Sri Lanka Air Force’s Taxpayer-Funded Charities are Discriminatory and Tribal-Minded
Posted on February 18th, 2024

Dilrook Kannangara

Sri Lanka Air Force is taxpayer-funded. Therefore, it must equitably distribute any charitable donations to all. That means all provinces are equal. However, unfortunately, the recent charitable activities only benefit one ethnic group and one province in the North which is discriminatory and tribal-minded. This includes distributing school books and equipment to the north only for the benefit of 75,000 students in the northern province. SLAF spends 100 million rupees for the purpose when all school students around the island suffer the effects of acute poverty!

If Sri Lanka had a functioning justice system such discriminatory and tribal-minded activities at the expense of taxpayer funds would have been blocked and those behind it would be behind bars.

Sri Lanka Air Force, please return taxpayer funds to taxpayers rather than waste them on discriminatory charitable acts. They bring nothing good or meritorious as it is discrimination and a waste of taxpayer funds.

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