Posted on December 16th, 2009


It is unfortunate and sad to hear from someone who was decorated as a war hero by the president of my country not long time ago to give a statement to the press accusing one of our greatest war heros Gotabaya and Shavindra Silva for giving orders to kill the most ruthless killers from LTTE while they were coming forward to surrrender with a white flag. This is absured. Pure crazy from a menatally disorder man. A sick man only will utter those kind of crazy words.It’s a betrayal to the whole country and to the Sinhala race. It’s shame and unforgiven betrayal from someone who was respected and loved during the war. This monster in making should be stopped before making more statements like that to the press and destroy our newly gotten freedom,our country,it’s leaders and it’s peoples We cannot just leave him without a punishment for betraying the country. He should be jailed for treason. This is not democracy he is talking about it’s purely revengeful act by a power hungry revengeful person. We should all get together and protect our land and our leaders from local and foreign conspirators. Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Bughers, and Malays should live side by side in harmony as our leader has freed our nation from LTTE terrorists

 TIGERS KILLED IN COLD BLOOD was the heading in Arab news yesterday just imagine what was the news in the western press regarding the betrayal and the false statements from a war hero cum traitor.I feel really sad inside my heart and feel ashmed why this happening at this time to our motherland when we are still celebrating our victory and the country is running smoothly with progress every corner of the country. It’s not fare to the country,to the leaders and to the people of Sri Lanka. Actually we are coming to a new era after the bloody war for thirty years and we need blessings from all walks of life to overcome the suffering we had for thirty years. I will not forgive this guy at all for doing such a cowardly act against his country and his collegues in the Armed forces. Being a Sinhalese and a war hero to do such a low thing will not be approved by any person irrespective of colour,faith or religion if someone loves his motherland. Its correct to call a conspiracy theory because these would have been planned by this crooked guy sometime back while on duty to gain power.

 If this guy wanted to come forward to contest the elections as a respected war hero because he is greedy for more power he would have come like a true leader as a uniter not as a divider. He would have talked about change and good governace tackling corruption,Terrorism,Underworld,Aids so on and our peoples would have listen to him atleast though he will not win. Our president is the correct person to lead our country at the moment.He is poor man’s leader who stood bravely to the western governments when they pressure him to stop the war. He will be the leader for many more years to come not anyone else. Ending the war is enough to give anyones vote. If Prabakaran and his ruthless gang was alive can we send our children to school without fear? Can we travel in a bus or train without fear? Can we go to Jaffna,Killinochchi,Mullative,Trinco without fear? Can we pray in Madhu church without fear? Now the fear and terror leaders have gone to hell and we all have the freedom to walk in dignity around our homeland without fear thanks to our greatest leader of PEACE Mahind Rajapaksa. May God Bless him.

 We are a peaceful country with peaceful people but the western world wants to picture our country as a country with no human rights and so on with the help of our traitors like Sarath Fonseka.They will not succeed as long as we are united. Give the mandate for the second time to the President to face these conspirators from abroad and local fearlessly if you love your country. Instead of slinging mud each other and bring shame to our country get united and help to build our nation with the blessings of Lord Buddha. We should always respect and love our Motherland Dont be greedy for power but be greedy to serve the people of our homeland. Our enemies are wating like vultures to hear more from traitors like Sarath Fonseka so my dear Sarth dont make Sinhalese angry and dont destroy our beautiful Motherland by giving secrets and false statements to the enemies of our land specially media and the so called International community who breaks all the human right laws by killing thousands of innocents in Afganistan and Iraq.

 Sarth Fonseka and his stooges in the opposition Ranil Avamangala,Mano,Somawansa and his red baboons can dream the year 2017 in their graves after this coming elections. Good bye for traitors.

We will not forgive the sinners and traitors to my beloved country SRI LANKA.

 May Lord Buddha protect my land and it’s peoples.

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