DEW Gunasekara, Tissa Vitharana, Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Reginald Cooray and Rajitha Senaratne in support of 13Amendment.
Posted on June 25th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

 It is a shame to see these Senior Ministers of the Government of the  left and the old UNP defending the 13A.  LSSP always fought for loss causes without gaining any thing in return.  Dew Gunasekara spoke of their canvassing Jaffna for elections, which they said proudly that the JVP and the JHU were unable to do. But they did not say that though they stood for both  Communities neither the Tamils in Jaffna nor the Estate Tamils supported them at elections. Only in 1956 CP had one candidate  P. Kandiah elected from a constituency in Point Pedro.  That was an exception, nothing to cry to high heavens about.  They were never supported by the Tamils in the North and later they were shunned in the South as well.

 The  leftist Ministers should realise that if they had been  more intelligent and supported other parties without being self seeking the situation of the LSSP  political movement would have been different.  In an article tracing the History of the Left movement  Leslie Gunawadhane wrote,

“”¦The question may well be asked as to what the position would have been if the LSSP had joined the MEP in 1956 in putting forward the demand for Sinhala Only. There is little doubt that the LSSP would have played a leading role in the movement for Sinhala Only. It is also very likely that the position of the Left in general and of the LSSP in particular would have been much stronger today among the Sinhalese masses. Also the position of the SLFP would have been significantly weaker. However, it is a moot question how much closer Sri Lanka would have been to socialism.”

 In the same article Leslie Gunawardhana prophetically wrote, “”¦.., the movement for a separate state has grown with leaps and bounds among the Tamils of the North. The situation may develop to a point when it is only Sinhalese domination by military rule in the North that will be able to preserve the unity of the country. And even such a unity maintained by force may not be able to continue for long if an imperialist power decides in its own interest to back the movement for secession by a supply of military aid.”

 Rajitha Senaratne is with one foot in the Government  and with the other foot still awaiting a chance to step out into his former fold with whom he will be more at home.  Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Tissa Vitharana, Dew Gunasekara and Reginald Cooray are waging a war against the JHU, JVP and Wimal Weerawansa to have a greater say within the cabinet of the President Mahinda Rajapakse..

 DEW Gunasekara seems to be in  a secret pact with the TNA going all out to retain the 13 A knowing very  well that it has no place in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  DEW Gunasekara says that there is a silent majority in the government who wants to retain the 13Amendment at all cost.

 It may be so as the PCs are jammed with  relatives and political henchmen  of the Ministers and SLFP supporters, some of them of doubtful character, and a “gold mine” for others, making money by sale of  Timber, shifting of sand from river beds, offering contracts  for transport, supply of material etc. to different road construction projects.  They may not like the PC System coming to an end with the removal of the 13 Amendment for their own personal reasons.

 DEW Gunasekara should be sure even if he finds a silent majority  in the Government in support of the 13Amendment, the mass of the people are against it, and the LSSP and CP will be despised by the people as the they were despised both by the Tamils and the Sinhala in the past.  In 1946 LSSP voted against the Bill for disenfranchisement  of plantation workers and earned the wrath of the Sinhala, and the Plantation Workers who  in their turn preferred the Indian Tamil Congress of Thondaman to LSSP.

 It was reported  that DEW Gunasekara  had given  a new respectability to the India enforced 13 Amendment.  “..Speaking on the argument relating to the Indian involvement in the making of the 13th Amendment, Minister D.E.W Gunasekara said the Indo Lanka accord was a culmination of debates that began in the 1920’s and rejected the notion that it was forced upon the country by India.” 

 He must be dreaming. This man should not continue to be a Minister of the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse. 

 It was reported recently in an Internet gmail forum that Rajiv Ghandhi when he came to sign the India Lanka pact with the President JR Jayawardhana , he had already selected a man to be the Governor of Sri Lanka in case JR Jayawardhana refused to sign the  Pact and had arranged to have the Indian Army flown in  to Sri Lanka. 

 These  four are naƒÆ’†’¯ve politicians with no foresight of what anti Sri Lanka forces are capable of doing to Sri Lanka.  They are only inviting intervention for foreign forces  to break away Sri Lanka perhaps to prove to Wimal Weerawansa, JHU, and  JVP what would happen if the 13 Amendment is removed.

