Sri Lanka is not to be Divided
Posted on January 26th, 2012

Shenali Waduge

When a Government with a 2/3 majority in Parliament dodges making a decision on an issue that clearly demands prompt and clear deliberation, it calls for answers from that Government. A fault of all previous Governments has been to make promises that it cannot keep ignoring the desires of the country mass populace. The reality remains that any Government is only the custodian of governance. It is voted into power not to function to the dictates of foreign nations or to lobby minority parties that have no voice or to promise devolution of the country. All Governments must remember this at all times.

 Undoubtedly the 13amendment has become a topic that is creating more division than unity and it is for this very reason that it should be annulled. The parties seeking the implementation of the 13amendment do not have any voice amongst the general public. Who is India to dictate what should be & should not be implemented in Sri Lanka. It is only a neighboring country. Similarly, a group of puppets known as the TNA living in Colombo hiding from the LTTE deems itself the political mouthpiece of the Tamil people totally ignoring its shameless record of doing nothing for the low caste Tamil people who had been used for 3 decades to promote something called “self-determination” which in essence meant using poor & low caste Tamils turning them into child soldiers so that the rich & high caste Tamils could benefit locally & internationally. All these were taking place while year in & year out Tamil Nadu Indians were nicely making Sri Lanka their home”¦does this not explain the 294,000 Tamil civilians rescued by Sri Lanka’s military. A brave statistical count & verification of birth IDs will reveal how many of these “civilians” might be Tamil Nadu Indians!. That scores of Indians have berthed in Sri Lanka through 30 years is one of the reasons for India to insist on a deputy high commission in Jaffna and it is here where its intelligence would have already started to explore ways & means of disturbing the peninsular & elsewhere when India feels the need to exert pressure on the Sri Lankan Government.

 Sri Lanka’s total Tamil population was 2.4m of this number almost 1m now reside overseas. Of the remaining there is hardly 600,000 remaining in the north or east of Sri Lanka given the large numbers of Tamils residing amongst the Sinhalese in the South of Sri Lanka. Calculate and see how precarious the Tamil population statistics really are. Today it is estimated that the Tamil & Muslim population both stand almost in par. So what we have is a small number of Tamils living in the North, an even smaller number of Tamils in the East & a group of Vellalar’s wanting to reign supreme over the low caste Tamils which incidentally make up much of the populace living in the North/East. For India it becomes convenient too to be able to have a bigger say in a devolved North/East with a group of puppets that will do anything that India desires. Now this may make a rose picture for India and the TNA but unfortunately this is an unlikely scenario given that more Tamils are living amongst the Sinhalese in the South including the TNA & their families.  

Simple facts must never be forgotten – there is, was & will never be something called a Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka. There is no historical evidence to remotely prove this. If Tamils desire a homeland, that homeland is in Tamil Nadu where the first self-determination struggle started which was conveniently imported to Sri Lanka.

 It may have been convenient for India to side with GOSL to help defeat the LTTE for after 30 years India was ready amidst its own economic advances internationally to kickstart a drive to ensnare Sri Lanka economically. Observe the number of GOSL approved Indian investments in Sri Lanka, the ever increasing Indian presence, Indians holding private sector top posts, even the shopping malls & restaurants are packed with Indians! Not keeping a tab on who is coming & leaving Sri Lanka does little merit for Sri Lanka. GOSL cannot deny that warnings have been given and as custodians of Sri Lanka’s sovereign status it is vested upon officials & the GOSL to ensure that the sovereignty of the nation & its people is never compromised.

 Sri Lanka does not need investments if it means that Sri Lanka has to compromise its assets natural & human. What good is a nation if its future generations are to discover with time the manner its leaders have compromised the sacrifices made to free it.

 Deciding to militarily defeat the tail end of the LTTE was no easy endeavor. The larger part of the LTTE mechanism still remains alive & far deadlier than those fighting off in the Vanni jungles including its leader who has hardly any reason to be angry with the Sinhalese since all his life he had been living amongst his own people.

