It is “wrong” for energy firms to increase their bills when wholesale prices are “not going up substantially”, the British Prime Minister has said.
Posted on November 8th, 2013

Dr Hector Perera‚ ‚ ‚  London

When some energy giants put the prices up by 10% who gets affected, it-â„¢s the millions of customers who use gas and electricity. Even the British Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron states that is -wrong- to do so due to various reasons but I wonder if the energy giants would reverse the increase. His comments came as fuel poverty campaigners demanded that party leaders act on the ”national crisis” of cold homes. The UK is second only to Estonia among European nations for the number of people who are struggling to pay their energy bills, according to research by the fuel poverty alliance Energy Bill Revolution. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he would not allow all green levies to be axed following the PM’s surprise announcement earlier this week that he would take action on the environmental charges which were driving up energy bills by an average ‚£112 per household a year.


Then Archbishop of Canterbury as well has spoken out about the same problem and even the opposition parliamentarians as well are on the side of the general public but with all that I have my doubts if the price rise would be reversed in order to help the general public. Well if the energy giants cut down the prices by at least 1% the things could have been different.

To save energy, the energy firms say it-â„¢s better to get better insulation of the houses to prevent any heating lost, install a new gas boiler and radiators and many more solutions. In a way they are right but what about the people who have got them already?

Nearly everybody talk about energy involved in heating the houses and keeping the occupants warm and cosy only. Some people say why not wear extra jumpers, wrap up warm to keep them warm. I am wondering if they use gas and electricity only for heating and keeping them warm, is that all? You mean they do not use any gas or electricity at all for eating or cooking? May be a negligible amount of energy is used for cooking in England. I heard many people eat nothing but unhealthy junk or takeaways so no cooking is involved, in that case the people do not have to worry about energy used for cooking. Just plug in the kettle to boil water for a cup of tea or coffee or to make a cup of soup. One need to understand its energy prices have increased that means both gas and electricity.

Let me again put forward my scientific energy saving idea to save some energy, yes some energy only. I assume quite a few people eat takeaways because then no problems of cooking and energy saving. They can be obtained either in takeaway shops or even in supermarkets. Most of them are ready to eat and a few of them need a bit warming up in the microwave oven for few seconds. How many people eat things such as pasta, spaghetti, rice, chicken, fish, boiled carrots, boiled potatoes, boiled vegetables, mutton and even vegetable curries? If they eat these kinds of foods, they need to be prepared at home or else can be ordered or sit and eat in restaurants. Some people think these foods need lot of time to cook and are tedious to prepare them so they again prefer to go out and eat. Perhaps you understand that eating out can be done only occasionally than on every single meal because it-â„¢s expensive.

If anyone would like to prepare these kinds of foods at home economically, cleanly and easily at home then you may follow my scientific method of cooking. One must understand that anything can be explained on writing but nothing like showing practically then only they understand them clearly. If I say you need to set the cooking at thermodynamic equilibrium sate, I am certain hardly anybody understood what I was talking about. That is why I demonstrated my scientific energy saving cooking practically even in May 2013, to ITN TV then to a crowd of about 50 people in Colombo. In both occasions I used many scientific terms but always shown practically what that was all about.

‚ I am sure when many people learned to drive; they had to take many lessons because they couldn-â„¢t get the hang of driving with one or two lessons or by looking at driving. They could have read about driving by books but it cannot be understood without proper practical instructions. First the driver must have shown how to drive; you might have given the chance to drive in quite roads. I must say it couldn-â„¢t be that easy at all. That means needs practice, similarly one needs to learn cooking systematically if they need to do it properly. Our servants back home were excellent cooks due to years of dedicated practice. They never had the present facilities such as gas and electric cookers, just the smoking firewood stoves.

The only way to make the steam hotter (and/or to boil the water at a higher temperature) is to put the system under pressure. If the steam pressure could pull or push tons of steel trains, you mean it cannot cook some rice? What I am trying to do is adopt our normal cooking pots to pressure cooker conditions but I must say it-â„¢s not always possible. Not everybody can afford these expensive pressure cookers but you may device your normal utensils to some extent. Have you noticed when they cook rice they always put the lid on? That helps to build the pressure but when it froths they take it off immediately, decreasing the pressure, losing clouds of steam. If we fit an absolutely tight cover to the pan so no steam or little steam can escape while we continue to add heat, both the pressure and temperature inside the vessel will rise. The steam and water will both increase in temperature and pressure, and each fluid will be at the same temperature and pressure as the other. One thing you need to understand how to control the over flow by manipulating the heat that needs some practice.

Steam has six times the heat potential when it condenses on a cool food product. This increased heat transfer potential is why steam is such an effective cooking medium.

If you put water into a pot and cover it with a lid, the steam will remain trapped and pressure will build and that rises the temperature at which the liquid boils. This can be done by choosing equipments with high thermal conductivity and with a fairly heavy lid. Remember this device is not the same as a pressure cooker but it works to some extent.

I avoid aluminium pans because it-â„¢s less dense. Imagine at 15psi your food is cooking at 257oF instead of just 212oF that is a little high pressure. When you turn off the heat and begin to drop the pressure you will sometimes hear the food begin to boil inside the closed pot as the pressure drops and the contents come back down to the normal boiling temperature.

I am sure these explanations cannot be understood unless it is accompanied with a proper demonstration. I said about 60% wasting gas can be saved by adopting my kind of scientific cooking. I am sure; you cannot believe a word I mentioned so the best option is to give you another energy saving cooking demonstration. Let me invite these so called energy experts without delay to see my kind of energy saving cooking demonstration.

Now who would give me a chance for this scientific energy saving cooking demonstration? Yes I was given more than one chance to demonstrate this kind of cooking to ITN TV audience then for chat shows with them then also at TNL or Young Asia TV both in Sri Lanka but not had a single chance to demonstrate in England. Have I contacted the right people? If the energy experts or scientists proved that it-â„¢s wastage of time, not practical, does not save any energy at all then I am prepared to compensate by paying them. According to science, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, I am sure you know what I mean?

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