SLPP has to decide whether to sail or sink?
Posted on February 18th, 2024

Dr Sudath Gunasekara Ex Secretary to Prime Minister Mrs Bndaarnayaka

This blind Government, which blindly elected him should immediately tame the President or ask him to resign forthwith, before completely ruining this country following the footsteps of his uncle going by Western advice with no regard or concern about this country or the Sinhala nation.

This blind Government, which blindly elected him must immediately tame the President by taking him under its control and putting him in his place before he completely hands over this Island nation to India like VibhiShana did in the past, for the following reasons.

As Akurugoda has stated in Lankaweb 17th although Sarath has not stated the President’s agenda, it is not a difficult task to presume what his agenda would be for those who are aware of what the current President Wickremesinghe has done during his political career

The latest is the ECTA issue. Government member’, MP Sarath Weerasekera has correctly said that even the Government group that elected him was not consulted on ECTA and further he is urging President Ranil Wickremesinghe not to exploit the continuing political, economic, and social crisis to advance his agenda.

Ranil should understand that it was this government group that picked him up from the political abyss in which he was buried incognito and made him the Prime minister first and second the President under a constitutional flaw in Article 40, again drawn by lawyers who don’t know this country or its culture. As the SLPP sponsored Presidential candidate, it is his bounden duty to first consult his political mentors or rather the political parents who have brought him from the political underworld, where he was in deep slumber after being totally rejected, not only by his own party but also by all the people in this country almost for 25 years.

 In this backdrop, the SLPP is totally responsible to the nation for all blunders he makes. As such either the SLPP should bring him under its control and tame him or remove him by an impeachment before his period expires in September this year. If such immediate action is not taken to control his treacherous political behavior, the SLPP at any election to come will end up disastrously.  If you fail to take this step, I will assure you that you will end up with less than 25 seats in the next Parliament. Therefore at least for their own political survival, the SLPP should take a decision now immediately even if they ignore the future of this country and the future generation, as it is customary for all our self-centered politicians to do.

Therefore, whatever the political and economic pandits say handing over this country to Ranil is just like appointing a crazy fox to watch the chicken pen. Therefore, it is the bounden duty of the SLPP and more particularly Mahinda Rajapaksha to open his eyes and to either bring him under control or remove him ASAP, as 7 months are more than enough for him to erase the Sinhala Buddhist civilization from the surface of this planet. (Please read What would be the President’s agenda? By S.Akurugoda in Lankaweb 17t of Feb 2024. To understand what I say here. SLPP has to decide whether to sail or sink?

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