Controversial UK Channel 4 and Callum Macrae of faked Killing Field fame !!!
Posted on November 11th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

‚ UK Channel 4 is a -publisher broadcaster- with its programmes produced by other companies, its funds come from broadcasting and distributing these programmes. UK Channel 4 commensed in 1982 and its history since then is studded with , disgusting sensationalism, controversy, ‚ racist and hateful programmes which are more often faked and false.‚ 

‚ One of its much criticised low and immoral television show was the Wank Week.‚  A season of television programmes about masturbation broad cast in March 2007. The first of this show was about a Masturbate-a-thon, a public masturbation event, organised to raise money for the sexual health charity Marie Stopes International-¦-¦.. the series came under public attack from senior television figures, and was pulled amid claim of declining editorial‚  standards and controversy‚  over the channel-â„¢s public service broad casting Credential. This shows how low the Channel 4 can fall.( wikepedia)‚ 

‚ And this is the Channel which was allowed by Navi Pillai to screen the fake documentary on Sri Lanka the Killing Field in Geneva at the UN Human Rights Council Session in June,2011.

‚ Yet another Controversial issue in which UKChannel 4 was involved was a Programme it broadcast on Global Warming. On March 8,‚  2007 Channel 4 screened the highly controversial docuimentary – The Great Global Warming Swindle-.‚ ‚  The programme states that global warming is -a lie-- and – the biggest scam of modern times-.‚  The programme-â„¢s accuracy has been disputed on multiple points‚  and several commentators ‚ have criticised it for being one-sided, noting that the mainstream‚  position on global warming‚  is supported by the scientific academies of the major industrial nations.‚  There were 246 complaints that the programme falsified data, and views had been distorted.

‚ A Critic‚  and a TV Reviewer James Walton speaking about Channel 4 had said, “one of the things that gets me angry is Channel 4’s use of the mentally ill for entertainment – in shows like How Clean is Your House, where plainly some of the people have mental problems, or Fat Pets or Wife Swap. I get this recurring image of Channel 4 programme makers sitting round the Groucho saying, ‘We’ve found this marvellous working class fat person for the show! -.

‚ There are many more instances of the Channel 4, presenting false, doctored documents for a gullible British‚  TV Viewers.‚  The Channel 4 now has the expertise to make any false documentary video footage look true, and make any true video footage look false.

‚ Again Nihal Magdy in Common Ground News Service reported, on a document present by Channel 4, -The distorted image depicted by the media has a detrimental effect on society at large, as it intensifies prevailing attitudes and increases cultural divides. Media disseminates information that shapes people-â„¢s views and attitudes. Consequently, it has immense power and influence over the form of dialogue or debate between Muslims and non-Muslims -¦.-

‚ Another Controversial film by Channel 4 had to be withdrawn after its Presenter Tom Holland was threatened.

‚ John Reynold of the Guardian‚  wrote in one of his reports – Ryanair sacks pilot who appeared in Channel 4 documentary on Safety- :

‚ ‚  -Ryanair rejected the false and defamatory claims made by the Channel 4 Dispatches programme which wrongly impugn and smear Ryanair’s outstanding 29-year safety record based on nothing more than anonymous hearsay claims made by individuals whose identity was concealed, and/or by representatives of pilot unions of Ryanair’s competitor airlines masquerading as a non-Ryanair Pilot Group,”

‚ In 2007 UK Channel 4, ran short of finances and turned to the government for aid ‚ and received a loan of ‚£ 14 million.‚  This‚  controversial, undignified Channel 4 which ‚ will stoop to anything to earn money has become a symbol of UK-â„¢s moral decadence.

‚ Now it may‚  have succeeded in assuring a regular financial income from the Tamil Diaspora with Callum Macrae making fake films and‚  documentaries like the No Fire Zone and the Killing Field. Those documentaries‚  have not an iota of truth. It is only those who view intelligently the Channel 4 ‚ who may perhaps understand that these Channel 4 ‚ documents are fictitious and fallacious. ‚ ‚ 

‚ Nevertheless, those films have a large audience among the‚  Tamils of the Diaspora in UK, Canada, Australia ,USA, Netherlands etc where‚  Sri Lanka pro terrorist Tamils live in large numbers. Channel‚  4 need not ask for aid‚  from the UK government any more as they may be well compensated‚  financially by the pro Terrorist‚  Tamil Diaspora for all its fictitious documentaries it makes‚  implicating the Sri Lanka Government Forces.

‚ Beginning from 1982, ‚ UK Channel 4 is studded with controversy, complaints for falsehood and faked reporting.‚  This is the spring field of false faked films such as the No Fire Zone and Killing Field and more to come ‚ after Macrae-â„¢s visit to Sri Lanka for CHOGM and thereafter, at every UNHRCouncil Sessions in Geneva, all, surely financed by the anti Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora.

‚ Who is Callum Macrae the Director of UK Channel 4 ?

‚ He is now a Director of the controversial and unreliable UK Channel 4 ably preparing ‚ faked documents and films trying his best to prove Sri Lanka is a dangerous country, where the Tamils are murdered , women are raped‚  and journalists are killed.‚  He began is professional carrier doing odd jobs. That is probably why he is not strait and given to make his life making‚  lies appear to be the truth.‚  He grew up in Nigeria, and Scotland, studied painting, and worked as a dustman -“a garbage collector ( which he continues to do), ran a pirate radio station, and was a teacher.

‚ Then he produced a satirical cartoon strip, and began writing for news papers and magazines.

He joined the infamous UK Channel 4 in 1992. There he founded what is called Outsider Television.‚  Most of his programmes were contested for heavy editing and inaccuracies, though the complaints had to be withdrawn for various reasons later.

Finally he settled down to make documents and films against Sri Lanka implicating its Armed Forces for violation of human rights at the end of the war against terrorism.

‚ He found ways of‚  technically manipulating collections of disconnected pictures into a make believe document or film that deceived the spectators to believe they were true.‚  One such was the scene of‚  persons in terrorist attire seated on the ground with their hands tied behind them with another‚  posing as a Soldier standing‚  behind them holding a gun at the head of‚  one of the men.

Another is the supposed to be son of ‚ Prabhakaran seated in front of well arranged new green sand bags munching a biscuit and then a photo of another boy with the same type of shorts lying seemingly dead on the ground. Two picture are said to show Prabhakaran-â„¢s son before and after being shot.

These films he screened through the UK Channel 4 to fool a naive home audience with low grade TV Programmes with faked films, to discredits‚  Sri Lanka a Sovereign State.

‚ Now Callum Macrae is well settled in life earning making fake films and documents on Sri Lanka-â„¢s war against terrorism to‚  uninstructed viewers who would ‚ believe‚  the faked atrocities were committed by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.‚  Macrae is not‚  concerned in making his ‚ documents seem objective.‚  They are completely one sided, ‚ made to make the Sri Lanka Armed Forces seem to be the Criminals, the rapists, and murderers.‚ 

‚ Callum Macrae does not for once in any one of his documents against Sri Lanka show the humanism of the Sri Lanka Soldiers who risking their lives rescued nearly ‚ 300,000 Tamil civilians, ‚ an exodus of humanity running away from the gun fire of the terrorists who shot at them for not remaining to be their shield against the barrage of fire expected from the Armed Forces.

‚ The reason for Macrae-â„¢s‚  hatred towards Sri Lanka to join with the anti Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora and continue to produce defamatory documents on Sri Lanka Armed Force promoting it as a Criminal Armed Force torturing, murdering and raping the Tamil minority is a revenge according to‚  Michael Roberts, which he says in his article, – Visual Evidence II: Torture Images on Channel 4-¦.and Weiss- -“Sunday Island 9.11.2012:

‚ -Grapevine information indicates that Channel 4 was working secretly in LTTE territory from 2007 or 2008 and that Nick Paton Walsh entered Sri Lanka to complete the final phase of this cooperation; but was deemed suspect and unceremoniously turned out by the Sri Lankan government in May 2009 – a humiliating outcome which added revenge to the other motivations promoting Channel 4s commitment to the Tiger cause and its targeting of the Sri Lankan government for a public hanging-.

‚ Callum Macrae has been allowed to come to cover the CHOGM with his team. The Government must be careful to keep him and his team in Colombo without allowing them to proceed to the North for any reason.

‚ Callum Macrae has still not completed his Saga against Sri Lanka and he may probable want to take pictures of the North including Nandikadal, terrorist grave yards and where the three surrendering with white flags are supposed to have been killed, which would be the‚  climax to his fiction-making it a trilogy.‚ 

‚ Why should Sri Lanka contribute to make him earn ‚ his living allowing him to gather material‚  to make yet another faked film against Sri Lanka Armed Forces to please his paymasters?


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    What a foolish decision to let him come to the country?

  2. aloy Says:

    GOSL should watch his teams activities while they are in the country. If they make any wrong move, that violates the conditions under which they were allowed in, then they should be arrested and made to account for all the things they have done about SL. This is a golden opportunity SL should not miss.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Let him come ! Do opposite to what Indians do. Indian were worried about this bugger might change mind seeing Tamil Nadoo sh-t.
    Don’t worry friends. Our Inteli boys are watching him and will make their move soon they discover 1 unlawful act.
    Let the idiot come.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    These two Australian and New Zealand female politicians are part and parcel of the Coordinated Campaign the Eelamist Tamil Diaspora is waging to buy Politicians in other countries and use them to discredit the GOSL on the eve of the CHOGM.