 While the Defense Secretary able steered the military, it was the President that steered the diplomatic battle. Knowing how the world functions it is easy to comprehend how many must have been angered by the defeat of the LTTE for it brought an end to their perks & privileges. To this category politicians, public officials, learned academics, media personnel, some members of the military and even the public stand accused. That was how the LTTE functioned “”…” buying over people and using their voices for political propaganda. So essentially it was an international movement that constituted people of all ethnic groups using a superstitious “homeland” theme as an excuse to raise money through funds & lead plush lives while depriving their own people of education, mental & social development. All those party to the LTTE should today feel ashamed.

 Whatever ways the devolution of power, separation of land & police powers is argued all that needs to be said clearly is that we have enough forms of mechanisms in existence & we do not need anything in addition. All these proposals are simply to safeguard & sustain the political futures of politicians and their stooges only. None of these proposals have little to do with providing any benefit to the public be they Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslim. That is simply the reality of things.

 We have the provincial councils, the local bodies and if the officials of these units function as they should half of all the problems will be addressed. There is no guarantee that administrative issues currently faced will be solved by establishing another unit. If we are disillusioned with our politicians it is no exaggeration to say that Sri Lanka’s public service is no better. People cannot be taught to be passionate about their work “”…” it must come from within. People cannot be forced to be honest “”…” it too must come from within.

 What Sri Lanka really ails from is the breakdown of its administrative network and the inability of its staff to diligently attend to their chores. When errors are pointed it has become an easy exercise to strike & decry salary issues. Interested parties need to firstly correct these administrative fallacies for in introducing corrective measures to Sri Lanka’s administrative units all the ills that the public faces presently will be catered to. If the public services function as they should politicians would become just figureheads in governance.

 Of course as a country we are all concerned that a Government addresses the grievances of its population. This however does not mean that just because one ethnic group has managed to gain international fame by promoting a false concept & ideology that the country must bend on fours to apply solutions that suit foreign interests totally ignoring the rights of the other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka especially the majority Sinhalese that make up 14.8m of a total 20m population.

 It is obvious that the latest maneuverings have been well planned ahead of calls for an investigations into war crimes. The spate of happenings taking place in core areas has been orchestrated well. Those aware of how internal conflicts had been staged in other countries will see Sri Lanka status quo as being no different though this does not excuse portfolios given to incapable politicians & far worse officials.

 This is not the first time that the people have clearly said no to the 13A “”…” plus or minus or in any other form. The TNA is a group of politicians interested in their own survival & that of their caste and is merely carrying the message of India and all those bankrolling their existence. Therefore, if the TNA has hardly a voice amongst the Tamils in Sri Lanka why should there be any reason to take their demands seriously? Moreover, prior to even discussing the implementation of the 13A can those proposing it as a solution clearly explain what it is going to solve?

 The fault of previous political leaders has been to make promises that were never meant to be kept and thereafter look upon the deities and auspicious times to solve all matters. This practice must stop.

We have been given a golden opportunity and we must not waste that in thinking that celestial powers guarding Lanka will always protect it. We need to do our bit as well. So long as cross overs exist and is encouraged there is no green or blue party. The opposition needs to remember that its supporters refrained from backing it at elections primarily because it did not follow a sovereign Sri Lanka stand. All politicians would do well to remember this.

 A government that rides high on the gratefulness of the people need not jeopardize this by creating ambiguities that will give rise for situations far dangerous than countering armed rebels. The backing of the public is not without strings which implies that any party aspiring to win the majority votes needs to ensure that Sri Lanka remains sovereign, unitary with no forms of devolution or external interferences,

 Shenali Waduge


26 Responses to “Sri Lanka is not to be Divided”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka’s total Tamil population was 2.4m of this number almost 1m now reside overseas. Of the remaining there is hardly 600,000 remaining in the north or east of Sri Lanka given the large numbers of Tamils residing amongst the Sinhalese in the South of Sri Lanka.”

    Not entirely true.

    There are more than 600,000 Tamils in north and east. 600,000 figure is correct if there was no illegal immigrants from TN during LTTE rule of Vanni and coast.

    2.4 (estimated SL Tamils) – 1.0 (diaspora) + 1.0 (illegal immigrants from TN in the past 20 years) = 2.4

    IN ADDITION there are Indian Tamils.

    After police and land powers MORE Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants will come. That is the idea.

