An eye Opener for all patriots of Mother Sri Lanka to protect their Heart Land and the Motherland?
Posted on May 25th, 2024

Dr.Sudath Gunasekara.Mahanuwara

(First published on 14.9.2023).

I call upon all patriotic Sinhala sons and daughters of our beloved motherland to draw their prompt and serious attention to the arrogant and irresponsible political thuggery publicly and repeatedly displayed by some Tamil politicians in the plantation sector who are trying to make hay while the political uncertainties of this Island nation shine in high heavens as the elections are at our door steps next year. (See attachment)

This army of South Indian Tamil labour presently occupying the plantations lands right at the center of the country on the hills. They represent a sad legacy we inherited from the dark British colonial era. They were imported from South India by the British invaders in the post 1838 period as cheap indentured slave labour to work on their newly opened up coffee and tea plantations on land formally owned by native Kandyan Sinhala people. The virgin high forests above the villages at higher levels were protected as the Kings Forest, which the natives loved with an idolatry equal to their veneration of Buddha”, as John. F. Hurst said in 1890. (The Enchanted Road to Kandy 1890) were uprooted and burned to make room for their new coffee and tea plantations

The entire hill country formed the nation’s prime watershed for millennia that provided the main source for all the rivers in the Island. In short it was the physical stability of this hill country jealously guarded by our ancestors that determined and dictated the survival of the entire life system and the civilization of this Island nation from the dawn of history, just as the heart decides the fate of a being. It was the patriotic Kandyan Sinhala people of this hill country supported by its natural strategic assets who defended the independence of the motherland and a nation for 310 years (1505-1815) against three powerful European invasions.

With the opening up of plantations this Geographical Heartland” of the nation was raped and converted to an enclave of an army of South Indian Tamil labourers nearing 1.2 million labouring for the British from 1838 onwards and it was often kept out of bound for the local sons of the soil by the British. 

These South Indian Tamils who occupy the hill country at present were brought to this country by the British only after 1838.

First, to get cheap labour to fill their colonial treasuries and

Second, to colonize native Kandyan territory permanently with south Indian Tamils to form a British friendly anti Kandyan South Indian enclave right at the center of the country to use them as mercenaries against the local Sinhalese in case they rise against them.

The British also knew that these South Indian Tamils were the arch enemies of the Sinhala nation right throughout history who had unsuccessfully invaded this island nation throughout history starting from the 2nd century BC, the time of Sena Guttika brothers horse traders.

The British thought that the settlement of South Indian labour on the heartland of the Sinhale was the best strategic measure to take revenge from the Kandyan people who successfully resisted their occupation of the Kandyan Kingdom from 1797 and massacred thousands of their men in 1803,1818 and 1848.

 As such settling a permanent South Indian Tamil enclave right at the centre of the Island on its geographical heartland, they thought was the best way to weaken the native Sinhalese by depriving them of all their ancestral lands they owned for millennia. The British also knew that it was from these hills the brave Kandyan Sinhalese successfully defended the sovereignty of the Sinhale for 310 years (1505-1815). 

Third, to change the Islands demographic map to reduce the political strength of the Sinhala majority, of the Island as they miserably failed to colonize the North and the East with Indian Tamils.

Over 1.3 million acres of land owned by native Sinhalese were taken over by force. This land of the native Sinhala people owned by them over the entire hill country from the beginning of history, were taken by force by killing all mails over 16 years, on the orders of murderer Brown wrigg, leaving those spared by the gun and sword to die of starvation and disease introduced by the invaders and chasing out all others en masse to the eastern jungles.

These Tamils were brought to this country by the British to colonize native Kandyan territory permanently with south Indian Tamils, the arch enemies of the Sinhala nation who had unsuccessfully invaded this island nation throughout history starting from the 2nd century BC, the Sena Guttika brothers. The British thought that the settlement of South Indian labour on the heartland of the Sinhale   was the best way to take revenge from the Kandyan people who resisted their occupation of the Kandyan Kingdom from 1797 and massacred thousands of their men in 1803,1818 and 1848. Creating a permanent South Indian Tamil enclave right at the centre of the Island on its geographical heartland they thought was the best strategy to take revenge from them, thereby depriving the native Sinhalese of their mother land. They have been subjected to exodus of all their ancestral lands owned by them for millennia. It was from these hills they successfully defended the sovereignty of the Sinhale for 310 years (1505-1815). 

This most dangerous trend has to be arrested immediately before the whole hill country gets caught up in high communal flames. I attribute the present unfortunate and despicable situation wholly to the political miscalculations of brainless, unpatriotic and opportunistic self-seeking politicians who have appointed these rowdies to high political positions just to woo their vote, even though they never reciprocate. Ranil misuses these appointments as a bait to woo the Estate Tamil votes.  In the 2005 Presidential election they voted for him as they wanted to defeat the SB candidate Mahinda and in the 2019 Presidential election, they voted Premadasa for the same purpose, that is to defeat the Sinhaal Buddhist candidate. But even if Ranil makes all the 250 000 estate Tamils ministers and governors, I can assure he will not get a single vote there, as he is backed by the SLPP, being the decisive factor. It is very unfortunate that Ranil cannot understand this reality.

This Ranil drama is the second episode where such naked political thuggery is being used by these estate labour led by Thondamans on the natives blatantly violating the law of the country by taking the law into his hands as if they are already Indian Maharajas swaying the Indian power of Indian expansionism over the whole of this country. Last week it was Matale (CP). This week it is Ratnapura (SB), Both locations are right at the center of the Sinhale heartland. Meanwhile Ranil has appointed another Thondaman, a mediocre Tamil politician form the hill country,  as the Governor of the Eastern Province, by chasing out a Sinala Buddhist Governor to lure the Tamils in that province as well.