    While it is always a loss for Sri Lanka to have foreign politicians joining the enemy, the correct response is INDEED to DEPORT them IMMEDIATELY!

    They have ALREADY BEEN BOUGHT with funds and/or vote banks and there is nothing that can be done except to DENY THEM A FORUM in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, these Politicians have tarred and feathered THEMSELVES by allying them selves with RACIST TERRORISM SUPPORTERS; that will be used by their political opponents in the future. Their support for the Eelamists will cost them DEARLY and even WRECK their political careers.

    On a related issue, a UK Channel 4 “News” Team has been allowed entry into Sri Lanka to cover the CHOGM. Given the HIGHLY BIASED Campaign Channel 4 wages against Sri Lanka, why were they NOT DENIED VISAS and sent back home as PROVEN Terrorist Propagandists?

    I can guarantee that the reports the Channel 4 Team files after covering the FLOOD of CRITICISM of Sri Lanka at the CHOGM by Eelamist supporters, will ONLY HELP DEMONIZE the GOSL and the Nation EVEN MORE!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    We Sri Lankans have to UNDERSTAND that these “Diplomatic Errors” are not isolated rare events; they ARE, and WILL BE, a CONSTANT RECURRING FEATURE stemming from the IRREFUTABLE FACT that Tamil Nadu is MORE IMPORTANT to India than Sri Lanka.

    As such, India will ALWAYS be more SUSCEPTIBLE to BLACKMAIL by Tamil Nadu and WILL ACT against Sri Lanka’s National Interests, EVERYTIME. No amount of APOLOGIES and EXCUSES by the GOSL to sustain the relationship with India can change that IMMUTABLE REALITY.

    So, what should the GOSL do?

    The ANSWER is AS OBVIOUS as it is SIMPLE: Initiate a DIVORCE from India NOW before the Indian Octopus ENMESHES Sri Lanka in its Suffocating Deadly EMBRACE and hands over Sri Lanka for Tamil Nadu to do with as it wishes.

    REDUCE involvement by India in Sri Lanka’s affairs AT ALL LEVELS: Diplomatic/Political, Economic, Military and Reconstruction/Rehabilitation work.

    Eliminate Indian Embassies in Hambantota and Jaffna, and allow only the Embassy in Colombo to exist, take back the Palaly airport and Trincomalee oil storage tanks, discourage ALL Indian investments in Sri Lanka, Levy high taxes on typically shoddy Indian products to discourage Indian imports, initiate import-substitution production on agricultural products (eg. dhal, onions, films etc), STOP military cooperation with India from which we cannot get arms and equipment anyway because of TN opposition, INCREASE military cooperation with China and Pakistan,

    INITIATE production of military equipment (small arms and ammunition, artillery, missile firing armored vehicles, IED resistant armored vehicles, robotic mine clearing systems, airborne surveillance and mine-detection drones, all types of airforce, naval and army missiles, small naval vessels upto frigates in size, transport vessels, radar systems to fill our own needs and to sell to other friendly nations to grow a PROITABLE self-sustaining military industry. The MODEL for the development of this military production industry should be Israel.

    GET India out of reconstruction/rehabilitation work in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. India is slowly but surely wedding itself to the Tamil community there, to cement its hold on those areas just as it pushes for devolution of greater powers to the TNA and its cohorts.

    SEVERELY REDUCE the ISSUANCE of Visas to Indians. This will promote retaliation by INdia against Buddhist Pilgrims, for example. SO BE IT … let us ignore the places of Buddhist worship in INdia, and concentrate on growing and developing those places in Sri Lanka. Country FIRST …. religious pilgrimages SECOND.

    BUILD coastguard and Naval bases within EYESIGHT of each other ALL AROUND the island, exploiting and expanding the LTTE’s own naval bases, to protect Sri Lanka’s natural resources, stem the flood of illegal Indian immigrants, gun runners, smugglers, and terrorists crossing over at will. Furthermore, do not restore the Railway link between India and Sri Lanka, and allow DIRECT flights between India and Sri Lanka only through BIA in Colombo.

    DISCOURAGE Indian business involvement in Sri Lanka. Give the Sampoor Power Plant project to another country, such as China, Japan, South Korea. Stop Indian banks, hos[ital chains, and oil exploration, production, refining and distribution compamies from doing business in Sri Lanka, discourage the importation of Indian built vehicles, machinery, wind turbines, power plants, construction materials, small tools etc into Sri Lanka with very high taxes. End involvement in Free Trade Agreements with India.

    INCREASE the number of bases of ALL BRANCHES of the Armed forces in the North and East. SETTLE them and their EXTENDED FAMILIES in these areas, providing every administrative and financial assistance, with top quality schools, hospitals, banks and other infrastructure to Take ROOT, GROW and PROSPER.

    ADOPT Ethnic Integration as National Policy with the OVERALL OBJECTIVE of REDUCING and ELIMINATING Communal Conflicts with the IMMEDIATE GOAL of Eliminating Ethnic Concentrations and Homogenizing the demographic distribution of communities throughout Sri Lanka. This will DEMOLISH the VERY BASIS of the Call for Eelam.

    STRENGTHEN & ENFORCE the LAWS AGAINST TREASON. Anyone collaborating with foreign countries, organizations and individuals to undermine the nation should be prosecuted and severely punished to the fullest extent of the law. Inviting Foreign Nations to ACT AGAINST Sri Lanka, for whatever reason, should be declared and PUNISHED as TREASON.

    STRENGTHEN and DEVELOP strong diplomatic, economic and military alliances with countries not wedded to INdia, including China, Pakistan, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Brazil etc.

    These are AMONG the steps the GOSL should take to WEAN Sri Lanka AWAY from DOMINATION by INdia, which cannot act Impartially in Sri Lanka’s Interest.

    India, as Sri Lanka’s 2nd largest trading partner, MUST be GRADUALLY REPLACED by other FRIENDLY nations

    We CANNOT CHANGE India’s Internal Politics or its susceptibility to Tamil Nadu BLACKMAIL; We must QUARANTINE ourselves away from India and INOCULATE ourselves against Indian DISEASES!

    Diplomatic error
    November 11, 2013

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to keep away from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo this week is a serious diplomatic error.

    After much dithering the government has decided that external affairs minister Salman Khurshid will lead the Indian delegation for the meet. This is against national interest and the best principles of foreign policy practised by governments in the past. The UPA government has been known as decision-shy or prone to wrong decisions during much of its recent tenure. The decision on the CHOGM summit shows this tellingly, and it will have a very negative impact on India’s relations with Lanka. The government has, as in the case of a number of other issues relating to economic, political or public policies, shown itself as lacking in authority, unsure of itself and vulnerable even to empty pressure.

    The Tamil Nadu government, the state assembly and all political parties had demanded a complete boycott of the Commonwealth meet by India. Union ministers from the state also demanded that the Prime Minister stay away from the meet. It was inappropriate that they made the demand in public. If they felt strongly about the matter they could have written to the Prime Minister about it. Ironically, all the show of concern over the rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka is sham. The postures are only meant for the elections. But they will not help too. Boycott or no boycott, the Congress cannot win a seat in Tamil Nadu without help. The DMK also will find the going tough however much it pleads the Sri Lankan Tamil cause.

    That cause has in fact been badly served by the government’s decision. Continued full engagement with the Sri Lankan government would have given India the leverage to persuade Colombo to protect and promote the interests of Tamils. There is much more to be done through devolution of powers to the Tamil-dominated areas. India will now have less of such leverage with a Sri Lankan government unhappy with its decision. An estrangement with India will push it closer to China which is trying to increase its presence and influence in the island. This is not in the strategic interests of India. It is very wrong to allow the country’s foreign policy to be held hostage to the narrow political and electoral considerations of regional parties. A weak government is setting a bad precedent for future, and no one gains from it too.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indian Foreign Policy Paralysis is a Natural Consequence of its Federal System and its Pandering to Caste and Communal Politics throughout the Indian System of Governance.

    While it may be indicative of Creeping Foreign Policy Paralysis in INdia, ths is EXCELLENT NEWS for SRi Lankan Patriots who want to EJECT India OUT OF Sri Lanka, REPEAL the Indian-Imposed 13th Amendment, DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System, REGAIN control of Sri Lanka’s Economy expelling Indian Enterprises from Sri Lanka, and RESTORE Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty to the Motherland!

    AT LEAST NOW, let us HOPE & PRAY that the GOSL will summon its native wisdom and courage to ESCAPE from India’s SUFFOCATING DEADLY EMBRACE!

    PM missing CHOGM will be a signal of foreign policy paralysis
    November 11, 2013

    With the Congress red-flagging Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s participation at the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Colombo out of populist electoral considerations, the country’s foreign policy has hit an all-time low. Under pressure from the DMK as well as ministers within the government, a divided Congress core group has impressed upon the PM not to visit Sri Lanka. This utter capitulation to domestic political sentiment – months before the general elections – exemplifies an infirm government whose creeping paralysis has affected its foreign policy as well.

    While there are certain issues on which domestic considerations can influence foreign policy, the latter cannot comprise a surrender to sentiment alone. By not attending the CHOGM summit the PM would be creating a significant amount of ill will in Colombo. In strategic terms, New Delhi’s subservience to such sentiment could drive the Sri Lankan government – yet considered an ally – into the arms of China. It’s not at all clear how the PM would be able to magically influence the Rajapaksa regime to do more for Sri Lankan Tamils – including greater devolution of powers to Tamil-dominated areas – by staying out. Rather, lack of engagement will push such goals further away.