 Reginald Cooray too does not speak for the people as they do not care what the mass of the people of Sri Lanka think of the 13 Amendment.  They are taken up by their own selfish motives to even go against the people of the country  if they can teach a lesson to Wimal Weerawansa, JHU, and JVP.

 Reginald Cooray had said , “With the end of the war there was euphoria all around and everyone ignored the root of the problem moving away from the need to address the political problem. Racism, extremis, and the tribal mentality is the best tape to be playing and is the oldest tape that has been played. We have to learn from our past mistakes.”

 Reginald Cooray speaks as a politician well versed in International Politics and  had said ” Citing international examples, Cooray said that every nation which had diverse populations and cultures had devolved power enabling them to become powerful nations.
  “These heroes who scream against the international community within this country don’t know an atom about how political systems work. Every country in this world has devolved power to a certain extent and that is a must,”

 But Reginald Cooray has failed to say which  are the countries in the world that have devolved power to the minorities.  Reginald Cooray thinks the people are gullible to swallow every thing he says.   But he does not realise what is at stake is a worse situation, which is a possible setting up of a Eelam State if the 13 Amendment is allowed to remain in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

 The four misled politicians of the left and the exUNP Rajitha Seanaratne say that they want the country to go forward , but little they realise that they are the one’s that are  being  barriers to the forward march of the country.

 The LSSP and the CP are in a process of slow death and perhaps their support of the 13Amendment will  see their final demise.

21 Responses to “DEW Gunasekara, Tissa Vitharana, Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Reginald Cooray and Rajitha Senaratne in support of 13Amendment.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    These jokers’ parties are DEAD.

    Except one ALL others are national list MPs. Can dispose them easily.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The issue of the 13th amendment can be negated in two ways. The first way is an outright abolition of this foreign drafted amendment. Secondly is to pass another amendment that negates the 13th amendment by its content:
    – Declare Sri Lanka as a Buddhist nation where other faiths can function but cannot convert others to their faith.
    – Emphasizes central power over the provinces and incorporates the Buddhist Sanga according to the principals of
    Buddhism where the demand to honor the Buddha and the Darhma is equal to the the demand to honor the
    – any practice that goes against the principals of Buddhism are banned. That would include the Sharia law of the
    Muslims and the Caste system of the Hindus to the slaughter of cows. Including revitalizing long lost Buddhist
    Temples, monasteries etc where ever they may have been. Buddhist sacred structures take preeminence over
    that of other faiths or beliefs
    – Any party or organization that seeks foreign entities into the working of the politics of Sri Lanka will be treated as
    traitors and their act an act of treason, and all political parties place the integrity and unity of Sri Lanka above all

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    TRAITORS ALL: “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together!”

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Very good start.

    I disagree with 2.

    “incorporates the Buddhist Sanga according to the principals of Buddhism where the demand to honor the Buddha and the Darhma is equal to the the demand to honor the Sanga”

    This has to come from the people and the Sanga rules. Not from law.

    “Buddhist sacred structures take preeminence over that of other faiths or beliefs.”

    No! That can lead to unfairness if someone builds a Buddhist temple close to the Davatagaa mosque and create a land dispute. Minorities that do NOT tresspass into Buddhism should be allowed to live freely.

    Historically older structures (where local historical records exist) take preeminence over later ones.

    One additional requirement. A Supreme Sanga Council (SSC) will be set up. Constitutional changes and matters is national importance must pass through the Supreme Sanga Council in simple majority in addition to supreme court and referendum (where necessary). All Sanga monks are eligible to vote. Similar bodies exist officially and unofficially in Israel, India, Iran, USA, Britain, Russia, Australia, Saudi, Japan, etc.

    Agree with the rest.

  5. Senevirath Says:



  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    The CONSEQUENCES of the relatively new concept of “Devolution of Power” to sub-national regions, in a changing political environment in which the National Will of the powers that held them together are being slowly but surely undermined and eroded by their own false rhetoric, are EMERGING, but has not yet come to FULL BLOOM, for all to see the FOLLY of the underlying Rhetoric.

    Let me cite a few examples:

    1.Yugoslavia, held together by the Post WWII prestige of Marshal Tito who had imprisoned the evils of the Balkan witches brew in a Pandora’s Box, has DISINTEGRATED into its ethno-religious constituencies with the connivance of its old enemies (eg. Germany) and old allies turned into new enemies (eg. USA, UK). Yugoslavia is DEAD & GONE.