    People in 65% area = 19 mn
    People in 35% area = 10 mn (potential)

    10 – 1 = 9 mn Tamil illegal immigrants will come.

    Total Tamil population in the island will be.

    2.4 (now) + 1.0 (Indian Tamils) + 9 (illegal immigrants after 13th amendment) = 12.4

    SL will be Tamil Nadu-2.

  2. Christie Says:

    What we need is decolonising Indian colonies.

    Not just in Sri lanka but in other Indian colonies like Fiji, Malasia, Myanmar, Singapore, Mauritius, Southh Africa, Uganda, Kenya etc.

    Boycot Indian goods and services, boycot Indian (Tamils, Boras, Heralayans) businesses.

    Stop eating Parippu, wearing veittis and sasris, no more Hindi Films no more servitide to India and Indians.

  3. douglas Says:

    Dear Lorenzo – A good analysis. “SL will be Tamil Nadu-2.” Absolute truth. This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Since Prabakaran jumped the shores of SL, aftaer killing Mr. Duraiappa, they found the man to achieve their goal. All that happened from then todate is history – But be careful it can be repeated and every attempt is being made to achieve that goal -“The Annexation of North and East”.

    Also be aware that of the so called “Refugees” from Sri Lanka who are spread all over the world are being now looked into to ascertain whether some or most of them are really from our country or from India. I do not wish to deal with this any further than that, since the research work is being done at high levels. We will know some startling facts in due course.

    As regarads the rest of the presentation, commencing from “What Sri Lanka really ail from is the breakdown of its administrative network……..” is what I too have been commenting all along and yet, unfortunately hasn’t being addressed by the Legislators. This is the biggest danger to our sustainability of the hard won peace.

    Please Sri Lankans (Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and the rest) be awakened to the dangers ahead planned and is being planned on a daily basis, and be prepared to resist such moves towards “Indianization of the North and the East”.

  4. Christie Says:

    Take the focus out of north and east.

    Look at the Isalnd as a whole.

    Then focus on where Indians 9Tamils) are the majority.

    You will see the real picture and Indian iconspiracy.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Fully agree with Douglas.

    SEVERE lack of sensible governance.

    Glad we all can work together on this leaving aside petty differences of opinion.

    “Indianization of the North and the East” MUST be stopped.

    In other parts people are united.

    e.g. Tamils in Colombo, Nuwara Eliya don’t vote for TNA, TULF, ACTC, ITAK racists.

    Indianization works in 2 ways.

    1. Indian illegal immigrants
    2. Creating mono-ethnic enclaves like in India (Tamils live in Tamil Nadu, Kannadigas in Karnataka, Panjabis in Punjab, etc.)

    Unfortunately both these happen in north and east at the same time.

  6. thurai Says:

    //Indianization of the North and the East” MUST be stopped//Lorenzo

    agree with you.

    TNA want North and east as same as TN.

    Tamilnadu politicians and TNA have same mentality. Because of SLG Poor Tamils in North and east
    better than poor Tamils in TN

    If we Sri Lankans speak against India we will help TNA. Propaganda of Terrorism has changed small numbers
    of Tamilnadu Tamils against SL. But all Tamils or all Indians are not against SL. Support of Tamil nadu Tamils
    is necessary for the Indian Govt. We are in positin to coopearte with India and Southeast asian Countries to fight aginst Terrorism.The elements (Terrorism) which benefiting from making trouble want
    incite the communities against each others. They (Terrorist)are always in safe ,Health and wealthy.

  7. Ben_silva Says:

    GOSL need to implement the wishes of the people of SL and not the wishes of the foreign Indian Government. If we give in to Tamil racists, then the effect is similar to handing over the country to British imperialists.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Too many people are eyeing Lanka as the prize catch, the gateway to South East Asia, in the Indian Ocean. Is not the west acting via India ?

    Unless Lanka identifies and deports all illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu, rest of India and anywhere else in the world, our security & the integrity of the Nation is in jeopardy.

    An Oath of Allegiance a must for all True Born Lankans.

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    It appears that Sri Lanka is being made servile to India. Indian officials are FLYING into Sri Lanka in droves, ensuring that their envisaged infra-structure is put in place.

