Khalifa of Islam on Ahmadiyya in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia
Posted on October 1st, 2013

by A. Abdul Aziz, Press Secretary, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama-â„¢at -” Sri Lanka.

‚ (Given below is an excerpt of the Friday Sermons of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Supreme Head of the world-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam, delivered on 27th September 2013, at Ta Ha Mosque in Singapore gave a discourse on Ahmadiyyat in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

‚  Ahmadiyya Khalifa ‚ said:

-ËœIt is with the grace of Allah the Exalted that once again He has enabled me to meet Ahmadis of this region. The situation in Malaysia and Indonesia as regards the Jama-â„¢at is such that it is difficult for me to go there. Singapore is one such place where Allah the Exalted facilitates meeting members of these Jama-â„¢ats. May Allah the Exalted make the situation such that things ease in these countries and the Khalifa of the time is enabled to go there.

‚ This time over three thousand Ahmadi Muslims have come from Indonesia and Malaysia, most of them are from Indonesia. In addition, Ahmadis have also come from Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and the Philippines. Some non-Ahmadis have also come. In any case it is a favour of Allah the Exalted that He has facilitated these meetings.

‚ Indonesia is one such country in this region where because of Ahmadiyyat members of the Jama-â„¢at are being badly persecuted and there have been martyrdoms. The persecution took place and indeed is still taking place in the presence of government workers. It is not that it just happened once.

‚ I came here for the first time about seven years ago. Persecution of Ahmadis in Indonesia had started a short while prior to [my visit]. Mosques were attacked, there was general rampaging, Jama-â„¢at property was damaged and Ahmadis were attacked and they endured loss of life and property. Wave of enmity grew fiercer and fiercer after that and loss of life and property continued. All of you know how cruelly and brutally Ahmadis were martyred in the supervision of police. The barbarity was of such level that fair-minded local media also condemned it. Nowadays the world has shrunk so much due to the media that details of this persecution reached everyone and the world-â„¢s attention was turned to it and many voices were raised against it. We are grateful to all the organisations or individuals who spoke up against the persecution of Jama-â„¢at. Yet, Allah the Exalted in another ways brings about some good results of every episode of persecution of the Jama-â„¢at. Due to the persecution of Indonesian Ahmadis, the Jama-â„¢at was introduced on a large scale around the world. When the video of the persecution where three Ahmadis were martyred was shown in a far-flung part of Africa, a great learned person there decided that such cruelty can only be perpetrated against true believers and as a result he accepted Ahmadiyyat, true Islam This particular persecution not only resulted in Bai-â„¢ats in Indonesia but also Bai-â„¢ats in many areas of the world.

‚ After Pakistan Indonesia is one such country where cruelty and barbarity continues to be perpetrated and where brutal persecution of Ahmadis is taking place. Although the situation is easing somewhat in Indonesia, it continues in Pakistan. And this oppression is taking place in the name of God and His Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). In the name of that God Whose teaching is replete with paying the dues of mankind, in the name of that God Who gives Muslims the teaching of compassion and justice, in the name of that Prophet who was -Ëœmercy for all the worlds-â„¢, who stopped from cruelty even during the hour of battle and who was most displeased with his Companion for killing a person who had recited the Kalima (Muslim declaration of faith). When the Companion told him that the Kafir had uttered the Kalima out of fear of the sword, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) asked him if he had cut open the man-â„¢s heart and seen whether he had uttered the Kalima out of fear or with sincerity.

‚ In any case, the persecution in Pakistan is of extreme nature. People who utter the Kalima are being persecuted in the name of the Kalima and it is the influence of the Pakistani Mullahs on the Indonesian Mullahs who have been committing cruelty and who incite people. Whenever they get a chance, our opponents try and harm us. Yet, it is a grace of Allah the Exalted that the worse the enemy gets in opposition, steadfastness of Ahmadis increases to a an even greater extent. Our opponents do not know that Ahmadiyyat is that true Islam which is embedded in our hearts and no amount of opposition and its severity can separate the strong roots of our faith from us. Seeing the blessings of Allah the Exalted, how can Ahmadis turn away from the pledge they have made with God! How can they break the connection made with the true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him)? This is a connection which has further strengthened our connection with Allah the Exalted and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and which has shown us those ways of progression of faith from which the non-Ahmadi Muslims are unfamiliar.