    2. THe UK has devolved power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland is considering secession, and Wales is demanding its own Parliament as a precursor to following in Scotland’s wake. Only Northern Ireland, facing the IRA threat and forced union with the Republic of Ireland, hangs on desperately to the UK for protection.

    3. Canada dodged the secession of the French-speaking Province of Quebec only barely in the last referendum; next time, the growing voting trend indicates that they will win.

    4. India, governed by its Federal System, and implementing Communal Policies that pit its citizens against each other, is beset by secessionist threats all along its national borders: In the West, the East, the North, and of course the South controlled by the incurably racist Tamils damning all Aryans to perdition. They had supported the Tamil National Army (TNA) from the very dawn of independence.

    5. Last, but not the least, comes the USA which is Blind and Deaf to the GATHERING STORM in the Hispanic dominated Southwest, granting citizenship to illegal immigrants in the tens of millions under the threat of blackmail, putting vote bank politics ahead of its National DUTY to SECURE & CONTROL its Borders, and ENFORCE its National Immigration Laws.

    US leaders believe their own rhetoric on the “unique ability” of the “American Democracy” to accommodate immigrants from diverse cultures in unlimited numbers, even when they violate the laws of they country they seek to enter, without anti-national attitudes taking hold in unassimilated immigrant communities.

    They forget two very important instances when the “American Democracy” failed to hold the country and its people together in common cause: The War of Independence, when a significant fraction of its population, both white and black, emigrated to British Canada after the loss of their side in the war. and the Civil War in which the 11 Southern slave States fought the 22 free and 5 border slave states of the Union in a bitter and costly war of secession for four long years. Will the US be able to summon the Will to defeat the LOOMING RECONQUESTA in the Southwest? I very much doubt it.

  7. Samanthi Says:

    I can still remember a story in Divaina newspaper under “King Barnet” when Ranil’s UNP was in power.
    It started as follows:

    ” Parajithai, Sujonui, Wijayalathui yaaluwo thun dhenek. Me thun dhenage rassawa redhi apilliema.
    Uthure Pabawathiege kilutu redhi genath apullala dhena eka me thun dhenata hari vinodhayak…….”

    P.S: The first and the third name have been mentioned in Senevirath’s comment above.
    Pabawathie kicked the bucket on the banks of Nandhikandal lagoon in May 2009.

  8. May182009 Says:

    The best example closest to Sri Lanka (SRI) is Israel (ISR).

    ISR has its own unique language, religion, culture, etc. just like SRI. Both in hostile neighborhoods infected with medieval era Sharia Low and South Indian Caste Law. These uncivilised practices drive their people out of Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Kerala and into ISR and SRI.

    Today 25% of ISR are Arabs and 25% of SRI are Arabs and South Indians. Only 75% of ISR are Jews and only 75% of Sri Lanka are Sinhalese.

    Unwanted migrants in both countries are growing despite restrictions, alleged discrimination, genocide, war crimes, colonization, alleged rubbish blaming on Judaism and Buddhism and other baseless blame. The fact that their population growth is similar to Medieval period suggest they are wrong in their allegations. In addition, they have an extremely high reproduction rate. Average children in an Arab (falsely called “Palestinians” but their language, culture and religion are Arabic) family is 4. Average children in an Elam Tamil (falsely called “Elam Tamils” but their language, culture and religion are South Indian) and Muslim family is 4. Jewish and Sinhala families have an average of only 1.5 children.

    It is obvious what happens in future. Imported minorities will outnumber the unique peoples of both ISR and SRI. Then something dirtier happens.

    In order to save the Hebrew-Judeo identity in the world, Israel WILL HAVE TO agree to a 2-state-solution. Otherwise the new majority (Arabs) will rule over the Jews and turn the beautiful land of the Morning Star into another disgusting junkyard of medieval barbarity.

    In order to save the Sinhala-Buddhist identity in the world, Sri Lanka WILL HAVE TO agree to a 2-state-solution. Otherwise the new majority (Arabs and South Indians) will rule over the Sinhalese and turn the beautiful land of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean into another disgusting junkyard of medieval barbarity.

    The so called “international community” has been harping on the 2-state-solution since independence (1948). Now the Americans are running with it.