    We have already seen the results of such an ineffectual foreign policy approach in Bangladesh. Despite the historic opportunity presented by a friendly dispensation in Dhaka, Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s petulance was allowed to torpedo what could have been a new chapter in India-Bangladesh ties. As Bangladesh heads for national polls – slated for January – the opportunity cost of this is something that India could end up ruing for a very long time. On the other hand, India’s determination to steadfastly support engagement with Myanmar – despite international criticism – is today celebrated as commendable foreign policy foresight that has held New Delhi in good stead.

    There are several ways in which the CHOGM issue could have been handled. As proposed by the external affairs ministry, combining the PM’s Colombo trip with another to Tamil-dominated Jaffna would have been good strategy. In fact, the newly-elected chief minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council had already invited the PM. This would have addressed Tamil concerns and yet kept the relationship with Colombo on an even keel. By choosing the path of least resistance, New Delhi risks all its strategic capital in Colombo.

  7. Nanda Says:

    “India, as Sri Lanka’s 2nd largest trading partner, MUST be GRADUALLY REPLACED by other FRIENDLY nations”

    This trading partnership is mostly one- way ! We don’t need it.

    Lankan tourists bringing money in to JambooDeepa.
    Importing Saree ! – We must design a new dress – to hell with Indian Sarees – ban them.
    Indian Vetties and palaycart Sarongs – ban them.
    Bajaaj rubbish clogging our roads – ban them.
    Ashocker layland rubbish lorrys converted busses buy lazy fools – ban them
    Indian oil companies – tax them properly until no profit

    Another side effect is, if you make Indian trading difficult,

    Wellawatte will be ours soon
    Pitakotuwa will be our soon
    Kotahena will be ours soon
    Dehiwala Galkiissa – claim back our lost glory !
    So many pros – little cons!

  8. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Charles for spelling out the ‘brilliant’ CH4 CV – fit for the gutter for the edification of Lankaweb readers! As many had said before including myself, we should have denied a Visa to CH4 (despite the CHOGM conditions on the host country obligation to give Visas to all International Media). I had also said that it could have been denied on security grounds on the fact that the “vast majority of Sri Lankans are vehemently opposed to CH4 and against that the provision of adequate security for the protection of CH4 staff by the GoSL is not practical” – S de Silva – London

  9. Lorenzo Says:



    “India, as Sri Lanka’s 2nd largest trading partner, MUST be GRADUALLY REPLACED by other FRIENDLY nations”

    This trading partnership is mostly one- way ! We don’t need it.”

    100% true.

    SL IMPORTS (NOT EXPORTS) most from Endia.

    What dirt we import?

    Tamil movies, ganja, walla patta, heroin, sarees, bajaj, etc.

    We should BAN their import. China and Thailand can provide us all this at a lower cost.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    This is what we import from Endia. We can get all of them from China at a CHEAPER price.

    Gas, petrol, diesel 90 BILLION RUPEES
    Cane sugar 35 BILLION RUPEES
    Motor cycles 20 BILLION RUPEES
    Auto-trishaws 20 BILLION RUPEES

  11. Vis8 Says:

    Here’s the original ‘killing fields’ video” all dialog in the Tamil terrorists’ language! These are tamil terrorists donning the uniforms of disrobed soldiers and killing them for ‘ a propaganda video’.

    Later, this video was dubbed in Sinhalese, the language of the SL soldiers, and given to channel 4, who gleefully accepted this ‘gift’ as a revenge for getting kicked out of Sri Lanka for siding and abetting the terrorists:

    Channel 4 has fallen hook line and sinker to terrorists’ fabricated propaganda. What a laugh.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    Don’s forget the Parippu (Maisoor Dhal) we import from Dravida Nadu in vast quantities!

    We Sri Lankans can’t live without our daily Parippu & Pol Sambol w/ Maldive fish diet. We have to tax Indian Parippu imports heavily, and strongly encourage famers to grow local Parippu and our fishermen to produce Maldive fish!

    BTW, Maldive fish fetches a HIGHER PRICE in SL than fresh/frozen fish, and can be stored indefinitely for a better price.

  13. Sirih Says:

    I still think it is a mistake to grant access to these anti SL group to come here… We will wait and see how things developed from here..

  14. Nanda Says:

    can you believe it ? Prime land for Indians at $0.01/ per m2 ( annual rent ). In Singapore exactly same thing with no land transports will cost $100. What a rip off ! Not only Skunk Singh, all Indians should not visit us.

    “In 2003, Lanka IOC – a subsidiary of state-owned IOC – bought one-third share in Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Ltd which operates the China Bay tank farm. Ceylon Petroleum Corp (CPC) and Colombo entered into a MoU with Lanka IOC to grant a long-term lease to the Indian firm for operating the 99 storage tanks at Trincomalee for 35 years for an annual fee of $100,000. ”
    “The tank farm in 850 acres of land has 99 tanks each with the capacity to hold 12,100 metric tons of oil. “

  15. Nanda Says:


    Parippu can be imported from Australia at a cheaper price, even without tax, just ask our friend Tony Abbot to send the boats back with few Parippu Gonis in the boats!

  16. aloy Says:

    Why not organize an event like the ‘Boston Tea party’ and dump all indian Saris that arrive via BIA in Pottanis (clothe bags) from TN in Beira Lake.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes you are right. SL DOES import lentils from Endia!! 3 billion rupees worth!! This is a DISGRACE.

    Endia imports lentils from Canada. Why can’t SL directly import?

    We should take over SL. Ananda CEO, Shenali next and Buddhism. Aloy economy. Nanda propaganda. I must be defence. Kithsiri minister of Endian affairs. Siri foreign affairs. Jayasiri policy. Mario good governance. Fran immigration, emigration and social affairs, Sunil sports, Ranil W – opposition leader.

    All should be willing to die for SL and willing to go to Hague or Hell if needed.

  18. mario_perera Says:

    HA HA HA, Lorenzo

    Thank you for introducing your inimitable humour into these columns.

    Without humour life would be so boring

    As Minister of Good Governance (I note you have not mentioned a Minister of Justice…), the first thing I would do is introduce Arab style laws for criminals. The most effective would be public canings then and there without having to go through tedious and ineffective legal process.

    I live just 16 km from Colombo, and my habitat has become a den of thieves and drug addicts. Just a week ago the grocery next door run by a young hard working family was burgled a 9 pm. The husband and Manager was held down at pistol point and a lakh of rupees in hard cash and other goods, mainly cigarettes, were remove by three robbers who brazenly ran down the main road thereafter as if proclaiming to all and sundry: stop us if you can.

    Then just yesterday the wheels of a three wheeler parked opposite my home were spirited away in broad daylight.

    I live in a valley of fear though just a kilometer away from the nearest Police Station.

    Just this morning i was in a bank and was engaged in conversation by a high official. There was no difference between his story and mine.

    As for the government, it is the biggest robber. A deposit account of mine of two years back fetched me 14% in interest. The one of last year brought dividends of 9%. But the one just deposited will fetch me six or seven percent I was told. All this while Maha Ranee and his family and blood suckers are offering lobster buffets and the choicest wines to a useless bunch of boozers who have come to steal our COMMON WEALTH.

    I am thinking of jumping a boat and heading for Australia, but then Abbot will send me back !

    Thank you

    Mario Perera

  19. Dilrook Says:


    Saddened by what you are going through. There are various categories of visa you can get to go to Australia. It is a worthwhile investment.

    There is a reason for the rise in theft, low bank interest despite high inflation and desperation for foreign currency. In 2012 Sri Lanka’s real GDP per capita growth rate was negative. 2013 is not expected to do better.

    An arithmetic gimmick hid the reality. GDP growth was near 0% in 2012. Population grows at 1%. But 2011 population was an estimate (previous census in 1981). But the 2012 population was based on the census and accurate which came lower. GDP per capita = GDP / population.

    By dividing from a higher number 2011 GDP per capita came lower. But in reality that should not be the case as population actually grows by 1%.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    What a foolish decision to let him come to the country? Akathamay We kiyayana Chinhalavan mo……

    We Tamil not able get visa to India ,even if we get ( you know how we get ) In Chennai airport at least we have been questioned 2 hours time ( You shinhalese calling us ,TN Tamils are our pokkul kodi uravival – relative) what a jock !

  21. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Charles S.Perea………it is a good idea to send a copy this to Macrea & also to our President. Even he has been allowed to cover CHOGM, he is bound create some more FALSE reports to earn some money.

    This is why foreign govts & NGO’s rally round any bad news and get their kicks by creating unnecessary angush among countries, towards sri Lanka.

    I seriously feel (that other people who are not aware about ) this man should b exposed. We should not allow foreign nationals to come here & funish half truths, sensationlisng grave incidents, which should be handled in a delicate manner.

    Thanks again.. please forward coipes to THIS MAN of Channel 4 & also othes who are eager to know….J

  22. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    DOING UNTO as DONE UNTO … A RARE Instance of a Proactive Response from non-Govt Sri Lankans!


    Sri Lankan newspaper editors warn British press regulation plans undermine freedom
    November 12, 2013

    A delegation of Sri Lankan newspaper editors have travelled to London to warn David Cameron that the governments ‘draconian’ press regulation plans risk providing a ready-made excuse to authoritarian regimes seeking to exert their own control of local media.

