Stop Wigneswaran promoting separatism
Posted on October 31st, 2013

Ranjith Soysa‚ ‚  Media ReleaseSPUR‚  (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)

Mr. C.V. Wigneswaran the newly elected chief minister of the Northen Province of Sri Lanka has called prabhakaran a liberation fighter and compared‚ ‚  him to Weera Kappeptipola . This is not only a grave insult to Weera Keppetipola but is also a grave insult to the‚  members of defence services and the general public‚  who sacrificed life and limb to restore peace and democracy to the whole of Sri Lanka and to all who were oppressed by the terrorism of the LTTE. Weera Keppetipola and other heroes fought against the British invaders to liberate the people of Sri Lanka. In stark contrast Prabhakaran did NOT fight an invading foreign power but fought against the armed forces of the legitimately elected governments of Sri Lanka in order to illegally carve out a separate country comprising of the North and East of Sri Lanka. This act of Wigneswaran of glorifying prabhakaran clearly shows that he supports‚  the ruthless terrorist campaign waged by the LTTE to break up Sri Lanka. All patriotic Sri Lankans irrespective of their ethnicity should whole heartedly condemn this blatant promotion of separatist terrorism and also condemn the grave insult to a heroic freedom fighter.

Mr.Wigneswaran doesn-â„¢t stop there. In another more recent speech he has said that he- cannot condone the army-â„¢s presence in the North based on national security- and alleged that the Sri Lankan Army is acquiring land from people in Jaffna. We wish to remind Mr.Wigneswaran that he has absolutely no right to determine the deployment of the Sri Lankan Army as it is done based on national security requirements by the ministry of defence.‚  Furthermore Wigneswaran-â„¢s allegation against the Army is false as according to Major general Hathurusinghe since 2009 the Army has handed back 4200 plots of land to civilians and Army camps on those lands have been relocated to state owned land. Both of these statements by Wigneswaran reflects his attempts at discrediting the Sri Lankan defence forces with the sole aim of playing cheap politics with regard to the presence of them in the Northern Province . His questionable attempt is to lay the foundation for a separate state with minimum resistance from the Sri Lankan government after the weakening of defence establishments‚  in the NP.

Mr. Wigneswaran has further stated that the Muslims who were driven out of the Northern Province are welcome to return to the Northern province. He however does not utter a word about the return of thousands of Sinhala people who were forced to flee the Northern province. It is clear that his objective is to exclude the Sinhalese from the northern province in order to establish a province comprising mainly of Tamil speaking people.‚  We wish to remind Mr. Wigneswaran that alll‚  Sri Lankans irrespective of their ethnicity have a right to settle in any part of Sri Lanka and that it is not his prerogative to determine the ethnic composition of the northern or any other province. We wish to remind him of the‚  Western Province where he resides is a multi-ethnic where no restrictions are imposed by its Chief Minister in respect of its ethnic composition.

We strongly request the government to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka and to continue to deploy the Army all over the country as dictated by national security requirements and not by the aspirations of the likes‚  of Mr. Wigneswaran. We further request the government to enforce the 6th amendment of the constitution to ensure that no politician acts to create separate units within Sri Lanka and all the politicians are compelled to uphold legally the territorial integrity of the country .

Ranjith Soysa

Spokesperson – SPUR‚  (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)

31st Oct 2013

8 Responses to “Stop Wigneswaran promoting separatism”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Wigneswaran became c j in a land with so much discrimination.
    STILL NO GRATITUDE. These traitors should think about leaving our country and go to where they belong.
    They will never be Sri Lankans. Traitors to the core. Ungrateful xxxxxxtes.
    Make the north Yapa Patuna again.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    The bearded Pottuman is a hypocrite of the highest order.

    He specifically stated that the Tamils have given up the idea of separatism. This was a red herring drawn across the trail, to hoodwink the Sinhalese. THE SINHALES NOR THE PRESIDENT OF SRI LANKA, DID NOT SWALLOW THIS GUNDU.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Viggi says: “Tamils have given up the idea of separatism. So remove army camps.”

    Which fool will beleive that!

    We want the LAND in the north Viggi. Give us that.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ethnic Integration will happen if Sinhala and Tamil people live together in the same communities, and all the things necessary to force interaction and interdependence are done.

    It may take a long time … even decades, perhaps until the present generation of racist die-hards die off … but it will happen in the long term, just as it had in the Colombo area before all the ethnic conflict began.