    Something must be done to prevent today’s minority from becoming tomorrow’s majority in both countries. These minorities have their own nations where extreme barbarity chases them away.

    First thing is border protection. Second thing is to have only one official language that deters illegal immigrants (they don’t know Hebrew or Sinhala). If every state function happens in these languages respectively, they will not come in such large numbers. If Arabic and Tamil remain official languages, they will come in drones. Thirdly deport all illegal immigrants. Tell the police to turn a blind eye to crimes committed upon illegal immigrants.

    Fourthly, SRI should import Bangladeshi Buddhists and settle them in the north. 1.5 million Bengali Buddhists are persecuted by Islamic fundamentalists. They will soon vanish into nothingness. The responsibility to protect Theravada Buddhism in the South Asian region rests with SRI. Israel imported millions of Jews persecuted in Soviet Union, Germany , etc. and settled them in colonization schemes called Kibutz (Chena in Sinhala).

    Fifthly, divide minority enclaves by state sponsored colonization schemes that cut through them. That was how West Bank and Gaza were separated. That was how Vanni and Batticaloa were separated. And that was how Trincomalee and Ampara were separated.

    The world has only 15 million Jews and Sinhalese each. If they disappear, the whole world loses them. There are a billion Hindus and a billion Muslims. They need not be protected in SRI and ISR. The rest of the world has enough of them.

  9. Max Silva Says:

    Most of these jokers belonging to three wheeler parties entered parliament through the back door which is the national list.Also they are the recipients of foreign funds.Thissa Witharana is a notorious NGO Kakka.Rajitha S was a one time anti war activist meaning he was of the view that the GOSL should talk with terrorists.People are looking forward to dump these jokers to the political dustbin in a future general election.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some are protesting the removal of the 13-A because :

    (a) that is the Tamil Nadu vent hole for their Caste/poverty problems there. 13-A gives false hopes for dreamland Tamil Only Eelam (similar to Valhala, Utopia, Heaven, Nirvana etc.).

    (b) These people also hope to find old fashioned ways of solving Labor problems in Sri Lanka by allowing Tamil migrants (illegal ?) into Lanka.

    Both ideas are impractical and will only throw Lanka and the entire region into instability & strife and worse, impair Indo/Lanka relations beyond repair.

    Remove the 13-a via a Referndum and DEPORT all identified illegal migrants in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will have to guard her coastlines, ports, airports on a forever basis against illegal migration.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also seriously address the problems faced by existing Labor in Sri Lanka. Modernise & Mechanise wherever possible. Also recognise dignity of Labor with suitable reward systems. Suggestions addressing this problem welcome.

  12. Indrajith Says:

    These Loonie Left loosers must read the article tittled “The Now Defunct Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987” written by Mr. S.L. Gunasekera and published in today’s Daily Mirror.

  13. Eusense Says:

    Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha,
    You seem to be a fanatic who is trying to make Sri Lanka a “Buddhist-Taliban” country. Why pull religion to the constitution? Do you feel Buddhism is not secure and may be extinct without it being forced on to people by law? Let the Sanga look after Buddhism and educate the Buddhists according to the teachings of Lord Buddha. As a matter of fact that is their obligation not politics or writing constitutions. Once they teach the dhamma Buddhists will live accordingly. As a consequence crime will be low, will boycott meat (no more slaughter of cattle) and with strong Buddhist beliefs could not be converted to any other religion. In fact If the Sanga do their part well Christians and Muslims even may convert to Buddhism.
    Remember, most advanced countries adopt the “separation of church and state” for a good reason!

  14. Samanthi Says:

    These old left donkeys have no vote base, that’s why most of them have come to power as national list MPs.
    If they go for an election tomorrow, not even their wives would vote for them. Earlier they vanish, Mother Lanka will be happy!!!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Separation of State & religion (any religion) is very healthy.

  16. jayasiri Says:

    Judging by the responses, I feel we all feel very strongly about our Motherland..~ Sri Lanka. We all know how the left parties of lanka, continued to agitate, and joining any group of people, who are hell bent on Desttroying sri lanka, because they never get a chance to get elected in the Ist place & secondly even if elected, they have no voice to make any significant change to betterment of Lanka.

    They are lost souls trying to grasp whatever issue & then, even go against the party they hold dear to get their pay cheques. NONE of them wil leave their cushy jobs, because they know very well, that come next election time most of them, will be out of a job.