    The Editors Guild of Sri Lanka warned Britain was in danger of losing its reputation as a ‘beacon of freedom’ in the world as a result of its approval of a royal charter to oversee press self-regulation.

    Britain’s newspaper industry has already heavily criticised the plan, warning that it risks handing control of the press to politicians for the first time in 300 years.

    In an open letter the group said: “When looking into the eyes of those your government believe have veered from the path of democracy, British prime ministers and foreign secretaries alike will need to be able to speak with conviction and surety.

    It continued “(the) fundamental bedrock of any democracy must be a free and independent press totally out of the reach of the politicians and apparatus of the state that it reports on. Democracy across the world shudders at what is happening in the United Kingdom, and Britain unfortunately stands smaller in the world as a result of your government’s actions.”

    The intervention comes ahead of a visit by Cameron to Sri Lanka on Friday to attend a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting – an occasion at which he is expected to raise concerns over the alleged intimidation of journalists in the south east Asian state.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Reject” all you want Callum Macrae, but you have been bought with LTTE/Eelamist Diaspora Money for MANY YEARS NOW, and the blood money will flow freely … no doubt … in the future as well!

    Therefore, Callum MacRae, YOU ARE INDEED A LTTE Mercenary!

    The Mercenary CAP FITS the Facts beautifully … so WEAR IT with SHAME!

    Channel4 film director rejects Sri Lankan minister’s accusations that he was an LTTE mercenary

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 11, Colombo: Controversial Britain’s Channel 4 film director Callum Macrae rejected the accusation that he was a LTTE mercenary and the worst critic of the Sri Lankan government.

    Speaking to the reporters Macrae, who arrived in the island Monday to cover the Commonwaelth Heads of Government Meeting rejected Sri Lanka’s Minister of Median and Induration Keheliya Rambukwella’s accusation that he is a hired hand of the LTTE Tamil Eelamists in the UK.

    The Media Minister addressing the cabinet briefing said today that Macrae has been one of the worst critics of the Sri Lankan government.

    “Yet, we gave him the opportunity to come to Sri Lanka and see for himself, what the government has done in the country,� Rambukawella said.

    He said this is a “good opportunity for him to prove that he is capable of responsible reporting and set his reputation straight.”

    Macrae has continually denied that he is a supporter of the terrorist outfit. He said that it was wrong to accuse that Channel 4 only reported against the government violations. They also reported LTTE atrocities, he said.

    “We said both sides committed crimes. But it is clear from evidence that more people died due to government’s shelling,” he reiterated.

    On arrival Macrae and his Channel4 team were greeted with a protest by a group called “Movement to Promote National Harmony” outside the airport.

    The Minister said Macrae and his team were granted visa on arrival as part of the 30-member British delegation for CHOGM.

  25. Ananda-USA Says:

    Let us see whether Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is desperate enough for power that she will become a TURNCOAT and join the UNP to oppose the SLFP that she herself led, was founded by her father, and fostered by her mother! What a LUDICROUS turn of events that would be! I hope she does not SHAME herself and her illustrious parents by such an ACT!

    Ava-Mangala Samaraweera, who was fired from the UPFA by Mahinda Rajapaksa (2005/2006?) for OPPOSING his plans to WAGE Eelam War IV with every national sinew to a SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSION, and is now a “Stalwart” of the UNP, who also thinks it is “LUDICROUS”! No doubt Ava-Mangala does not want COMPETITION from another SLFP-er to his drive to take over the UNP from the now discredited Ranil Wickramasinghe.

    80% (!) of UNP voters now believe the UNP would be better off with Ranil Wickramasinghe jettisoned from UNP leadership. NOTHING would be BETTER for the UNP, or WORSE for the UPFA!

    I really HOPE that the UNP will rise again, from this cathartic self-examination of its Anti-National Activities that brought it DOWN to this sad state from the proud patriotic HEIGHTS in the days of DS Senanayake, as a PATRIOTIC PARTY firmly wedded to the Sovereignty, Survival and Growth of Sri Lanka, and FREE of CONTROL by DISAFFECTED MINORITIES seeking to undermine and destroy the Nation.

    Moves to make CBK common candidate irk UNP rebels; Mangala dismisses claim as ludicrous

    By Lal Gunasekera
    November 11, 2013

    Kurunegala District UNP Parliamentarian Ashok Abeysinghe identified with the party reformists said yesterday (11) that former SLFP strongman Mangala Samaraweera, now UNP Matara District Parliamentarian was attempting to persuade the party leadership to field former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga as the common Opposition candidate at the next presidential election.

    Abeysinghe said nearly 80 per cent of UNP voters did not want Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, but the fielding of an outsider as a presidential candidate would ruin the UNP.

    He said that the SLFP had started winning elections after SLFP Leader and former Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike had handed over the party leadership to her daughter Chandrika.

    He said that taking all that into consideration Wickremesinghe, too, should hand over the party leadership to a charismatic leader. If Wickremesinghe continued to head the UNP, the party, which had now lost 30 elections, was doomed, he said.

    However, Samaraweera, contacted for comment, rejected as ludicrous the claims that he was promoting Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga as a common opposition candidate. He said was Ashok Abeysinghe who had tried to persuade her to come forward but in vain..

    Samaraweera said that the former President had no idea of returning to politics and that a common candidate would be from the UNP. Otherwise, the UNP could not win, he stressed.

  26. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    MARIO !!

    It is very sad to hear of your story about the robbing of your neighbours Grocery Store. It is a disgusting situation. People rob with impunity, and they laugh through their back sides on their success. There is a TOTAL BREAK-DOWN OF LAW AND ORDER IN SRI LANKA. The Police are helpless, and they are scared to apprehend the culprits, because if they are connected to Politicians, as always do, they will be punished for doing their duty.

    Take the case of that Police Raid on an ILLEGAL GAMBLING DEN -Casino. Twenty three Police Officers had to be punished for doing their duty. I saw somewhere in the Media, that Namal is responsible for their transfers. Only the wrath of the LORDS ABOVE would stop all this. Alternatively, a patriotic mafia with snipers.

  27. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Central London has a voting strength of over 150,000 Tamils, while Toronto in Canada has a voter base of 260,000.”

    ‘Foreign critics of Sri Lanka highly worried about their voter base’

    By Chaminda Perera
    November 11, 2013

    Cabinet Spokesman and Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that foreign critics of President Mahinda Rajapaksa who brought peace to the country by adopting practical and pragmatic policies, are involved in such a campaign as they are highly worried about their Tamil voter base back home.

    He said many foreign countries at present have a strong Tamil voter base as the July 1983 disturbances in Sri Lanka opened the doors to them. The politicians in these countries are very dependent on the Tamil votes and are forced to take up their so called issues at various international fora.

    Lankan Tamils who left the island in 1983 are firmly established in many countries and form a strong voter base.

    Speaking at the weekly Cabinet briefing, Minister Rambukwella said Central London has a voting strength of over 150,000 Tamils, while Toronto in Canada has a voter base of 260,000.

    “Canadian Tamils have an MP who represents them in the Canadian Parliament with another young Tamil planning to contest the forthcoming election,” he said.

    He said these political compulsions in foreign lands made the Sri Lanka President who did not bow down to international pressure a target. The Minister said certain countries advised Sri Lanka to go for a negotiated settlement. These leaders wanted a negotiated settlement which Sri Lanka tried several times without success,” he said.

    He said every attempt to come to an amicable settlement resulted in mass destruction of lives and property. Minister Rambukwella said these so called leaders also advised us to find a solution through peace negotiatons and peace forces. “Peace forces and negotiations were held but without success,” he said.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa was able to unite all forces and eliminate terrorism which plagued the country’s development for over 30 years. He said President Rajapaksa succeeded in taking the country towards development and prosperity during the last four years and Sri Lankans are grateful to him.

  28. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    MARIO !!

    Just one more thing. The Inspector General of Police should have stood by his Officers, and not allowed maggot politicians to play with their lives. It is sad that the IGP has also become a MAGGOT.

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    GOSL should INCREASE the presence of the military in the Northern Province and PERMANENTLY SETTLE them and their families there!

    These “Protests” UNDERSCORE the THREAT faced by Sri Lanka from Unrepentant Separatists. All of this is Orchestrated now by the TNA and its goons to influence the International Media covering the CHOGM.

    But, that is NOT ALL; these agitations will CONTINUE TO GROW to get the armed forces out of the North so they can recreate LTTE’s Eelam fiefdom without detection or prevention.

    The SOLUTION is to CONFRONT the problem HEAD-ON, just as the GOSL confronted the LTTE militancy HEAD-ON in Eelam War IV and eliminated the terrorist violence, and execute an Ethnic Integration Policy by SETTLING Sinhalese in the North & East until the demographiccs of the North & East approaches the average for the Nation as a Whole. This will DESTROY the VERY BASIS of the Eelamist Demands …. the Local Majority of the Eelamist Tamils.


    Sri Lanka Tamils protest land grab ahead of Commonwealth meet

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 12 (AFP) Colombo- Ethnic Tamils staged a rare protest in northern Sri Lanka on Tuesday against the military’s refusal to hand back land after the war, as Colombo prepared to host this week’s Commonwealth summit.

    Several hundred Tamils demonstrated in the former northern war zone of Jaffna, 400 kilometres north of Colombo, even though organisers received telephone death threats beforehand against the move, a local Tamil politician said.

