silent on the question of
authorship in this case. This is in contrast to the established
practice in the ICC where two Englishmen, for example, Frank
Duckworth and Tony Lewis were projected as authors of the Duckworth
Lewis rule applicable to rain-affected one-day matches.

We cannot understand the logic of the ICC’s unwillingness to give credit
to Senaka Weeraratna. The only reason we could surmise is that it is yet
another instance of racial prejudice.

The ICC must realize that the West has lost its hold on the cricketing
world as more Asian, African, and Latin American nations are taking up
the game. It is high time that the ICC got down from its colonial
ivory tower and recognizes talent wherever it is found. ICC’s reluctance
to give in is just not cricket.

Courtesy: Daily News

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