    I still can’t understand when so much criticism is levelled against INDIA, these fools in SRI LANKA,still support Indian intervention or run to India to ask & obey what they should do next. India knows that Sinhalese are like that, NEVER have LOVE for their country where they were born.

    It is time to say to INDIA, we never want them to come to Sri lanka, like streaming beggars & stay un-detected, living on riches of lanka. Do not send us your faulty equipment in the form of GRANTS, LOANS, just beacuse China is getting closer to Lanka.

    Their fear is that, one day China will be main partner of sri Lanka, NOT India. Those Indian worshipers should realize, going against the country they were born is a crime. There should be clauses in our LAWS, which must be enforced as ANTI-LANKA sentiments, utterances, & collective associations who disrupt Lanka ‘s laws, must be punished.

    Supporting India or what India stands for is detrimental to lanka, we have seen through the ages. Now at least these parasites should learn, if NOT THEY might learn it the hard way.

    Freedom of Speech is guranteed, BUT doing ANTI-LANKA activities, must be made a punishable crime. They can complain to UN, USA or any other organization/or country, BUT we must uphold our laws according our values & peoples wishes.

    Hope ONCE & for all we will get rid of 13th amendment so that people can use their energies in developing our country, start manufcturing & exporting. Sending raw matrials to foreign countries will NEVER HELP US develop our country.
    These peripheral issues are taking too much energy & time, even leaders are unable to govern the country. Find an easy way to solve OUR PROBLEMS through our own people & our own ideas……Thank you all, another expat who still cannot decide to stay here or come to lanka……God Bless……….~ J

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    Please read chapter 9 of SL Constitution without talking nonsense.

    It CLEARLY STATES Buddhism is SUPREME. Take it or leave it. You need SL but SL does NOT need you.

    BTW Taliban is an Islam concept not a Buddhist one. It means “holy warrior”. Same with other nonsense words they have to justify violence.

  18. kiranifra Says:

    Separation of State & religion (any religion) is very healthy.- but not practical as ” Mahatma Ghandhi said ”
    Sinhalese & Tamil never fight & never will ? fight for what ???
    but Bhuddist & saivar fight each other last 2,500 years in mother lanka & will fight for another 3,000 years !!!

    We both have to live with it – Our Karma & Karmam !!!

  19. Eusense Says:

    Sadly, your reading and comprehension is really low. You still don’t have a clue of what I am writing about!

  20. Naram Says:

    Sri Lanka is caught up in a blind ally by the sinister machinations of her populous neighbour and the stratifications of the structures / imposition of the English language through an anglicised minority. Regional powers may have been proposed as a answer to contain the organised might of the internationally connected Tamil minority wielding so much power in Tamil Nadu, but its unintended consequences are felt in every region. LTTE itself broke into many parts as LTTE elite in Jaffna did not want Batticaloa boys as equals in the command structure. Some of the writers propose here propose to withdraw the freedom to change the religion !

    In the Buddhism I learnt at school I recall how Buddha himself preferred to live in a forest in the company of elephants that is away from fairly comfortable life in Jethawana Monastery when the disciples started unending arguments on small details. Buddhism itself has many forms, Zen Buddhism that has taken root in some parts and Theravada in Sri Lanka today but one sees in that at certain times Zen was in the ascendancy. For most people religion is a set of beliefs inside one’s mind and teime and I personally think effort spent in going to the Temple, Kovil or Church can be more usefully spent in reading or contemplation / meditation.

    Various forms of corruption are rife in both central government and local government, but the very nature of the system with the power of local gangs, that came to international focus in various rape cases in the South show that local bosses could be far worse than little more impersonal state bosses/ state government. No doubt a local government is more cost effective in collecting rates, arranging local utilities, some say in Schools or Hospitals but one cannot conceive that Police powers in the hands of local bosses would lead to better governance.

  21. Samanthi Says:

    One must understand why these socalled Sinhalese leftish politicians trying their level best to get the 13th ammendment to the constitution through. It is no secret that Vasudheva is one such person who promotes the separation of Sri Lanka on ethnic basis for the last several years. He has deep rooted relations to Tamils. For example, his daughter is married to Judge Vigneswaran’s son. And he wants to please his Tamil relative.That is why he is barking so much for Tamil Eelam in SL.

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