    Sugirthan Somasundaram said the heads of two slaughtered cows were also thrown into his home and that of another organiser on Sunday, along with a written warning not to go ahead with the protest.

    The Tamils are demanding the military dismantle its “high security zone” in Jaffna which would allow them to return to their homes inside the specially designated area.

    The Tamils held a peaceful protest on the edge of the zone, which they said had become unnecessary since the end of the conflict four years ago with the defeat of Tamil separatist rebels.

    “We still have 30,000 people who are not in their original homes because the military is occupying their lands,” Somasundaram said. “We want our land back.”

    Protests, especially by minority Tamils, are rare in Sri Lanka under President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government.

    Somasundaram said the Tamils would continue the protest throughout the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) starting on Friday. The leaders of Canada and India have boycotted the summit over Colombo’s human rights record.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will attend CHOGM but pledged to push for an international investigation into allegations of war crimes by troops against civilians during the war that ended in 2009.

    Cameron is due to tour the Jaffna peninsula during CHOGM, which would make him the first foreign head of state to visit the capital of the war-battered north since Sri Lanka was granted independence from Britain in 1948.

    Suresh Premachandran, a Tamil lawmaker from Jaffna, said Cameron’s scheduled visit could send a strong message to the government to end alleged rights abuses against Tamils, who are a minority in the Sinhalese-majority island.

    The international community including neighbouring India has pressed Sri Lankan authorities to demilitarise the Jaffna peninsula, but Colombo has refused to pull out troops.

    Security forces have maintained they need to secure strategic bases in the area and say they are occupying the minimum amount of land needed to maintain security.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    Hurrah for the “new Cabinet” ! How about a Ministry for Preventive Care, from medical to monstrosities ?



    LAND GRABS are happening daily by Tamil Nadu illegal migrants and other illegal migrants. 40 perches each for every IDP in the North, and not even born in Sri Lanka !
    Gee, what generosity for such a small country ! Sri Lanka, sitting duck of the CHOGM ?

  31. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    What strikes me odd is that after close to 30 years of war Sri Lanka must have an entire library of documentation of what the LITE did and India’s hand behind the LITE movement.

    If these false propaganda is shown to the world why isn’t Colombo broadcasting the war and the role India played. In fact it should be compulsory to broadcast this information for India spent more time than on any of her neighbors in trying to divide Sri Lanka and create Eelam. The partition of Pakistan to create Bangladesh took but a couple of years, the annexation of Sikkim about the same time but the attempt to form Eelam dragged on for close to 30 years of RAW’s effort and the determination of India to divide Sri Lanka using any means at her disposal.

    When the Vietnam war was going on and even after the end of it the war was broadcasted to the US population and that was a war that had little to do with the US while the Sri Lankan civil war would have altered the destiny of Sri Lanka had India won. The absence of any video, any tv program etc. is shocking to me.

  32. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Second comment:
    I suggest that a TV program of the war and the role India played be broadcasted to every TV where the foreign dignitaries will be staying in their hotel rooms. Let the Indian delegation look at it. let the British delegation look at it and most importantly let the Tamil National Alliance, the Pakistani and Chinese look at it. ‘

    Keep playing the video of new material on those TV’s till CHOGM is over. Maybe then the world will wake up that the civil war was an Indian creation and that human rights violations was also done on the Sinhalese people.

  33. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bernard Wijeyasingha,


    We have so much EVIDENCE, and like the Jews/Israelis broadcasting the HOLOCAUST, Sri Lanka should make use of it to PUSH BACK against the Eelamist Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora.

    In every major city in the world, the GOSL must create a Sri Lanka Defence League unit, DEDICATED to working with Patriotic Sri Lankan Expatriates to bring this information to the attention of the LOCAL citizens, through the internet, blogs, facebook, twitter, media events, protests, demonstrations, letter writing campaigns etc. The Embassies can’t do it; it must be independent of the Sri Lanka Embassies, but funded by the GOSL and contributions, but largely staffed by expatriates.

  34. Marco Says:

    Mario i can well understand your sentiments with regard to values and the rule of law. It’s not just in the outskirts of Colombo and every where.

    If i may share an episode that happened two Saturdays ago.
    I was at dinner with friends at their home near Park Road. I volunteered to drop a guest at Cinnamon Grand on my way home. It was around 11pm. I drove along Galle Road and near Renuka Hotel i was stopped by the Police to check license etc. Regrettably, my license was not in my possession as it was in my other car which i use on a regular basis during the day. The policeman was very courteous, listen to my explanation and moved us on having taken note of the number plate and commented on the niceties of the luxury car i was driving. As i was driving off i noticed he was speaking into his phone. A few miles down the road, opposite Methodist College i was flagged down again by the Kollupitya Police requesting my license etc. I explained to the PC i have already been stopped a few minutes ago. The Inspector would hear nothing of it and demanded that i be escorted to the Police Station virtually opposite.
    I was in no mood to argue and asked the PC what the “damage” was. Without mentioning figures he said a “bonus” for him and a “bonus” for the Inspector. I slipped a Rs 1,000 note and Rs 500 note. I was waved by and told i was not to have any trouble on my way back home.
    My guest who was a foreigner was amused by all of this.After having coffee with him at Cinnamon Grand we decided to have a night cap and listened to some live jazz. We walked down to the Colombo Swimming Club bar.
    Lo and behold we saw the Inspector and his able PC assistant at the bar relinquishing their thirst on the “bonuses” from the night. There was no guilt on the Inspectors face except a wide smile and even volunteered to buy us a drink.
    The Barman at CSC later informed me that it was a regular occurrence and members buy them drinks in order that they can drive home safely without being caught for driving under the influence of alcohol.

    If the highest in the land are able to break the rules why not the man on the street.

  35. Lorenzo Says:

    Fran and Mario,

    The remaining ministers will be appointed after consultation with the rest.

    For justice we need a PANEL of VARIOUS people looking from legal, humanitarian, moral and religious aspects.

    Same for health – a PANEL of doctors, people’s reps., ayurveda physicians, nurses’ reps., defence ministry officials and health administrators.

  36. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Its a grim irony that what Mario and Marco have attested to points to a breakdown in Law and order in the country.This is exactly what the Ch4 and others are trying to capitalise on where unless measures
    are taken post haste to correct it the presenters of the videos will attempt to justify their claims.The lawlessness in the country and the alleged violations of human rights will then become a paramount issue intertwined with eachother from which the administration will not be able to extricate itself and eventually all hell could break loose with the international community and the UN given the capacity to ride a crest of acusations.Dangerous times needing stringent measures.Its said the Prez has invited the Filmcrews to have tea with him and apparently his nonchalance seems somewhat curious.Lets hope he puts some ,magic potientr into the tea and produces some of his own video footage from the army archives to counter the CH4 et al’s fabrications and sends them packing!

  37. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    correction to read ~ magic potions into the tea”.

  38. Nanda Says:


    You said “Just this morning i was in a bank and was engaged in conversation by a high official. There was no difference between his story and mine.

    As for the government, it is the biggest robber. A deposit account of mine of two years back fetched me 14% in interest. The one of last year brought dividends of 9%. But the one just deposited will fetch me six or seven percent I was told. All this while Maha Ranee and his family and blood suckers are offering lobster buffets and the choicest wines to a useless bunch of boozers who have come to steal our COMMON WEALTH. ”

    Do not go to Australia, if so ! It is even worse here ! FYI all major banks including “COMMONWEALTH” do the same. I had a 4 moths term deposit of 5% or something. After the maturity, it became 1% I only noticed 1 year later ! Why ? they say for 4 months one it is 1% now but 3 month one is 4% if you like ! It changes all the time and next one may be 5 months one bringing you 4%.

    Yes. So many thieves in Sri Lanka now, my house there( near your area) was broken into recently.

    You are well suited to be the President.


    I prefer to look after the Muslim affairs ministry.

    Remove all the face covers and black gowns.
    No playing around with of genetalia for the Lebbay and the woman Lebbay !
    No shouting of Allah Hulallah !
    No more mosques and demolish existing illegal huts of worship!
    Remove all the new Saudi names in Sri Lanka
    Deport Saudi Low Commissioner , if any
    No killing of animals in the name of religion.

    similarly, you should look after the Forced Ethnic Integration Ministry !
    If they don’t do voluntarily it should be forced to benefit the masses.

  39. Lorenzo Says:


    Too bad. BBS Withanage has been already promised that ministry.

  40. Ananda-USA Says:

    My response to Mario_Perera at another article in


    Your visa experience is a DIRECT RESULT OF THE CRIMES THE EELAMIST TAMIL DIASPORA HAVE COMMITTED during the last 30 years while travelling under Sri Lankan passports, and because Sri Lankans are now viewed as DESTITUTE economic immigrants searching for GREENER PASTURES outside Sri Lanka.

    In this cruel world, NO ONE loves the POOR, EVERYONE admires the RICH! So, let us BECOME RICH together!

    THAT IS WHY Sri Lanka’s Primary Unwavering GOAL SHOULD BE to achieve President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Vision of becoming the NEW WONDER OF ASIA that NO Sri Lankan citizen would want to LEAVE, and ENVIOUS citizens of EVERY OTHER NATION pine to visit and enjoy, but cannot afford to because it COSTS TOO MUCH! Then, it will be OUR TURN to judge them!