    That Naaki retired Indian President who came recently, has made a subtle and malicious suggestion, to INDIANIZE Sri Lankan waters. He suggested that Sri Lanka Fishermen and Indian Fishermen take TURNS IN FISHING in Sri Lankan Waters. HOWS ZAT ? I SOLEMNLY HOPE THAT OUR FISHERIES MINISTER WILL NOT FALL FOR THAT CUNNING INDIAN SLIME BALLS SUGGESTION. It is time to tell these ” OUR SOULS ” to get off our backs.

  10. lingamAndy Says:

    //Indianization of the North and the East” MUST be stopped
    Unless We solve our problm by ourself not only Indianization of the North and the East but also Indianization of South & West can not be stop !

    Unity in diversity !

    13A plus is the best option We have now to stop indian inteference to our mother lanka ! ( I know most of you do not like it) !

  11. aravinda Says:

    13, 13A, 13B…It will come in many disguises. 13 is a curse. It was a curse for Jesus, and it is a curse for Sri Lanka. Since Biblical times, when Judas was the 13th person to arrive at the Last Supper, the number 13 has been associated with bad luck. Judas was the 13th, and he betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

    In a country large as India, with billion people, many and varied races, languages, dialects, customs, religions and history, regional devolution is a must. These Indian solutions have NO bearing in a small nations like Sri Lanka. We should have ONE ARMY, ONE NAVY, ONE POLICE FORCE, ONE AIR FORCE, ONE PRESIDENT, ONE PARLIAMENT AND that only could save the unitary state.

    Once again, the old mantra, ” Little now, much later” is tried out. Many Tamil leaders as Ramanathan, Arunachalam, G. G. Ponnambalam, Chelvanayakam, Amirthalingam and Anandasangaree tried this using various guises. It failed then and this will fail now.

    Prior to 19th May 2009, TNA was the mouth piece of LTTE. Now it is the mouth piece of “Vaiko and psychos” in Tamil Nadu. Could this dozen TNA parliamentarians list something positive they have done for people of North and East?

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    There is no real diversity in SL.

    Irrespective of ethnicity, we are all SAME.

    Similarities are much more than diversity in SL.

    In India diversity is much more than sameness.

    So India need a solution based on diversity but SL needs a solution based on sameness.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    “Tamilnadu politicians and TNA have same mentality.”


    Because Tamil Nadu people and TNA voters have the SAME mentality.

    Both TN and TNA voters ONLY vote for Tamil or Dravida RACIST parties.

    That is the problem. Politicians must act according to the people. Otherwise they lose. TNA NEVER LOSE.

    Because they act according to their voters!

    The only solution is to BUST UP their enclaves. Make Tamil a minority in the north. Use WHATEVER methods that work. TNA is busted.

  14. aloy Says:

    The area around St. Anthoney’s church in Colombo Kochchikade is like a little India in Singapore. If they are really Sri Lankan Tamils contributing to our economy, then there should be no problem. However many of them do not look like Sri Lankan variety and seem to be living one on top of the other in shanty like dwellings in bylanes. Over to you UDA.

  15. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I toured the East of Sr Lanka recently. I Lived in the East for many years before the conflict and knew how the people in the East looked and behaved. Thsy were like any other SriLankan citizen in other parts of the country. However, on my recent visit I observed many people in the East were very much darker in complexion similar to the Indian Tamils and also very apprehensive and showed ignorance about the interesting places of the region I used to visit. Their faces showed guilt and fear as if they were recent arrivals to the East. Could they have entered the country illegally. I on my own thought could these be people brought to SriLanka by Prabakaran, Vaiko, Nedumaran and like people. which could have been a big money spinner through human trafficking and also allowed them to achieve their goal of replacing Muslims and Sinhalese driven out from the East. It would not be fair by those SriLankans who suffered during the conflict, if the Govt give citizenship to any illegal arrivals.

  16. Christie Says:

    Wake up Sinhalese!

    After defating the Tamil terrorists outfit of India it is time to stand up to Indian IMperialists.

    How many of us have thought of the burning down of the Kachcher (government Agents Office)i of the Eastern Province by Indian sponsored Tamil terrorists outfit.