Look at the language these British slave labor leaders use against the sons of the soil, the gestures they cast on the native management and the , and the illegal orders they give demanding the minister of Plantations and the Superintendent of the Estate to resign.  Look at the way they break the law with impunity. The behaviour of some of the puppet Ministers of this government in carrying out the illegal orders” given by these Indian ghosts is even more deplorable and shameful. In both incidents the makeshifts were illegally constructed on estate land illegally encroached by force using political and racial clouts.

Why don’t we, as a proud nation, call upon the President of this country to put an end immediately before it escalates to the whole hill country with political patronage to this Estate Tamil communal thuggery and Indian manipulation and restore law and order in this part of the country telling them that this is Sri Lanka, an independent country and not yet a suzerainty of India as they think. 

We call upon this spineless government to take the following steps in the name of law and order and justice to the sons of the soil, in the name of good governance, if they dream to come before the electorate at any subsequent election. We demand the Government also to take the following steps to curb this illegal intervention by an unlawful group of Indian backed Tamil Politicians, in the name of the native Sinhala nation, the sons of this soil, still commanding 75% of the population of this country.

1.Sack the arrogant Minister and dismantle him of all parliamentary privileges immediately for bringing disrepute to this government by creating uncalled for scenes like this.

2 Also take stern and immediate action against the other MP as well, who aided and abetted the main actor in this incident of breach of law and creating public disorder as well.

3 We request you to direct the relevant Authorities immediately to stop all illegal constructions on State or Private properties by these Indian laborers or any other party and take prompt legal action against them for violating the law and resorting to creating provocative public scenes like this that might lead to ethnic clashes and public disorder in the whole country.

4 To arrest all illicit encroachers on crown lands not only on these estates but also all over the country and take stern legal action against them, restore law and order within the estate sector and reinstate all estate management personnel already sacked on the orders of these Rudy and irresponsible politicians and declare all the estates out of bound for trouble makers.5 Give full legal power for the private companies to run the estate as efficiently as possible to increase production.

6 Cancel the citizenship of all those who violate the law of the land and deport them to India as soon as possible.

If the government does not take immediate action on these mad petty communal politicians  the day these India laborers erect illegal huts, not only on all plantations but all over the country and invade the whole country, like what Rajiv the arrogant did in 1987  in Jaffna, probably with the support of the Indian Government and Modis intervention supported by the so-called  International community  lead by US, UK and the rest of the colonial club with the support of the local Roman Catholic Church all, of whom are determined to wipe out the Sinhala Buddhist from the surface of this land and make this the 29th Indian State under an Indian viceroy stationed in Colombo. (It is surprising that the US Embassy has so far not issued a statement justifying this thuggery)

It was we the Sinhala Buddhists of this country who elected this government and even your predecessor in 2019 to whose mandate you owe public responsibility and not these rowdies of the plantations or the eelaamists of the North as such it is your prime responsibility to honor that mandate and, on our part, we also have a legitimate claim to request you to take action against these rowdy politicians in the name of good governance. IN the event of your failure to bring this unlawful and disorderly behavior of these petty communal politicians we are afraid that the whole hill country might end up in uncontrollable communal flames. Obviously, the question arises as to why should we have a government elected by us if it cannot govern the country properly.

Also, why should we have a government elected by 75 % of its native population, the sons of the soil, if it cannot take these steps to protect this land of the Sinhalese nation, their religion and their civilization that had been governed by our ancestors at very high cost for 2600 years with no interruption.

Let law and order be restored first, and governance follow, or depart. If they don’t listen, the disgruntled masses will rise against this failed government to send it home at the first opportunity they get tomorrow and elect a government that will fulfill their aspirations to save this land of the Sinhala nation for prosperity. The people of this country also should ask this government as to what it is doing by keeping deaf, dumb and blind on the breach of law by these extremist communal rowdies. In this backdrop what justification on earth does the President Wickramsinha elected by the SLPP votes, representing predominantly Sinhala Buddhist votes has to appoint this foreign labour leaders hostile to Sinhala Buddhist and who had never voted the SLPP or SLFP and who never even treat this country as their motherland and worship only their Mother India to high posts as Ministers and Governors to govern the Sinhala people.  At the same time, we also should demand that the Eastern Province Governor should be sacked, who has already committed many violations such as illegally banning the construction of a temple on archaeological ancient Sinhala Buddhist site Boralukanda Rajamaha Viharaya. The Sinhala Buddhist demand that he should be removed from the post of Governor EP and Sinhala Buddhist be appointed as the new Governor. removed forthwith and appoint a Sinhala man or woman of repute as governor there. Governor of the Eastern Province. Senthil Thondaman, has ordered the Divisional Secretary of the Area to issue a letter to the head priest of Boralukanda Rajamaha Viharaya whereas he has no power to do so, said a high official of the EP when inquired that the Div Sec has already been transferred for issuing an illegal order. The Question is why didn’t the President remove the Governor. Definitely because he’s a Tamil from the hill country where Ranil is expecting to get their votes at the next election. What is more surprising is that this is the type of men this government appoint as Governors and Ministers.

 This trend has to be arrested immediately.

This incident again makes a strong case to abolish the PCC and remove all these mad Governors forthwith, thereby saving billions, at a time we are going round the world begging

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