    To achieve that, we must ENFORCE the RULE of LAW in Sri Lanka, HOLD Sri Lanka together by CONTROLLING and SUPPRESSING the Separatist ambitions of the Eelamists led by the TNA, HOLDING them ACCOUNTABLE for their CRIMINAL activities, and DEVELOP a solid infrastructure, and a modern self-sufficient THRIVING economy with a clean and sustainable environment that will propel Sri Lanka into the top rank of the wealthiest nations of the world.

    This is not a PIPE DREAM, but an EMINENTLY ACHIEVABLE one. Given the SOUND FOUNDATION laid since INDEPENDENCE, we Sri Lankans have all it takes to achieve that DREAM if we work with UNWAVERING FOCUS, INDOMITABLE COURAGE, and IRREPRESSIBLE INDUSTRY towards it.

    When Sri Lanka becomes that New Wonder of Asia, ALL of these HUMILIATIONS Sri Lankans experience abroad today will VANISH without trace, like a bad dream of a bygone age.

    A Sri Lankan passport will then become a treasured credential RESPECTED, HONORED and ENVIED by the rest of the world!

    Ask not why the glass is HALF EMPTY, when it is in fact HALF FULL!

  41. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Ananda.

    Folks, changes are coming, be prepared. The earlier status quo is changing everywhere, and People are more assertive of their rights perhaps realizing the value of Democracy only now. They have realized that suffering came to them because real Democracy, the will of the People, was not truly practiced.

    If real Democracy was practiced in Lanka during the 1970s, likely that the the JVP leaders would have been called in for discussions with the then GoSL and no mass killing would ever have happened.
    Also, in a practicing Democracy, no 13-A would have been imposed on Lanka, and neither would India, another Democracy, have imposed it on Lanka.

    Perhaps Real Democracy is coming to Sri Lanka, 65 yrs after Independence from Britain – let’s use it for the common good.
    Make it a win-win for ALL.

  42. Fran Diaz Says:

    Caught up in the Cold War (1946-1991), as well as the post Cold War period, Sri Lanka has not been allowed to practice real Democracy. Will the CHOGM, which is really a time of soul searching, finally allow real Democracy to flourish in Lanka ? Will the lost countries find themselves again, this time with solid Universal human values ?

  43. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Canadian MP Deepak Obhrai, Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Human Rights, yesterday laid flowers at the Elephant Pass cemetery on his way back from Jaffna” accompanied by the Canadiian Ambassador Shelly Whiting, to HONOR dead LTTE fighters!

    So, Canadian officials now HONOR separatist terrorists who died attempting to destroy Sri Lanka … IGNORING instructions from GOSL officials! Can Sri Lankan officials do that in Canada?

    GOSL: Wait NO MORE …. DEPORT this SOB’s Deepak Obhrai and Shelley Whiting from Sri Lanka … IMMEDIATELY … for violating protocol and violating official instructions!

    Furthermore, STATION Army guards at all cemeteries in the North and East to prevent a recurrence during CHOGM and RAZE ALL LTTE cemetries at the EARLIEST opportunity!

    The Allies of WW II DO NOT HONOR the Nazi war criminals; Sri Lanka SHOULD NOT ALLOW Eelamist war criminals to be HONORED either!

    PM Harper’s rep lays flowers for Tigers

    By Shamindra Ferdinando
    November 12, 2013

    Canadian MP Deepak Obhrai, Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Human Rights, yesterday laid flowers at the Elephant Pass cemetery on his way back from Jaffna.

    A senior government official alleged the flowers had been for those who died fighting for the LTTE, a proscribed organisation in Canada.

    Obhrai is in Sri Lanka for the three-day Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled to begin on Friday. The MP represents Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    A senior security official alleged that the Canadian’s gesture was meant to placate the LTTE activists in Canada.

    Asked whether Sri Lanka would protest to Canada against the laying of flowers, the official said that the Commonwealth Secretariat should explain its position. He said that the Canadian Prime Minister’s representative was accompanied to the cemetery by the Canadian High Commissioner in Colombo Shelley Whiting.

    They entered the cemetery in spite of a Sri Lankan official accompanying them requesting them not to lay flowers there.

    Officials alleged that other delegations visiting Jaffna, too, would try to follow the Canadians. Among those expected to visit Jaffna were British and New Zealand delegations.

    Earlier, Obhrai cancelled a media briefing scheduled at Canadian High Commissioner’s Colombo residence on Monday at 6.00 p.m.

  44. Ananda-USA Says:

    The UNP again DEMONSTRATES its ANTI-NATIONAL character meeting with Channel 4 to DEMONIZE Sri Lanka on the eve of the CHOGM!

    Dear God …is there is NO LIMIT to the UNP’s TREACHERY?

    Demonstration against Sri Lanka opposition MP’s media conference with Channel 4 journalists

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 13, Colombo: A tense situation has erupted outside Sirikotha, the headquarters of Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National party after demonstrators protesting the party’s media conference yesterday with the controversial Britain’s Channel 4 journalists.

    A large crowd gathered outside the party headquarters this afternoon to protest against the media conference held by the UNP Parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera with a group of media personnel from Channel 4 including the controversial movie director Callum Macrae.

    The protesters blocked the Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe’s vehicle from entering the party headquarters where the party has organized an exhibition on Human Rights and the Implementation of LLRC recommendations with the participation of family members of missing persons in the North today.

    UNP sources said Wickremasinghe’s vehicle was attacked and slightly damaged but the Opposition Leader was not harmed.

    A group called “Maubima and War Heroes Protection Movement” has organized the protest.

    Speaking to the national radio, the Colombo Municipal Council member Saman Abeygunarathne charged that MP Samaraweera has launched a conspiracy against the country in association with the foreign media personnel.

    He said the objective of Mangala Samaraweera was to destroy the freedom ushered in by the war heroes under the guidance of the President and Wickremasinghe is also supporting the conspiracy.

    Meanwhile, Samaraweera said that Tamil people travelling to Colombo from the North to attend the human rights summit organized by the party at Sirikotha have been stopped by security forces personnel.

    He claimed that the buses the people were travelling in had been stopped and some of the passengers were assaulted by the security forces.

  45. Lorenzo Says:

    As I said before CHOGM is another TRAP MAHINDIA fell into.

    First he fell into the RECONCILIATION TRAP. Now this.

  46. Marco Says:

    Ananda – i seldom respond to your comments on news reports that you copy on Lankaweb knowing that you fallen hook line and sinker to a spin generated by our journalist. It does however bring a smile to my face though.

    You have commented above on a rather mischievous report by Shamindra stating that a “senior government official” has alleged that the Canadian Delegate has laid flowers at Elephant Pass LTTE cemetery. Shamindra for reasons unbeknown didn’t think fit to report or correct this “senior government official” allegations that there is no LTTE cemetery at Elephant Pass or anywhere in the North.
    The only war memorial at Elephant Pass is the one erected by the Sri Lankan Armed forces to commemorate the soldiers who died during the war. – unless the LTTE or its supporters have built one in the past 2 months since i drove past Elephant Pass
    I’m surprised Shamindra or the Govt official did not know it.
    This is the kind of subliminal and mischievous reports that are embedded into the local people.
    What kind of message is being portrayed to our guests at CHOGM, when this Mr Obhrai reads the Island and realises the nonsense fed by our so called journalists- It then comes as no surprise the credibility is yet again shattered.
    Are we going to witness further PR failures?

  47. Lorenzo Says:

    Micro is copying that Narendran Rajasingham sakkiliya here. SL army’m main war memorial is in NANTHIKADAL.

    Shamindra Ferdinando is a well respected defence expert. Personal attacks against his by FOOLS shouldn’t be tolerated.

    There is a war memorial in EP BUT that is NOT the place where this joker visited.

    The one where the Canadian Harper dirt’s rep placed flowers is a TAMIL monument (= terrorist).

  48. Lorenzo Says:

    SUSPENDING planes to Jaffna is a wise move.

    Channel 4 joker was taking the TRAIN to (Sak)Kilinochchi. People blocked it in Anuradhapura.

    So he returned to Colombo!! Guess who stepped in to DISCREDIT SL! Mongala and UriNePee.

    Had he taken the plane, NO ONE can stop him. From Ratmalana, Jaffna is just 1 hour. (Sak)kilinochchi is 2 hours max from there.

  49. Ananda-USA Says:


    I think Lorenzo has satisfactorily addressed your critique of my Comment on Shamindra’s article on the Canadian officials paying respect to the LTTE dead at a cemetery at Elephant Pass.

    I, myself have visited the Defence Forces memorial at Elephant Pass many times since it was erected. However, I also verified from my own contacts in SL that this memorial was not the location referred to in the article.

    I post only news items that are relevant to issues of interest to LankaWeb readers who love Sri Lanka and are doing their utmost to protect their Motherland from its enemies. You are perfectly free to ignore my posts.

    However, I want to point out that, while I am neither omniscient nor infallible, I RARELY fall “Hook, Line and Sinker” for ANYONE’s false fabricated reports!

  50. Ananda-USA Says:


    I too concur with you: BOTH “RECONCILIATION” and the CHOGM are TRAPS laid for the GOSL.

  51. Ananda-USA Says:

    Even in Tamil Nadu, pro-Eelam memorials lionizing “Tamil Martyrs” who killed thousands of Indian Jawans in Sri Lanka, are DEMOLISHED by “Officials”!

    It would be interesting to find out whether these “Officials” were Tamil Nadu Officials or Union Govt Officials!