    Sri Lanka (Ceylon) set up a good immigration and emmigration policy and practices after 1948.Defranchicing of Tamils, Deporting large numbers of Indians back to India, some Chinese were also sent back.

    Illegal immigrants were held in detention centres.

    All these policies and practices were put to a side in 1956 by the Indian (Indians and Indians in the island) by the SWRD and Socialists.

    Not only that they abondoned the providing land to the Sinhalese people in the East, North and Central provinces.

    Maithipala Senanayke was appointed the minister of Irrigation whose wife a Tamil ran the Department.

    Lot of the Sinhalese who went to live in the newly given lands came back since then.

    They could not sell their produce at a profit as the sale of rice and other produce was in the hands of Tamils and other Indian Business people.

    Most of the Indians who were repatreated to India under the Sirima Shastri Pact came baclk illegally and settled in those provinces. There is a mass movement of Indians between the Plantation sector and the East, North and the Central Provinces within the island.

    One indian policy in the colonies is to breed to out number the locals. The best example is FIJI.

  17. aloy Says:

    From the above comments it appears that the division is slowly but surely taking place. They are putting the ground work for the permanents separation. Our minister who declared that land powers will devolved should be frothing mad.

  18. lingamAndy Says:

    All Sinhala Brothers & Sisers
    We both community have good & bad side !
    Yes I agreed Chinhalavan have more good characters than Demila!
    Eg: My father small street business man who building his business 40 years in colombo had lost all his hard ering in 1983 riats never compliated about Sinhala peoples , He always say Chinhalavan always think what ever white is milk ( vella ellam bal enru ninaikiravan ) !
    but We Tamil also look after our mother lanka like you Sinhalese done !
    eg: Sir Pon Ramanathan stoped First Sinhala & Muslim riots , We ,Yes We Tamil kicked our IPKF out from our mother lanka !
    Sorry repeat again Yes We both community have good & bad so please do not insulte us calling us Indian (dirrectly or indirrectly) !

    Ref :There is no real diversity in SL. ,Irrespective of ethnicity, we are all SAME.- Not agreed .
    We have real diversity in our both community ! now time to unite !

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    I’m wasting my time here. Never mind I go to the loo with the computer. So no time wasted.

    We can be peace IF AND ONLY IF Tamils agree to the following.




    Otherwise we don’t want ANY peace with anyone. War is still better because we CAN win the war.

    Lets not beat about the bush. Lets face reality.

  20. Christie Says:

    Freedom from oppressors and aggressors is a basic human right.

    Tamils and other Indians the oppressors and aggressors who arrived on the back of British guns.

    We got freedom from the British but not from Indians yet eventhough we have wiped out the Indian outfit the Tamil terrorists.

  21. Ben_silva Says:

    TN racist Tamils and Indians who are influenced by racist Tamils are extremenly dangerous and we cannot live like frogs in a well. We have to be fully aware of threats from the outside world specially from Indians and Tamil Nadu Tamils. Having said that’ there are many Tamils who are exceptionally good. Good and bad people are in every ethnic group. We have to ask ourselves are we competitive enogh to survive in a higly competitive global situation ? Are we too passive because of our belif system and on the belief that giving up desires is a good thing ?

  22. jimmy Says:

    I care less politics I have no idea what is 13 or 13 + pr 13 –
    I strongly belive the only way unity in Srilanka can happen is thro changing mindset of all Srilankans
    we are divided for the last 60 years . There is so much hatred among us.
    first solution is accept the truth ( Lord Budha said ” Truth is within you”)
    instead of yelling and shouting take a deep breath and talk with each other to see how people can live in peace like normal human beings
    I agree with my honorable friend Lorenzo sometimes. I agree Patriotisim is critical for the country . ALL T parties and S parties should join UNP or SLFP or create a party call Liberal or Conservative or Republican or Democrat ( no s or t word should be infront of the parties)

    sue the scumbags who talk or write against any race . put them in prison . create more prisons for a while and put them there .
    I know it is difficult to create a good atmosphere after 60 damn years of hatred. thats why I said spend mones creating meditation centers all over the country
    it is simple ” when bad thought come in replace it with kind good thoughts”
    Thoughts are important than talk or writing .If thoughts are clear then writings will be clear also

    .Minority should adjust with majority and minority should be protected at any cost . I amm sad both did not happen

  23. thurai Says:

    not agree
    All peoples who Speak Tamils are not Tamils and All who speaks sinhala are not Sinhalese.
    We don´t know the history. Can I say Tamils were also Buddhist , Buddha was born in India, So Buddhist Sinhalese
    Traditional homeland also India?