‚ Every Ahmadi should continue to strengthen his faith in spite of the opposing hostilities and always stay firm as a model of steadfastness, enhance in faith and pray for fortitude because it fortitude come with the grace of Allah the Exalted. And to attain His grace it is very important to turn to Him and pay the dues of His worship. Similarly, practises should also be improved. A lot of attention should be given to this. Turning to Allah the Exalted and improving practises is not just for those who are being persecuted. In fact, every Ahmadi should self-reflect. Ahmadis of Thailand, Burma, Singapore and every country will not be able to improve if they do not self-reflect over their spiritual condition. And if there is no improvement/progression in [individuals-â„¢] Ahmadiyyat, then there is no point in being an Ahmadi. Every Ahmadi should pay attention to improving his faith.

‚ I mentioned Malaysia earlier; there is opposition there as well. Time and again there is a furore there but the situation is not like Indonesia. It is understood that Muslim organisations have put up signboards all over the place which say that -ËœQadianis-â„¢ are not Muslims or words to that effect. Certainly when passing by Ahmadis see these [boards] and their sentiments are hurt and seeing these words all over the place upsets them. However, Ahmadis are always patient and do not take the law in their hand. Allah the Exalted knows we are Muslims and we know that we are better Muslims than the others; we know that our hearts are full of love of Allah the Exalted and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Indeed, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said not to call one who professes -ËœLa ilaha illalla Muhammadur Rasoolullah-â„¢ (There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger) a Kafir (disbeliever) because calling one a Kafir will revert back on the person saying it. In fact he said that one who only says -ËœLa ilaha illah-â„¢ is also a Muslim. And the Holy Qur-â„¢an even states not to tell a person who says Salaam to you that he is not a believer. Such is the teaching of the Holy Qur-â„¢an whereas these people have made their own Islam. For the sake of their vested interests and personal desires they have made the commandments of Allah the Exalted a laughing stock in the eyes of others.

‚ I met (President) Sadr Jama-â„¢at of Malaysia and he said that although the signboards are there, people do not care about them anymore. Decent people outside the Jama-â„¢at have also realised that these expressions stem from invested interests of the Maulwis that they are making Islam a source of derision in the eyes of the outsiders, moulding it contrary to the teaching of the Holy Qur-â„¢an and according to their own interests. However, true Islam constitutes the commandments of Allah the Exalted and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Some time ago a Christian priest in Malaysia said that it is alright for Christians to use the term Allah because He is also their Allah. The so-called Muslims raised a hue and cry over this and the matter was taken to the court. Unfortunately the court decided that only Muslims can use the term Allah and no one else has the right to say that Allah belongs to them. So, these worldly people restricted Allah-â„¢s name in the name of Allah! They deem that only the so-called Muslims have ownership of Allah. The ignorant Maulwis may say things like these but it is astonishing to note that educated decision-making people are bringing Islam in disrepute with such decisions. Allah the Exalted states: -ËœAll praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds.-â„¢ (1:2) that is, He is the Lord of everyone, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. He also states: -ËœAllah enlarges His provisions for whomsoever He pleases-¦-â„¢ (13:27) Is someone else providing for Christians, Jews or the others? In light of their [the court-â„¢s] decision it is an unforgivable sin if a Christian says that Allah is providing for him. Allah the Exalted has had it stated in the Holy Qur-â„¢an through the earlier Prophets that: -ËœAllah, your Lord, and the Lord of your forefathers of old?-â„¢ (37:127) Thus, how can Muslims have ownership of Allah? Indeed, Allah the Exalted states about the Christians about whom the Malaysian court passed a verdict that only Muslims can use the term Allah: -ËœSay, -ËœO People of the Book! come to a word equal between us and you -” that we worship none but Allah-¦-â„¢ (3:65) That is, the commonality/common value between Muslims and Christians is the Being of Allah the Exalted. Just as a Muslim has the right to say Allah, so does a Christian and anyone else. I have given these examples because some Ahmadis ask me regarding this matter. The Holy Qur-â„¢an is replete with examples where Allah the Exalted has called Himself Allah of everyone. No individual, religion, no sect, no government and no court of law has the ownership of Allah. Allah the Exalted is not a trademark; He is Lord of all the worlds.

‚ Today only Ahmadis can tell the world about the teaching of true Islam and the Being and station of Allah the Exalted and the teaching of the Holy Qur-â„¢an. Non-Ahmadis have reduced Islam to a source of derision for the others. It is for the Ahmadis of Malaysia to wisely tell their countrymen about the teaching of Islam and ask them why are they bringing the beautiful teaching of Islam in disrepute by following the so-called Ulema (religious scholars). May Allah the Exalted remove their veils of ignorance.