    Looks like Tamil Nadu Eelamists don’t consider themselves to be Indian citizens! Tamils FIRST, Indians LAST!

    TN: Demolition of Tamil martyrs’ memorial triggers protest
    November 13, 2013

    Days after its inauguration, officials on Wednesday demolished the compound wall and removed a park at the Mullivaaikal Memorial, built in honour of Tamil martyrs in the war in Sri Lanka, alleging that these were constructed on encroached highway land, triggering instant protests by pro-Eelam activists.
    Click here!

    Police said Ulaga Tamizhar Peramaippu (World Tamils’ Federation) President P Nedumaran, who played a key role in setting up the memorial at Vilar village, and several others were arrested when they staged a protest without proper permission.

    Officials said a notice board was put up at the site that the area was part of the highway and should not be encroached.

    However, later some miscreants removed the board, leading to tension. Fifty persons were arrested for allegedly removing the board.

    The memorial, put up by a trust, was declared open on November 6 after the Madras high court directed police to grant permission for the three-day inaugural function.

    Officials said the members of the trust after giving assurance to the high court and the government that they would not encroach the government and not cause any hindrance to the Public had violated their assurance.

    They had also misinformed the court that the entire complex was in private land, the officials said adding encroaching government land could not be tolerated.

    Besides Nedumaran, M Natarajan, husband of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s close aide Sasikala, was among those involved in setting up the memorial.

  52. Lorenzo Says:

    “TN: Demolition of Tamil martyrs’ memorial triggers protest”

    Excellent upon excellent!!

    Timely action just 2 weeks before MAHAVEER BS!!

    Mahaveer BS is celebrated on Thalaivar’s birthday on November 27.

    This must hurt Tamil Homelandists very badly. SL should raze down ALL Tamil monuments for LTTE and “civilians” killed in war.

  53. Indrajith Says:

    The editorial of today’s Divaina on Callum Macrey is excellent!

    Please read and enjoy! Can someone translate this into English for the benefit of our English readers including C/M himself?

  54. Marco Says:

    You commented..
    [I think Lorenzo has satisfactorily addressed your critique of my Comment on Shamindra’s article on the Canadian officials paying respect to the LTTE dead at a cemetery at Elephant Pass.
    However, I want to point out that, while I am neither omniscient nor infallible, I RARELY fall “Hook, Line and Sinker” for ANYONE’s false fabricated reports!]

    It does speak volumes…need i say more!

    See also the rebuttal by the Canadian Authorities.
    As far as i know there are no LTTE memorials or monuments anywhere in the North or for that matter any where in Sri Lanka

  55. Lorenzo Says:

    Here is a photo of this Deepak dirt laying flowers at the LTTE cemetery in EP.

    Tamils in EP are 100% Hindus and Hindus don’t have cemeteries!! Only LTTE has cemeteries.

  56. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your Wish is My Command: Here is my English TRANSLATION of the Divaina Sinhala editorial!


    Callum MacRae (Tiger Director making Films-for-Pay)
    November 14, 2013

    The Pet Tiger, Callum MacRae, who recently arrived in Sri Lanka to report on the CHOGM, cannot be dismissed as a mere idiot. Having been educated at Britain’s Edinburgh Arts College, he is an educated crafty man. Therefore, his vile activities have some impact and acceptance. Britain, the birthplace of Colonial Imperialism, which stole a significant portion of the world’s wealth over a period of 500 years and sucked off and digested all that was of value in Sri Lanka, is Callum MacRae’s birthplace. He is a news reporter available to all and sundry for rent.

    In the international battle field there are mercenaries, but generally there are no mercenary media journalists. Filling this deficiency, around 2010, Callum MacRae made a documentary video in support of the Tiger terrorists in return for payment of blood money. During the 2011 United Nations Annual Meeting that made-for-pay video was used to stage a vast comedy by the expatriate Tiger activists, and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora who enable and feed their terrorism. That attempt was not as successful as they had expected. For that reason, the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora got Callum MacRae to produce a second video. Recently, Callum MacRae has been earning his keep screening that video in Tamil countries and Tamil communities worldwide. This proves that Callum MacRae is an opportunist who can be bought and sold very easily for money. This became very clear the day before yesterday from his comment during a discussion with the Island newspaper staff that the LTTE, who sustained him all these years, should be investigated immediately for their war crimes! Why does Callum MacRae say this about the Tiger movement who fed and nourished him until now? At the moment he said it, he was in Sri Lanka, so does he think that he should adapt his comments to please Sri Lankans? Why has he not also said in his native England, even in passing, that the Tigers should be investigated for war crimes? We think he will not say one word against the Tigers, for if he does that he will lose his pay, and his life!

    Sri Lanka is a country that having defeated the terrorists who sought to breakaway a part of its territory and offer it for consumption by Tamil Nadu, is attempting to breathe freely again. What wicked mercenary media manipulators like Callum MacRae are trying to do is to tightly pinch our nostrils just as we attempt to breathe again. This is a characteristic of the relationship between the neo-colonialists and their former colonies. Many Sinhala journalists who are similar mercenaries also exist, but they live under the protection of European countries. We all know that, compared to the number of terrorists who died in the separatist war in Sri Lanka, many more hundreds-of-thousands of terrorists have been slaughtered in European conflicts. For destroying the Taliban and Al-Quaida movements, the United States drops bombs daily on the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In these bombings, Taliban activists, and government employees, shoppers buying goods, traders selling dates, sleeping children expecting to go to school the next day, die by the hundreds without distinction. Why doesn’t Callum MacRae make a video, or stage a play, about these vile acts? Spying on half-the-world by American President Barack Obama’s National Security Adminitration (NSA) was recently exposed. Why doesn’t Callum MacRae make a video, or a play, about this? The whole world knows that the wicked British Colonialists slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Sri Lankans in suppressing the Uva-Welassa Revolt of 1818, also ravishing thousands of women, decapitating thousands of children, and burning hundreds of thousands of homes. Why does Callum MacCRae avoid making a historical movie about this genocide? The mercenary journalist for rent that he is, is it impossible for him to find a sponsor for this movie?

    Patriotic Sri Lankan expatriates should initiate and fund projects like this.

    Our understanding is that there is no legal room for Callum MacRae, as a journalist, to even contemplate much less actually make, any movies under signed contractual agreements with a terrorist movement such as the LTTE.

  57. Indrajith Says:

    Ananda, Thank you so much. This is an excellent translation.

    Please also read today’s editorial of Divaina. Another masterpiece of its kind!

    මැක්‌රේ සහ වික්‍රමබාහු මංගලගේ බොක්‌කේ!
    අද ඇරඹෙන පොදුරාජ්‍ය මණ්‌ඩල සමුළුව නිමිත්තෙනි

    කොටි ත්‍රස්‌තවාදීන් විසින් ඇති දැඩි කර චිත්‍රපට සැදීමට යොදවන ලද කැන්වස්‌ පෑදුණු කපටි වෘකයා වූ කැලම් මැක්‌රේ පිළිබඳ තොරතුරු දෙකක්‌ අප අභිමුව තිබේ. එයින් පළමුවැන්න, එක්‌සත් ජාතික පක්‌ෂයේ සිරිකොත කාර්යාලයේ පැවැති ප්‍රවෘත්ති සාකච්ඡාවකට කැලම් මැක්‌රේ ඇතුළු ගෝල පිරිස සහභාගි වීමය. ගෝල පිරිස යනු කැලම් මැක්‌රේගේ ලයිට්‌ බෝයි, කැමරා බෝයි, කටට මයික්‍රෙµdaනය අල්ලන බෝයි යන කණ්‌ඩායමය.

    මේ පුවත්පත් සාකච්ඡාවට සහභාගි වූ මංගල සමරවීරගේ පුළුටු මුහුණ, වික්‍රමබාහු කරුණාරත්නගේ බංකොලොත් මුහුණ, සහ තවත් දෙතුන් දෙනෙකුගේ මුඩුම මුහුණු අප වෙත ගෙනාවේ ඉතා කාලකන්නි හැඟීමකි. ජනාධිපති වෙන්නට ඡන්දය ඉල්ලූ වික්‍රමබාහු කරුණාරත්න අන්තිමේදී කොළඹ නාගරික මන්ත්‍රී කෙනෙක්‌ වී එක්‌සත් ජාතික පක්‌ෂයේ පරිහානිගත කණ්‌ඩායම සමග එකට හිඳගැනීම ඉරණම විසින් ඉතා නරකට ‘සවුත්තුව’ දමනු ලැබීමකි.