    All communities identify themself by Language, or Religion. People who speaks Tamils in Sri Lanka are not eligible
    to identyfy themself as one community. Even they are majority in the North and east they never considered
    about Tamils who live in other parts of Sri Lanka. They maintain their selfwishness in own life and politics.
    Their mentality as you said is bad and not good for unity of communities. History show us what they have done to Muslims and low cast .

    The Tamils who were born in Sri Lanka and live peacefully with Sinhalese also Tamils. Buddhist Majority safegurd Tamil minority even they belong to other Religions. We must show the world the reality in Sri Lanka.
    We say we are from Sri Lanka and not Sinhalaland or Tamilland. We have to show the world
    how to live with peace and to be proud as Sri Lankans.

  24. lingamAndy Says:

    Thanks thurai, I do not thnk Our chinhala friend Lorenzo will understand what we all try to say & live !

    let Lorenzo celebrate Nandikadal victory for ever !!! War is still better because we CAN win the war !
    jey a va !!!!

  25. jimmy Says:

    Amen Fran
    An Oath of Allegiance a must for all True Born Lankans.
    good one Fran
    hmm I am still not sure though about illegal imigration from TNadu I never heard it I know there are poor plantation tamils who work hard and live among sinhalese.

    Andy/ Thurai

    I do not know about 13+ and I do not care
    The solution to the problems we are facing
    (a) zero tolerence against racisim . sue the monsters put them in prison . No 1 priority is Law and Order
    (b) patriotisim is extremley critical for a country. We did not have patriotisim . I can not blame the people
    I blame tamil leaders as well as sinhala leaders
    JFK said never ask what a country can do for you but what you can do for the country
    The past was horrible . Tamils did not have peace .We have to think of future
    oath of allegiance is a good step. create meditation classses ,teach to love the country , respect Law , respect Budhisim
    Minority should adjust with majority and minority should be fully protected . it is a norm

    (c) sinhalese and tamils should talk to each other all over the world. never give up .
    Talk about weather , talk about food . just talk when meeting each other . it is a starting point .
    people should never be prejudice

    Stakes are high .
    Lorenzo is a good guy . He loves the country too much more than me and you . He mentioned many times that he is proud of Alfred, Kadhirgamar annd neelan and it is a proof Lorenzo is a good guy he likes Tamils who are patriots . he has the right not to like people who are pain in the ass ( the people who are not patriots)
    Americans are very patriotic and they can not stand people who are not patriotic
    It applies to Srilanka also

    I am sure and I pray sinhalese tamils muslims bergers all can live in peace

  26. lingamAndy Says:

    Fully agreed We Tamils are not patriotic to our mother lanka !!
    Ref: your note (c)
    We need starting point – Sorry to say my chinhala brother Yes (I am sham on myself to say) We never be patriotic to our mother lanka ( eg if any one ask me are Srilankan I say no Ceylonese – WHY?- I feel myself Name Srilanka is ultra Sinhalam !) I do not know why ??? is it our Karma !!!

    Eg2 :please tell me if we sing our Nation antham in Sinhala ( namo namo MAATHA) will it make any sense to us ?- No
    If I sing Namo namo THAYEE – Yes it make me senses ! when writing this I feel stand up & write – WHY ? that is patriotic ! is not it ?

    We both community are very good humans & who follow almost similar relign (Karma – Tharma etc….) & We both want to have all your above three (zero tolerence ,patriotisim,talk to each )!
    but our small minded thinking not helping us !

    I can undrestand Lorenzo feeling ! but VP also thought same way of lorenzo, We all know what happed to VP&co after 33 years !

    Only one option left now We will give up separation in our mother lanka if chinhalavan give power sharing !

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