    Until then, we have to

    ….. Settle Sinhala people in the North and East, and elsewhere, until there are no Tamils-only & Muslim-only concentrations anywhere in the country

    ……Prevent all Separatist and Communal activities by all groups, including foreign NGOs meddling in Sri Lanka

    ….. Ban Communal parties and organizations, and ENFORCE the laws against TREASON strengthening them as necessary

    ……Make Communal Separatist groups feel HOPELESS .. to borrow your Lorenzo’s words … without Any Way to Succeed either as Communal Separatists

    …. Meanwhile, treat all Tamils and Muslims as equal citizens … with Equal RIGHTS to enjoy and Equal RESPONSIBILITIES to the nation … NOT ONE IOTA MORE, NOT ONE IOTA LESS! No special rights, no special limitations … NONE WHATEVER!

    These are ALL elements of Ethnic Integration, as I view it.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    If we go to tamil nadu and live for a few generations, multiply enough, and demand for a separate state for us, viggi
    will say yes why not. These people are simply ungrateful, selfish, traitors. Not even in india They get special treatments.
    But in Sri Lanka they want special treatments. We never invited you. You can leave any time. Nobody going to miss you!

    Ananda is spot on. We should not have tamil and muslim areas. This is Sinhalayas’ country. Still we are not supposed to live anywhere we like. They came, multiplied, settled in few areas. Now they want separate countries. Where else in the world minorities can have a claim like this. We are too tolerant for these xxxx.

    Traitor diaspora are the originators of all these. Stopping them is easy. Start a Sinhalese village every week in the north and the east. Send a strong message, if your treachery going to continue, we will make the north and east Sinhalese AGAIN.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lankans have been sleeping during 500 yrs of Colonial Rule and crunched up in the jaws of the Cold War. Tamil Separatism grew in leaps and bounds during these times. Tamil Separatism was used to mask Tamil Caste Wars of both Lanka & Tamil Nadu.

    Mr Wigneswaran is caught up in the Tamil Separatist past. He has to change his stance to One Lanka for All. Nothing else will work.

    No more Tamil or other ILLEGAL MIGRANTS in Sri Lanka. Deport all illegal migrants.

    Wake up, Lanka !

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Activate the 6-A and show any Separatists (even Federalism is a form of Separatism) that it is going against the country that nurtures them.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indian Tamils should end discrimination against their own people instead of worrying about Sri Lankan Tamils, as CASTE WARS continue unabated in the Tamil Valhalla.

    In the article below, note that the attackers are referred to as “Caste Hindus” in contrast to the Dalits. According to the Indian Hindu caste system, Dalits are untouchables and “Outside” the Hindu Caste System that assigns to them the status on non-humans!

    This are the Ethical Underpinnings of the JayaLolitas, Karunanidhis, Vaikos, Ramadosses and Thirumavalavans who DARE TO ACCUSE Sri Lanka of Discrimination against Tamils!

    Monstrous Hypocrites …. ALL of them!
    Attacked by caste Hindus, Dalits knock collector’s door

    By Express News Service – TIRUCHY
    November 5, 2013

    Dalit villagers, who were allegedly attacked by caste Hindus on Deepavali day at Anthanallur in Srirangam constituency, approached Collector Jayashree Muraleedharan on Monday seeking to initiate action against their tormentors. They appealed her to shift a PDS outlet claiming that it is located at a place dominated by members of the other community.

    A large number of Dalits, including those injured in the alleged attack, thronged the collectorate.

    Explaining the chain of events, they told the collector that a section of people from their community were waiting at a bus stop at Mullikarumbur on Deepavali day when a group of caste Hindus approached them and picked up a quarrel. Mullikarumbur is a place dominated by caste Hindus.

    According to the Dalits, the caste Hindus used filthy language and addressed them by their caste name. When asked why they were targeting them, the group allegedly assaulted them. “They came there with an intention to attack us and as planned, they rushed towards us with lethal weapons and iron rods and assaulted us,” a victim said.

    The injured Dalits were rushed to the GH and were given treatment. Meanwhile, Dalit members lodged a complaint with the Somarasampettai police station, but the police allegedly refused to entertain the complaint.

    Meanwhile, when the caste Hindus learnt that a complaint has been lodged against them, they stopped the Dalits once again while they were waiting at the bus stop and warned them of dire consequences.

    In the petition to the collector, they also expressed fear that the situation may worsen if the people from their colony go to the ration outlet located in anarea dominated by caste Hindus. “People from our area, especially women, fear to go there to buy things and we appeal to open a PDS outlet so that we may live peacefully”, the petition further said.

    The Collector received the petition and asked police officials to look into the issue.

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