    පරිහානිගත කණ්‌ඩායම යයි අප කියන්නේ එජාපය තුළ සමෘද්ධිමත් කණ්‌ඩායමක්‌ වෙනම සිටින නිසාය. රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ, රවි කරුණානායක, දයා ගමගේ, සජිත් ප්‍රේමදාස, තලතා අතුකෝරළ, කරු ජයසූරිය වැනි එකී සමෘද්ධිමත් මිනිස්‌සු මෙවැනි හිඟන වැඩවලදී මග හැර සිටීම කපටි කමක්‌ නොව මැක්‌කන් අතර ලැගීමෙන් වැළකී සිටීමකි. පොදු රාජ්‍ය මණ්‌ඩලය යනු එක්‌සත් ජාතීන්ගේ සංවිධානය හැරුණු විට මේ මොහොතේදී මිහිපිට ඇති දෙවන විශාලතම ජගත් සංවිධානයයි. විදේශික පුවත්පත් කලාවේදීන් දහසකට කිට්‌ටු සංඛ්‍යාවක්‌ මේ මොහොතේදී මෙහි පැමිණ සිටින්නේ මංගල සහ වික්‍රමබාහුගේ දේශපාලන විලාපය අසා සිටීමට නොව මේ ජගත් සැසි වාරය වාර්තා කිරීමටය. කොහොම වුවත් සිරිකොතේ පුවත්පත් සාකච්ඡාව අවසානයේදී කැලම් මැක්‌රේට අතට අත දීමට මංගල සමරවීරට හැකිවිය. ඒ බව අපි රූපවාහිනියෙන් දුටුවෙමු. කෙසේ වුවද 1977 න් පසු ජනාධිපති ඡේ. ආර්. ජයවර්ධනට එරෙහිව නගන ලද අවලාද, තියන ලද දෙස්‌ සහ ඉල්ලන ලද හෙණ සියල්ලම වික්‍රමබාහු කරුණාරත්න විසින් ඉල්ලා අස්‌කරගනු ලැබිය යුතුය. මන්ද ඔහු මේ වන විට හිඳගෙන සිටින්නේ ඡේ. ආර්. ගේ දේශපාලන මන්දිරයේ වැසිකිළි පඩිය මතය.

    අප අභිමුව ඇති දෙවන කාරණය, වවුනියාව බලා යමින් සිටි කැලම් මැක්‌රේ ඇතුළු පිරිස අනුරාධපුරයේදී ආපසු හරවා කොළඹ එවීමට උතුරුමැද පළාතේ දේශප්‍රේමී ජනතාව පියවර ගැනීමය. මෙහිදී කැලම් මැක්‌රේ කියන ලද්දේ තමා ඇතුළු පිරිස ජනාධිපති තුමාගේ ආරාධනයෙන් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට පැමිණි බවත් ආණ්‌ඩුව කියන zනිදහස්‌ මෙහි නැති බවත්ය. පළමුවෙන්ම කිවයුතු වන්නේ මැක්‌රේ මෙහි ආවේ ජනාධිපතිතුමාගේ හෝ ආණ්‌ඩුවේ ආරාධිතයකු ලෙස නොවන බවය. ඔහු මෙහි ඒමට අවසර ඉල්ලා, එම අවසරය ලැබීමෙන් පසු රටට ඇතුළු වූ කෙනෙකි. දෙවනුව කිවයුතුව ඇත්තේ ආණ්‌ඩුව කියන නිදහස මෙන් දෙගුණයක්‌ මෙහි ඇති බවය. එසේ නොතිබුණේ නම් මැක්‌රේට ආපසු එංගලන්තය බලා යැමට සිදු වන්නේ ගුවන් යානයේ මගී අංගනයෙහි ආසනයෙහි හිඳගෙන නොව වෙනත් ආකාරයක ලෑලි කන්ටේනරයක සැතපී කාගෝ බඩු අංගනයේ සිටය. මෙය ඉන්දියාවේ සිදු වුණි නම් මහ පාර දිගේ තල තලා එළවනු ලැබේ. දඹදිව වන්දනාවේ ගිය සිංහලයන් පිරිසක්‌ චෙන්නායි නගරයේදී පාරවල් දිගේ ගුටි කමින් දිව ගිය අයුරු ඔබට මතකද? මේ ජනයා ලංකා ආණ්‌ඩුවට සම්බන්ධ අය නොවේ. ඔවුන් ගුටි කෑවේ මේ රටේ වසර 26 ක්‌ තිස්‌සේ තිබී වසර 04 කට පෙර නිමාවට පත්වූ යුද්ධය නිසාය. ඉතින් මැක්‌රේ, ඔබේ පණ බේරීමම රටේ නිදහස කියා පාන්නක්‌ නොවේද?

  58. Nanda Says:

    ආණ්‌ඩුව කියන නිදහස මෙන් දෙගුණයක්‌ මෙහි ඇති බවය.

    (there is 2 times the democracy than the government claim)

    -Excellent and true ! Which country allows terrorists to run media ?

    Terroristla නිදහසේම් රජකරන්නෙ කොයි රටේද ?
    ලංකාවේ අපේ ලංකාවේ

  59. Ananda-USA Says:


    I would translate today’s Divaina editorial also if it were not for the fact that it refers to Ranil Wickramasinghe, and several other seamy leaders of the UNP, as belonging to its “Progressive Faction”!

    Progressive MY FOOT! While Ava-Mangala Samaraweera and Wickranabhahu Karunaratne are among the worst, “Progressive” is the last word I would use to describe Ranil Wickramasinghe, who has SLAVISHLY COLLABORATED with various foreign countries demonizing and undermining Sri Lanka, and even now supports boycotting of the CHOGM by the UNP!

    Is that in the National Interest of Sri Lanka? I don’t think so!

    So while I would be happy to translate and condemn Callum MacRae’s evil antics, and deserved misfortunes suffered, in Sri Lanka, I respectfully decline to sing praises of ANY Anti-National political leaders, whatever their party affiliation.

  60. Ananda-USA Says:

    Demonstration against Sri Lanka opposition MP’s media conference with Channel 4 journalists

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 13, Colombo: A tense situation has erupted outside Sirikotha, the headquarters of Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National party after demonstrators protesting the party’s media conference yesterday with the controversial Britain’s Channel 4 journalists.

    A large crowd gathered outside the party headquarters this afternoon to protest against the media conference held by the UNP Parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera with a group of media personnel from Channel 4 including the controversial movie director Callum Macrae.

    The protesters blocked the Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe’s vehicle from entering the party headquarters where the party has organized an exhibition on Human Rights and the Implementation of LLRC recommendations with the participation of family members of missing persons in the North today.

    UNP sources said Wickremasinghe’s vehicle was attacked and slightly damaged but the Opposition Leader was not harmed.

    A group called “Maubima and War Heroes Protection Movement” has organized the protest.

    Speaking to the national radio, the Colombo Municipal Council member Saman Abeygunarathne charged that MP Samaraweera has launched a conspiracy against the country in association with the foreign media personnel.

    He said the objective of Mangala Samaraweera was to destroy the freedom ushered in by the war heroes under the guidance of the President and Wickremasinghe is also supporting the conspiracy.

    Meanwhile, Samaraweera said that Tamil people travelling to Colombo from the North to attend the human rights summit organized by the party at Sirikotha have been stopped by security forces personnel.

    He claimed that the buses the people were travelling in had been stopped and some of the passengers were assaulted by the security forces.

  61. Ananda-USA Says:

    Foreign Ministers of Sri Lanka and Australia discuss curbing illegal migration

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 14, Colombo: Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and her Sri Lankan counterpart Prof G. L. Peiris held a discussion on the sidelines of the CHOGM Foreign Ministers, the External Affairs Ministry said in a statement Thursday.

    The two foreign ministers had productive discussion to find solutions to curb irregular maritime arrivals to Australia, the External Affairs Ministry said.

    Australian Minister and the Sri Lankan Minister have agreed to cooperate on the Australian initiative “Operation Sovereign Borders”.

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has reemphasized Australia’s gratitude for the proactive stance taken by Sri Lanka to effectively address the humanitarian challenge of illegal migration.

    Minister Peiris has expressed appreciation for Australian government’s positive engagement with Sri Lanka and the support and encouragement extended to Sri Lanka to host the Commonwealth Meeting.

    The two ministers also discussed the optimum utilizing of AusAid for the socio-economic development of the country and further encouraging investor confidence in carving out a mutually beneficial partnership.

    Australian Foreign Minister has also briefed Prof Peiris on the new Colombo Plan which is expected to strengthen involvement in the Asia Pacific region in the field of education.

    Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s visit for the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo was highlighted as a re-assuring factor in shaping the course for future Australia – Sri Lanka relations, the Ministry said in a statement.

    The Sri Lankan and Australian High Commissioners and the Senior Officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs were present at the meeting.

  62. Ananda-USA Says:

    May a BOLT OF LIGHTENING strike off Ava-Mangala Samaraweera’s TREACHEROUS HEAD!

    Hold credible probe or face consequences – UNP
    November 13, 2013, 10:37 pm

    The UNP yesterday warned that unless a credible local investigation was conducted into alleged accountability issues, there was the likelihood of the country having to face more international pressure. It also called for the abolitionof the 18th Amendement which it called a draconian piece of legislatiion.

    Addressing the media at the Opposition Leader’s official resident in Colombo, UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera blamed the government for not doing enough to clear the country’s name. He said the government had to improve its human rights record without inviting further trouble.

    MP Samaraweera called upon Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma to step up pressure on President Mahinda Rajapaksa to adhere with the Commonwealth Charter.

  63. Indrajith Says:

    Anandha, I totally agree with you!
    I don’t know why Divaina, one of the most patriotic newspapers in the island wants to whitewash Ranil and the group.
    Apart from Man-Gala, Pachabahu, Mada Amuna, Adhamapala etc. Ranil and company is the worst enemies of the modern day Sri Lanka. There’s no need to translate this piece of editorial. Hope Upali Newspapers will make a note of it! Thanks!

  64. Lorenzo Says:

    See the foto of Deepak shitt laying flowers at a LTTE Tamil terrorist memorial in EP above.

    Or go to uktamilnews website to see it.

    Micro Tamil Nadu illegal migrant has gone silent!!!

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