I have mentioned Indonesia and Malaysia. Ahmadis of Singapore may be wondering that I have come to their country but am mentioning others! First of you Ahmadis should remember that believers are like a body. If one suffers pain the other also feels the pain. This is why the pain of Ahmadis living in countries where persecution is taking place should be felt by every Ahmadi around the world. I also say to the Ahmadis of Singapore that the situation is good here. The Government here does not allow opposition of religion and gives freedom to state the positive points of one-â„¢s religion. Thus Ahmadis should extend their Tabligh work with judiciousness and take the message of Islam, that is true Islam to all strata of society.

‚ The Ahmadis sitting before me here, whether they are from Singapore or elsewhere, no matter where they hail from, should remember that whether the situation is good or bad, we have to show the real countenance of Islam to the world and have to make evident the beautiful aspects of the life and blessed character of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Take any aspect of his life and blessed character, Allah the Exalted states that it is a blessed model for true Muslims. He is a perfect exemplar for us in domestic matters, societal matters, matters dealing with outsiders and matters pertaining to dealing with other nations and countries. When presenting his life and blessed character before the others, we also have to put [his ways] in practice and attract the others with our practices. When presenting the true facet of -Ëœmercy for all the worlds-â„¢ to the world, we ourselves have to demonstrate a model of love and brotherhood. When presenting the true teaching of the Holy Qur-â„¢an to the world we have to tell the world that in order to understand the teaching of the Holy Qur-â„¢an in this age Allah the Exalted has sent one appointed by Him who was the true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and unless one is connected to him, one cannot truly understand the teaching. If they do not connect to the Imam of the age, they will only pass edicts of Kufr (unbelief) on each other and rather than draw the others closer they will make them distant.

‚ Every Ahmadi should be grateful for the grace of Allah the Exalted that He has enabled us to accept the Promised Messiah and Mahdi (on whom be peace) in accordance with the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). How can we be thankful? For this thankfulness we have to try and adapt our wishes according to the teaching of Islam, sacrifice our emotions and work hard to understand the true teaching. There is a great need to pay attention to this.

‚ There is much to say but time does not allow me to unfold matters. With the grace of Allah the Exalted in spite of [huge] distances He has linked the connection of the Jama-â„¢at with Khilafat through MTA. For this you should make a point to listen to my sermons and various programmes. In my assessment even some office-holders do not listen to the Friday sermon regularly. I try to give Friday sermons in line with the need of the time, therefore you should definitely connect yourself to them so that the cohesion of the teaching of Ahmadiyyat can be recognised by the world.

‚ In the end I will present a few extracts of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) which tell us of the standard which he expected of us. He said:

-ËœIt is important to continue scrutinising the declaration that is given: -ËœI will give preference to faith over worldly matters-â„¢ and then present a fine example of it in your practical life.-â„¢

-ËœGod-â„¢s succour comes to those alone who always step up in piety and do not stay stagnant. It is these whose ending is good.-â„¢

-ËœAllah the Exalted has taught the prayer in the Holy Qur-â„¢an: -Ëœ-¦make my seed righteous for me-¦-â„¢ (46:16), that is, also reform my wife and children. While praying for one-â„¢s condition to go through pure changes, one should also pray for one-â„¢s children and wife because often man faces problems arising due to wife and children.-â„¢

-ËœIt is needed that your practices should bear witness to you being an Ahmadi.-â„¢

-ËœOur Jama-â„¢at should remember very well not to forget Allah the Exalted under any circumstances. Help should be sought from Him at all times. Man is nothing without Him.-â„¢

‚ We all need to self-reflect as to what extent have we inculcated pure changes and up to what extent are we trying to connect our children to the Jama-â„¢at and up what extent are we trying to practice the teaching of the Holy Qur-â„¢an; our practice [of the Holy Qur-â„¢an] should be such that seeing us even the others call out that we are better Muslims than them! Are our models such that opponents of Islam will be inclined to Islam after seeing us? If we are attaining such standards then InshaAllah while they will gain us nearness to Allah the Exalted, they will also increase us in numbers and opposition of the Jama-â„¢at will one day be blown away in the wind. May Allah the Exalted enhance all of you and me in faith and may He keep all of you in His protection every minute and demolish the schemes of the enemy-

‚ The English Translation of the Sermon -” the video link of which is:-

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